Fast food lies

I saw fellow CIX director Adam Beecher’s post on fast food, the ads and the reality last night and it reminded me that I had taken similar photos in Supermacs Hueston Station, a couple of months back and never uploaded them.

I dug them out and uploaded them – big difference between the promise and what is delivered, isn’t there?

The promiseThe reality

This always reminds me of the Michael Douglas character in the movie Falling Down!

Shouldn’t they be done for false advertising?

13 thoughts on “Fast food lies”

  1. They’d probably point out the fact that you got a drink/chips which was a lot larger than the one in the picture (relative to the burger) – the drink and chips in the picture appear in front of the burger.

    That’s how they’d get out of it – nothing is to scale.

  2. I’m not the old Michael but I played a similar scene here in Florence 🙂 in front of a supposed “Big Mac” that was the smaller sandwich I had ever seen! Even if I had not a gun, they replaced my “Big Mac” with a “Bigger Mac”…probably being a rude and horrible person still pays…


  3. This is a really extreme example. In my opinion this kids the consumers. If I’d have seen their ad and then bought their burger, I’d never come again. Whoever invented this marketing strategy has failed his job. It’s normal that companies use small tricks – nowadays the consumers are aware of it. But this is anticompetitive.

  4. Based on a marketing campaigns we vote for politicians. And what do we get?

    Software is the same actually. Bells and witless on the web sites and the packaging, when in reality some of it does not do even the basic functions we would expect them, or have been lead to believe by the marketing.

  5. I think you have to ask yourself when you look at food these days how much human interference has taken place from growth to packaging to consumption. Ask the question, did it grow that way?

  6. Hey… it is not just fast food that arrives looking like a pale shadow of what is promised.

    The food stylists crawl all over ready meals too and give them a makeover for the pack fronts to tempt us in with their appetising images. Then we cook it exactly per the instructions and end up with something that looks nothing like the packaging.

    The only answer …. make your own and you know exactly what you’re getting.

  7. that reminds me of the amazing pics of the whopper or the big mac…and once u see the real thing, u cannot help but be dissapointed

  8. Yeah you never get anything even remotely close to what the picture looks like. I used to work in a fast food place and we used to laugh at some of the great looking product pictures they sent over.

    I guess thats what you sacrifice to get food quickly though.

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