Microsoft post Vista fixes

Microsoft has released two significant fixes for Windows Vista today. One is a performance related fix and the other is a reliability related fix.

These fixes have to be manually applied for now although according to Mary Jo Foley:
Microsoft is promising to make the two new Vista fix packs available via Windows Update at a “later date.” The full statement, provided by a Microsoft spokeswoman:

“The two updates will be available on Microsoft’s download center today, and will be available through Windows Update at a later date.”

I downloaded and applied these patches to my Vista machine this morning but I haven’t noticed any significant difference to it yet. Probably because I don’t use the machine that much because of Vista’s performance and reliability issues!!!

This is a step towards the release of Vista Service Pack one (SP1). This will be the point where Vista comes out of what most companies would call Alpha and goes to Beta-equivalent quality. As I have said previously, Vista won’t approach production quality, at least until it reaches SP2.

5 thoughts on “Microsoft post Vista fixes”

  1. I think calling Vista alpha quality is a little harsh to be honest Tom.

    It’s got bugs just like every other piece of complex software – to say it won’t reach production quality until SP2 without any hard evidence (beyond your own machine’s issues) to support that viewpoint is a little foolish.

  2. Derek,

    it is not just my machine’s issues. Do a blog search for Vista bugs, or Vista issues, or Vista problems or Vista sucks or…. You get the idea. You will find loads of people complaining about it.

    Microsoft have a well deserved reputation for releasing poorly QA’d software. That’s why they are generally known as a 3rd revision company.

    Witness the shocking number of bugs in the sites when they were first released (I have loads of screen shots). In contrast to that, you very rarely come across bugs in Google sites.

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