Back again

Well, I am back after the break in the sun. Had a great break. Offline most of the time but couldn’t resist the odd bit of browsing from my phone!!!

It was a bit of a shock to the system to be in Ronda, in temperatures of 46C (115F) on Saturday and then land in Cork on Sunday to temperatures of 16C (61F)!

A big thanks to my blogsitter, FrankP for so ably looking after the blog in my absence. Frank made sure all legitimate comments on the site were published (a not inconsiderable task) and went even further to even publish a few posts. Thanks a million Frank. I’m afraid you may have earned the right to do so again next time I am away!!!

Ok, back to it…

2 thoughts on “Back again”

  1. Welcome back Tom! Hope you had a great time – no bother on the blogsitting, had hoped to get a few more posts up, but time was not on my side 😛

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