iPod Touch – a gateway drug?

Pilar gave me an iPod Touch for my birthday the other day and, wow I love it!

My new iPod Touch

As you can see, it looks fantastic. The interface is unbelievably slick and surprisingly responsive. Using Nokia smart phones means I have become used to devices this size being slow but there is absolutely no lag on the iPod Touch.

The browser is fantastic, esp. for my feed reading. YouTube videos are way better quality than on the site. In fact the video resolution, in general is spectacular.

The only negative thing is that synching with the computer can sometimes take a while so don’t try to synch as you are about to run out the door!

Other than that I have now realised how much better the iPhone experience must be – uh oh!

9 thoughts on “iPod Touch – a gateway drug?”

  1. Would be interested in what you think of the on screen keyboard interface. I found it very frustrating, but I only gave it a 30 minute hammering. I’d like to know what the opinion would be after a few weeks constant use.

  2. I quite like the keyboard, I found it was very good at guessing which button I was trying to mash. Having to flip back and forth for numbers is quite annoying though, as is typing consecutive capital letters.

    I really like the built in browser. Having been laptop-less all my life I like having mobile internet for once!

  3. My girlfriend got one yesterday and she had to fight me for it all evening. I just don’t see how I can go on living without an iPhone now!

  4. 😀 Excellent. What you say about “no lag” is exactly why I love my iPhone. Seriously, love it. Such a great UI.

    The iTouch is definitely a gateway drug.

  5. The Only problem that I have with these is that the touch screen gets terribly dirty and you find yourself always cleaning it.

  6. Please please Santa bring me an ipod touch or even better an iphone just drooling over it at the moment. Is Santa out there does he have access to the internet, Ive been ever so good this year

  7. Problem with long synching is common for Apple products. My standard iPod has such speed, as it uses USB 1.0 interface. I hope, this is faster.

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