Charity link meme

I hate tag memes and rarely participate in them as I see them as little more than chain letters and time wasters (yeah, I know, bah humbug!).

However, I’ve been tagged by Gavin and Bill to add to this charity link meme. The idea is to improve the page rank of charities in Ireland. If ever there was a good reason to join a tag meme, this is it.

The list of charities so far is:

And the charity I am adding to the list is the extremely deserving
Debra Ireland

Who to tag next? How about –
Ina and

8 thoughts on “Charity link meme”

  1. Well done, tagging charities is amazing idea. Good job, we simply need to send more traffic to charities. I used to live in Dublin for a while and worked with Breast cancer survivors … nice charity also.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. If ever there was something to promote and share with people, charities is definitely at the top of the list. Again, what a great idea.


  3. That is a really good idea using your website as a gateway to help charities. I do have one question for you. In your opinion which charity is the best to give to or the one that needs the most support?

    Also, if you give from the USA can you still get a tax right off for a donation to and Ireland Charity fund?


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