See if this doesn't terrify you

I have always wanted to fly. And I have no fear of heights – hence I have climbed the CIX mast numerous times (with appropriate safety gear!).

However, just watching these guys in wingsuits scares the hell out of me! I don’t think I’d ever raise the nerve to do that.

via Chris Abraham

6 thoughts on “See if this doesn't terrify you”

  1. My jaw just hit the floor especially seeing the video link provided by Robin. The in-flight video shots just left me with a massive dose of goose pimples! Mid-flight somersaults?! The hair-pin fly-bys is just too much! What will they think next both in terms of wingsuit useage and the next invention?! I’m stunned!

    I reckon extreme fitness is required to keep arms & legs straight and stiff for the entire duration of flight to maintain wingsuit shape.

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