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I have now completely moved over to using Google Reader as my primary RSS reader. And it appears I am in good company!

I started using it regularly while on holidays on my phone and I grew to like it – particularly the ability to Star and Share posts.

Now I’m using it full-time, not only for these features, but also because I can use it on my Vaio, my MacBook Pro and my mobile phone (I still read and Share many items on the phone at home).

There is really cool trending software in Google Reader as well to help you figure out which blogs update regularly (with a one-click option to unsubscribe from ones which don’t), which blogs you Star and/or Share and it charts your reading activity by day (and by time of day).

The only thing which annoys me about it is that the list of unread items my phone displays differs from the list my computers display. I don’t know why this is, they are running from the same account, reading the same subscription list. Has anyone else noticed this?

If you’d like to follow the items I’m Sharing from my subscription list (i.e. follow what I am recommending) you can:

5 thoughts on “Google Reader quick comments”

  1. I have similarly shifted (back) to Google Reader as my primary feed reader. I do find it works better with Firefox (which has the additional benefit of supporting Google Gears for offline reading). I love the shared feature and find myself sharing a ton of feed items for people to view.

  2. @Colm – thanks, I must look into that

    @Paul – I use it in both Firefox and ie7 on the PC – both support Gears and I use both in Offline mode

  3. I don’t like that you can’t restrict the number of results that come from a feed, bbc world news gives hundreds of results before you cna scroll to the next feed, found anyway to alter that?

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