Windows Live OneCare is crap

I have talked about what a piece of sh*t Windows Live OneCare is previously.

OneCare is Microsoft’s entry into the security arena. I have serious reservations about the ethics of Microsoft selling OneCare. It suddenly gives Microsoft a financial incentive to write buggy software. You can just imagine if, up to now, there was a financial dis-incentive for Microsoft to write buggy software and the quality of the software was poor just how bad the software will be now that they are selling OneCare.

That may go some way to explaining the many bugs in Vista!

Having said all that, I was contacted by Microsoft yesterday to tell me that they were sending me a new version of OneCare to install on the Vista laptop they sent me earlier this year.

I’ll give it another go, I said. Just to try it out and see how effective it is. Silly me.

I spent four hours today trying to get this piece of crap to work on the laptop. The last two of those four hours I was on to Microsoft tech support. They eventually gave up at 3:30pm and said they’d have to escalate it and I would get call back in an hour. That was eight hours ago. I’m still waiting for the call.

OneCare Startup Error

The number of re-starts required for this was completely ridiculous. It seemed like any time any change at all was made to OneCare, a re-start was required.

When nothing else worked, I had to uninstall Norton Internet Security. Restart required.

Onecare Cleanup Tool

To install OneCare, if you have a previous version installed (working or not) you have to uninstall the previous version. To uninstall OneCare, you have to download something called OneCare Cleanup Tool! You find this out after you do a normal uninstall and it still doesn’t uninstall properly. Seriously! How bloody difficult would it have been to build the Cleanup Tool into the installer?

Even Microsoft don’t know what the errors OneCare throws up means. At one point I received the error “No plans available”
Onecare- No Plans Available

Of course, copying the error text and putting it into a search box on OneCare support yields the helpful answer “We did not find any results for ….”
no plans available?

Windows Live OneCare is unusable. Don’t even bother wasting your time trying it.

UPDATE: It is now 30 hours since Microsoft tech support told me they would ring me “in an hour” and still no-one has called me back.

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  1. Yeah, microsoft sucks. I tried downloading spyware removal tools from their site, but every time I did an error occured in their system…I just gave up and left after several attempts.

  2. I seem to see a lot of people that have had problems with OneCare. I’m starting to think that I may be the only person using it that hasn’t had problems. I’ve noticed no system slow down with it, had no problems installing or uninstalling it, and have had an all around enjoyable experience. That said, given how many other people seem to have problems, I still can’t in good conscious recommend it to people. Microsoft needs to hurry up and get its act together to clean this thing up.
    I’m not as concerned about them making thier software more buggy now that they offer this. I don’t think that kind of concern is much different than thinking that all antivirus companies would be putting out malicious content in an effort to boost sales. Which I don’t seem to see a lot of paranoia about.

  3. Only thing to do is change to linux! 😛 *nods* Ubuntu is treating me great, non of these silly Microsoft problems!

  4. Ha, Ha, I used to work in a call center. The “escalate” line is what we used when we wanted to say,

    “Im sorry I really can’t help you. Fact is, I’m a student and this is a low paying low skills job. The core technical requirement for a tech support person like myself is typing. I don’t use vista, I use xp, untill all the bugs are sorted out I’ll probably just dual boot to vista from time to time to check out the shiny bits. And, I’m sorry for your problems but I really can’t help you, I’m hanging up the phone now. Goodbye. Jesus!!”

    He, he . Esculate it, Ahh; memories

  5. One Care is really shitty..
    One time,tons of viruses attack my pc. When I tried to get rid of it using One Care,It takes a very long time to delete a virus…and errors occured…”Cannot Delete The File”
    Uninstalling was no I dumped One Care and I installed Panda Internet Security and it save my pc’s life. I DO NOT RECOMMEND USERS USE ONE CARE! Please use softwares like Norton Antivirus,McAfee,Panda Internet Security,Spy Bot,and so on….

  6. I have never in my life had such a shitty experience whith a total peice of crap – only too keen to take your money and then send totally inapplicable messages referring problem users to ineffective message boards. The Company stinks as does the customer care – so much for service and wanting customer supprt – if there was an immediate remedy to switch to another operating system would drop microsoft at a moments notice – have now got to sue them to get money back on the prestext of frsutration of contract and taking money under false pretences – unbelievable that the whole windowd live as well as hotmail is a complete pice of shit and thay re employing and paying people high salaires to dsign this crap .. very disappointed and unwiling to sit back and take this behaviour irrespective of the size of the company – greedy money grubbing unprefessional behaviour…

  7. live care is subject to fatel error 80004005 which even the microsoft techs in india cannot solve. problems in the net 2 framework. requirs a reinstall of you original system. once again bill gates has released an unfinished product on the consumer. calling this product a piece of shit is way too kind. this product should be rammed up the ass of bill gates.

  8. How to totally remove the livecare one it so sucks that i tried many ways to remove it, it cant work HELPPPPPPPPPPPP

  9. wow… all these people having problems…with W.O.C.
    I have had very few problems RUNNING …this softwear todate
    and i have had this installed on 3 pc’s on my network ..
    To my knowing the early onecare dont support vista but the latest version do but it in beta form so not fully operational..(got bugs still)…i would NOT knock it before you have tryed it ..all the other leading competators in the security market are a lot worse than w.o.c. …FACT … tryed and tested …!!! 2 years running it with only 2 virus attacks in that time ,,which one care totaly wipped them out in a flash …so vista foke wait longer for the current version to come out of beta …32 bit version i currently running on all pc’s
    peace to all … ps dont let yer pc wind yer up…lol..hydro..!!

  10. I have to agree OneCare is crappy. My son just got a laptop from someone and it had OneCare on it. I am beginning to think that is why they got rid of the computer. It would totally lock up within about 5 minutes after bootup. We tried to run the virus scan and couldn’t even do that. As soon as it got to 3% it would just freeze. We finally after repeatedly restarting got to where we could uninstall OneCare and so far so good. I did run a sypware program and it found hundreds of spys and a hijacker. Cannot say that OneCare did its job very well. OneCare also as some of you have noted tremendously slows your computer with it automatically checking this n that. I definitely would not recommend it.

  11. I installed OneCare and my computer slowed down SIGNIFICANTLY, especially when I went online. Terrible programming, and DO NOT put this on a machine running anything less than a gig of memory. After the uninstall, my computer still ran slow, and I had to use another cleanup tool to completely rid it from my machine. To get back to normal, I suggest you also unistall any spyware or antivirus programs, then reinstall them. Sucks, but that worked for me after two days of torture.

  12. Windows Live One Care rocks Weeeeeee!

    I loved it so much, I paid for my subscription before the trial expired, just to support Microsoft!

    Ubuntu sucks.

  13. I agree, One Care is Crap!!!, first you can’t even get the Product key to work, then when you try to contact Microsoft for tech support, you discover that they don’t provide a phone number anywhere.
    I don’t blame them, it would cost billions in tech support payroll to make it work!It’s cheaper to throw it away and forget about the loss than to try to fix it!!!

  14. my only problem is their update require a reboot, then re enter your hotmail name and password, which i forgot or misplaced, so go to forgot pass wood, after some funny letters they send the temp to a hotmail which i cannot open because no pass word, spent 4 hours trying, i agree don not buy, get macaphee at costco when subscription is up MS should stay with word and excel they are no good on new things. I stopped the entire school system from switching to vista until xp pro expires. Jack

  15. A barebones program… I didn’t like the interface in the first place. Looks like they are busy tailoring many pieces under the same cover… I would prefer Norton any time.

  16. Posts 20
    Re: AV Scan ridiculously slow
    Was this post helpful ?

    I have had the same Issue with slow scans, Not only slow scans, but also telling me that a Trojan was detected but has not been quarantine, without telling me where it was detected or what cam I do to trace it.

    Other Issues, This is my third time I have been talked into keeping One Care by the One Care team. But they had me install free AVG, PC Tools, and Lava soft along with the Live One Care. I tried that and the others security systems detected many infections which one care had failed to.

    This system would be great but per your team I needed other third party security to make sure it caught all the malware out there. Should I even bother with One care and just USE the others that are effective and use less memory

    The second time i was told to un-install the One Care and do a system install and re-install of Live One Care to get it to work.

    Last time One of the one care Team spent over 4 hours with me on the phone taking my system apart and re-installing one care. Since he could not get it to work he had me install a new user on my system and transfer all my data over to the other user. What a mess. and its still a mess.

    Last time One Care was not checking e-mail attachments , will this be corrected in the new release/

    I have plenty of disk space and it uses an ungodly amount of memory at any time of the day, My system is slower than molasses. No I do not have any Mal ware , and scans are Green light nd clean. Why does this use so much memory at any time it is on , not only when scanning. This is a memory hog.

    Any solutions to fix all these problems?

    My system says Clean and green all the time, run a PC tools on it and I finds malware.

    I have been talked into keeping this three times. But It has been a waste of time and money.

    The One Care Live team should also try selling used cars, they can do a real good sales job and making one think its my PC that is causing the Issues. thus scanning the way it should,

    .. After three times …sorry i was a fool the past three. Learned a lesson. A big hint was when they had me install third party free security ( Three of them) to make sure One Care live was detecting all that it was supposed to? Is this policy to add third party along with One Care?

    Before One Care Live I never had issues and my system ran at great speeds.This has been two years of babysiting my security daily.

    What would you do after so many documented Issues?

    F. Garcia

    Since I Installed Live One Care backn in 05 I have had a endless strings of errors , Viruses, trojans, to the point nthat I have uninstalled it three different times. Fist Uninstall was because of viruses, then support adviced me to install three different free anti virus , I had the Free PC Doctor, Free Lavasoft, Free Spyware Doctor, I have earned a lesson, No More One Care Live.
    Any Advice what program to use ?
    I have 19 other posts on the same Issues over the past few years. LIVE or Dead One Care/

  17. This is by far the worst piece of software I’ve ever used in twenty years of computing. For the first five minutes after bootup of XP, it sucks CPU usage to 100% making the PC unusable until it’s done. If you shut it down in task manager, it turns itself back on four times before it finally stops. There should be a class action against MS for releasing this piece of crap. I’m not sure which is worse on my PC, onecare or a virus.

  18. I’ve had one up on OneCare that it apparently installed during a Vista Ultimate update in the middle of the night and actually uninstalled my anti-virus software and replaced it with OneCare.

    Has anyone else had this happen to them??

  19. As one who dislikes Microsoft, as well as its founder, as much or more than anyone on the planet, I have to say, OneCare has been one of the best products I have ever had on a PC -AND I HAVE HAD DOZENS OF PC AND MACS AND USED NEARLY EVERY COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE OUT THERE. I began using OneCare when it was a free BETA and have had 2 renewals on my liscence and I use it on 3 computers. When Microsoft says get the other brand protectors off the machine, they mean it! I had to, too. Trend Micro, McAffee, SpyBuster, all had to go. But short of interference from those programs, I have encountered Z E R O problems on all 3 computers. You don’t know how hard it is to admit that, but it is the truth, at least, in my experience.For 3 uears now, my 3 PCS remind me of little sleeping babies, sleeping peacfully with their bottles. Do I think Microsoft is up to something? Of course! When have they not been. The question is, am I willing to giive the “hit-man” 50-bucks a year to leave me alone or not, because that what it comes down to. I will alson say that the newer the pc the better OneCare behaves. When I was running older machines, it did not run like it does now with 4gb of RAM and a 3.4Ghz Intel processor. This may also due to OneCare’s improvment, but, at any rate, it likes lots and lots of RAM. My experience has been with XP Home, XP Pro, and XP Media Edition, no Vista yet.

  20. OneCare is truely crap. The only plus is that it does not slow your system (except for the slowdown as a result of the viruses it lets through). Run a virus scan with OneCare Live and then follow it up immediately with any other virus scanner and see what’s left over. But other virus scanners do indeed slow the system down too much. Even a 3ghz w/4 GB RAM system. Surely someone can get effective virus scanning without saystem slow down.

  21. I am having problems as well. I have been on the phone with tech support to help me BUT, unfortunately I had to leave to go pick my daughter up when the guy was in the middle of fixing it. He had gotten onto my computer and did the clean up thing before I had left. He was supposed to call me back but still has not. The number they called me from tho is 1-971-285-3130. They do not speak very good english and it is a voicemail/answering machine that I always get.

  22. I know of no other word for it. Windows live is SHIT! It put almost all of my messages in Junk Mail and bolcked a very important message from my boss! I cannot retrieve the attachment. What the heck are they doing? Do we kill all muslems to get rid of Osama? Is MS nuts? Kill all my mail and prevent viruses. Yeah…sure!

  23. Well would appear to me that many of the people reporting problems with it also say that they had to uninstall their other antivirus software to get it to work properly. Surely it should be ridiculously obvious to anyone that running two antivirus packages simultaneously is going to significantly slow down your computer ?!

    Not only does each antivirus package have to intercept every byte of code being passed between the harddrive and the system cache, but they also will be both constantly monitoring each other and taking up RAM on startup. Its no wonder there are incompatibilities.

    To the people who say onecare is poorly coded, its based on GIANT AntiSpyware which happened to be my favourite antispware at the time microsoft bought them out. That was coded in visual basic ! Microsoft have completely recoded it in C++ and there has been a massive improvement in the performance as a result. They havent runined it, its definitely got better. Personally I find Norton far far slower and more bloated than onecare, onecare is light in comparison !

  24. Windows Live One Care has been good to me, altho it does eat up a little memory wise.. most computers come with over 2 Gigs anyways. No problems, on my second subscription.

  25. I have been trying to put in my product key for about 3 hours now. This piece of crap sucks so bad you can’t contact anyone to find out how do remedy this. I think they know how bad it is so they dont want to hear about it. I wish I had someone to throw this case and piece of crap at…., but as you know they can’t be found!

  26. for those having problems with OneCare Live either post install or durring install:
    memory error, or OneLive can not open the only fix is remove the software using add and remove in the control pannel, then remove framework 2.0 or 2.1 updated version. go to microsoft webpage and search for downloadable version of framework. save it then run the install. do your windows update after a reboot. then re-download and install OneCare.
    Please post back if anyone continues to have a problem after trying this fix.

  27. for those having trouble finding where you need to enter your registration key on a box. try the following:
    go to your hotmail sign in. if you don’t have an account set one up.
    at this point, you can go to onecare button and add a subscription.
    select prepaid it’s a little blue link easily missed. then add your key from inside the box. once you have done that you open onecare and go to activate, enter your hotmail name and password and log in.
    that is it. on each of the other machines you are installing the software you will not need to enter this key again. you simply use your hotmail account and password in place of it.

  28. the heck with live care, and windows firewall; zone alarm, avg,spyware blaster, spybot, mozilla, sun java, and blocklists with the host file are are better and more secure solutions to virus/spyware issues.
    anything microsoft is picked on and hacked, via active x use IE is suicide!

  29. Hi There,
    As an inexperienced computer user, I have to say that if it messed you guys up, it must be pretty bad!I had been about to install Onecare until I happened on this site. Thank you all very much.Is there anybody out there who can say that any fre registry cleaner is trustworthy?, how about an anti virus programme?
    Can anyone tell me how to check if my Netopia Eircom Router has the firewall turned on? Whatever about that, everytime I turn on my laptop I get a message that the Microsoft firewall is turned off. Then I turn it on but next time I start the laptop it is just the same, it has been trned off again,
    Thanks a lot


    If you have questions – send me an email

    I do NOT work for MS

  31. Glad you posted this, I had the same frustrating experience with a Vista laptop and windows Live one care. I find Windows live one care completely useless and the installation process is just more microsoft retardation. Vista isn’t any better for anyone who used/uses it there are better Operating System’s available. Mac Leopard OS X and Ubuntu Linux are the best for me. Soon as I made the switch to a Macbook Pro with Leopard I noticed the difference, ease, reliability, and freedom of Mac OSX and Linux after I installed it with parallels. Windows ran better on my MAC (I had a copy of Vista lying around after my failed PC upgrade so I figured I would try it) I ended up removing my windows partition within a month becasue even though it ran flawlessly (speed wise) on my MAC it was useless and I never bothered to use it, next to Linux and Mac OS X windows is the last thing you care about. There is a video on you tube that says it all reguarding Vista (windows Cement)

    The facts are all there presented in a halarious manner….all funny but totally true. Windows Vista, Windows Live, Windows One Care suck. Save your money and your sanity.

  32. Instead of Windows use OS X or Linux or anything, instead of Windows Live messenger use Yahoo messenger or google talk, instead of one care/virus scanners/spy ware/adware etc. Get a MAC….it’s that easy. 😉

  33. My Live One Care story is a very sad one.To be very brief, my problem with the installation started on February 25 2008 and, after being bounced like a yo-yo between the China (or Taiwan) and India Support Offices I ended up with a continuously restarting system.I had given them control of my computer!
    I had to take my system to a professional for repairs. It cost me $150 and I want to claim this from Microsoft. My question: to whom should I write?

    I thank you for your help.

  34. I have the same problem as well. Whene I try to instal this program Windows Live OneCare the program block my provider net and i was not able to go online anymore. I spend hours and hours with tech. support. I have been told to remove completly the antivirus online or restarte my computer from factory.
    Problem with production key as well…
    I never recomadate to anyone. Very bad experierce, We should not have these problemes and wiste our time to ask for help because we bought it and should work propertly.

  35. I finally managed to correspond with a Microsoft Customer Supoport Engineer and apprise him of my problems (see my earlier e-mails) and the deplorable support (!) I had from their people in China and India. His snobbish response was that if he had been contacted he could have helped me. And no way will they compensate me for the $150 it cost me to fix my systems. I told him Microsoft could use this money to teach their support people basic manners.
    Somebody should tell Bill Gates or teve Ballmer.

  36. lol well i gotta say Windows Live OneCare is nothing but Malware installed on your computer waiting to just massup your computer.The company that makes this product is called Microsoft and should be avoided at all cost and i MEAN JUST THAT VOID MICROSOFT 😀


  37. Hi,
    I am not normally an MS supporter but once I used the OneCare cleanup tool and installed it on my laptop and two other systems I’ve had no problems. My primary system (XP) now runs much faster than previously, the frequency of hijacks has diminished. My backups are now taken care and I have to say I am now a great supporter of this software. I wouldn’t touch Nortons with a barge pole, too interruptive and not intuitive. McAfee? Forget it!!!!!!

  38. windows one live care is crap. they should reinburse my money my subscription is not out ,but i got rid of it it wasnt worth the trouble will write t bbb also.

  39. One care works very well. In fact Im looking for the product key to keep it running. It blocks out the viruses very well. I dont understand why u guys are having so many problems. Have a expert friend look at your machines good luck!!

  40. Yes doods! I have my great experience in geeting up this ONECARE,of all the anti virus I tried, onecare is very powerful tool that capture all problems that arises with in your pc. Installing was not a problem on my part, So, guys take and grab a copy of ot now.

  41. don’t use windows live one care if u install it will lock your windows with unknown password while restarting your pc

  42. I loaded it on two computers. After installing, BOTH computers crashed. I was able to resurrect the Sony with Windows Professional XP but the Dell D 600 with Home XP might be a total loss. Microsoft technicians out of the Philippines refused to service the free version and denied any responsibility.

    Why worry about COnficker when Microsoft is writing its own computer destroying software.

  43. It is obnoxious that you cannot contact them without going through a Byzantine maze. This is the epitome of user unfriendly. I suscribed then it tells me that I have not suscribed. I am about to consider it money down the drain…DR

  44. I’ve had no problems with onecare until recently a spyware virus trojan who knows what called system security invaded my system.
    But I can’t complain it seems like microsoft had me covered, all I had to do was restart my computer from an earlier date and all was well. I’m no puter geek but I like it.
    Bill Gates is the man.

  45. Windows Live One Care

    Sorry all you folks are having problems with Windows Live One Care.

    I was a long time user of Norton and McAfee. But I gave up on both
    because they kept failing to detect and eliminate viruses that would brilng my computer to a halt. At the time the only thing I got that would detect and eliminate the virus ilnfections was AVG by Grisoft.
    I first tried Windwos Live One Care on a free for 90 trial and then purchased it at a discount for $10. That was three years ago and I have been problem-free since then. I delighted that the one purchase covered my two desktops and one laptop computers.


  46. I have had Windows Live One Care for about a year and never had a problem until now. My Windows firewall is constantly going “off” even after I enable it. The malware portion is not working or “not supported” and I am being sent to another MS page to purchase more software. Seriously thinking about removing Live One Care altogether and replacing it.

  47. Onecare does not impress me. While my desktop took to it very well, my laptop apparently hates it. It installs okay but when you try to go to a webpage it seems to randomly pick and choose which ones it will let you into. Yahoo is fine, for example, but try to go into the “help” page for onecare and it won’t load. Try to go to netflix–nope. Ironically, my laptop and desktop are both running vista and almost never have issues. Onecare seems to be the exception. What happened to the good microsoft that was so inovative? I guess all good things come to an end.

  48. I have used Windows Live One Care, it is awesome. It keeps my computer tuned, backed up, and catches trojans. Have never had a problem with the install. I will truely miss this wonderful program. I have it on three of my computers.

    I have used McAfee and Norton in the past. I would never use these again.

    Hats off to Bill Gates.


  49. i just had a power surge at my local and had to take my computer in, well when i got it back Windows One was not in the programs, being the bright person i am, i pulled out the installation disc. no go, 4 times no go. went to their web site and lo and behold i found out that it is not being sold any more, but the people that have it will continue to be covered. what a laugh, i have recently bought another anti-spy/anti-virus guess what is in and running as i type. if the next issue payment shows up on my credit card, i think that i will go a bit Irish all over their A**&&& and get my money back in full.

    Rod Jerls

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