Larry Lessig in action at TED

I watched Creative Commons champion Prof. Larry Lessig‘s fantastic presentation to the TED Conference earlier today in awe.

How can you take a subject as potentially mind-numbing as copyright law and turn it into a standing-ovation inducing call-to-arms?

Watch the master in action to see:

5 thoughts on “Larry Lessig in action at TED”

  1. It’s a great video, although as a photographer I have mixed feelings about his message. I don’t think I’ll ever release any image I make with a CC license.

  2. Great video. Good find, Tom.

    @Donncha, could you explain your reasons a bit? (in a nut-shell maybe, if that’s even possible).

    Personally I love the idea of open culture, although I’ve never taken the time to read the specifics of something like CC. If it wasn’t already three in the morning I’d go and do that now. Maybe tomorrow.

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