Had a ball at BarCamp Galway

I went to BarCamp Galway over the weekend.

I arrived a bit late because I drove up from Cork on Saturday morning and then spent around 30 minutes wandering around NUIG looking for the DERI institute before I realised it is off-campus!

I eventually made it at 11 – just in time for coffee and muffins. Just as well, I was starving and needed to satisfy my muffin cravings.

I didn’t make it along to many talks because, although I originally only signed up to give one talk, a mis-communication had me down for two talks and a panel discussion! My first talk was about reducing ITs carbon footprint. I uploaded the slide deck to SlideShare. The second talk was more of a conversation around video blogging so no slides.

I did get to hear Ina‘s great talk on Social Networks and Alastair‘s also excellent talk on Internet Marketing.

I also met loads of interesting people there including Martha Rotter, Microsoft’s replacement for Rob Burke. I’m sure Martha is sick of hearing how great Rob was but, in fairness to Microsoft, it looks like they picked another winner with Martha (and if she allowed people to leave comments on her blog without having to register, I’d tell her that!).

The talks, the wifi, the food all worked perfectly – well done John, Aidan and Conor. Guys, you set the bar high.

8 thoughts on “Had a ball at BarCamp Galway”

  1. Agreed. It was a great event. There were some really interesting talks on the day – shame I couldn’t get to all of them.

  2. Just for you, Tom, I am trying out allowing anonymous comments! If spam comments get out of hand, though, I’ll probably go back, so we’ll see how it goes…

  3. any where we have a place where we can see where everytingh tech is going on in ireland, cause I didn’t see barcamp in gaway coming up.

    anyone know any good sites!!!


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  5. Thanks for posting the links to the other attendees, I am starting to make my rounds and learning about social networking and video blogging and the more diverse group of people that I can learn from the better.

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