Java Conference

I have just seen the line-up for IrishDev’s Java Conference and it is extremely impressive.

The conference is on in Dublin on November 7th and has speakers from Apache, Sun, Iona, JBoss, Oracle, and Microsoft amongst others.

Kudos to Fergal and the guys in IrishDev for organising what looks like will be a phenomenal day out for anyone with any interest in Java.

2 thoughts on “Java Conference”

  1. Hi Tom,

    Barry here from with an update to IJTC 2007

    We’re very privileged to have Joel Spolsky from to open and provide the keynote speech on Wednesday evening.

    After Joels entertaining (I believe) address, he will then join Ralph Averbuch on the panel discussion ‘Through the Looking Glass’ with other techlums such as James Strachan from Iona.

    Best regards

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