15 thoughts on “Steve Ballmer mashup!”

  1. Is this guy for real?

    What a wanker? I hate the whole American bravado when it comes to company pep talks. Do American workers really get motivated by this?

  2. NO, there is a misconception that what you see on TV and in mashups like this that we actually like things like this. After crap like this we make as much fun of him as you do.

  3. I absolutely hate (as I suspect most DEVELOPERS do) company hype. We had this president in our company once that kept screaming PASSION! That was his mantra for unpaid overtime. This 30-year-old smart-ass/salesman was in diapers when I was up until 4am writing code. Don’t talk to ME about Passion and Motivation!


  4. What’s the point? Anyone would look silly if you take a selected excerpt and repeat it endlessly. Sure Microsoft turns out buggy, hard to use, overpriced software and stifles innovation, but what does this clip have to do with it? I didn’t watch the whole thing; you don’t have to eat a whole apple to know it’s rotten.

  5. Your buggy interface used the name of the PREVIOUS poster for my comment. And YOU’RE making fun of Microsoft?

  6. I would probably do the same if you were earning me a couple of million a year!

  7. If you were to act like that on the street they would throw you in a dank gaol and forget about you (that is if the men in the white coats don’t grab you first). I never understood why these toolbags think that acting like a 4-year old is going to get your workers excited about anything. Methinks the air is so rarified at the top that the honchos are going braindead from asphyxia.

  8. This mashup is hilarious! Of course pep talks like this are ridiculous because we know that execs like Ballmer only care about profits in the end. And it’s absolutely laughable that they sincerely believe this kind of out of control, cultish ranting will actually develop company loyalty and increase productivity. Wrong! Try giving us a work environment we’re actually comfortable in. How about giving us the development server we’ve been screaming about. Or maybe increasing the budget for training. I thought not! I’m going to lunch…

  9. Testers, Testers, Testers, Testers, Testers, Testers, Testers, Testers, Testers, Testers, Testers, Testers…

  10. Don’t be afraid people to tell your bosses that their motivational speeches are not very motivational. It worked where I am currently employed. Remember that these guys use the other side of their brains (if one exists) and they are trying to “manage” the only way they know how. Remember we are professionals doing the best job we can. We do not operate in a vacuum.

  11. Well, I didn’t think it was inspiring, but it was very funny. I was just a little nauseated by his sweaty shirt, though.

  12. Seems to me (after having worked there) this is typical stuff from great managers… yes I say great managers, because how many of your managers are willing to give 110% to keep the morale, motivation and interest from both the employees and the public sector high? I know mine are currently ~not~ doing a job near what Balmer does…

    Remember there is a law of diminishing returns, if your CEO is not willing (or able) to give 110% what will his direct reports give ? 80%, then what will their direct reports give 60%, by the time it gets to you… wow… maybe you get a “hoo haw, get back to work”…

    I say keep it up Balmer… you are an inspiration to those companies that have wieners for managers !

  13. OOOOOOOK! So you say keep it up Balmer for jumping around like a stupid idiot and sweating all over the place because he’s movitating the workers!?!?! NOT! He’s getting paid millions you idiot! of course he says that he loves that company! Wake up!

  14. I also think this is hallarious. The mash up edit is excellent. Maby the author should have a job in Microsoft. Are these speeches on You tube?

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