Take Back America live on Confabb!

The Take Back America conference is a major American Democratic Party conference where the candidates for the Democratic Party presidential nomination lay out their stands.

The candidates are live now on Confabb.com – the only place they are being streamed – John Edwards has just come on stage. He will be followed by Clinton and Kucinich. Edwards has just said he was wrong to vote for the war in Iraq and that on his first day in office he will close Guantanamo. Fascinating stuff.

There is also a “Live Chat” taking place. Thanks to Salim for alerting me.

Take Back America live on Confabb.com

2 thoughts on “Take Back America live on Confabb!”

  1. Hi Tom, I think if your going to cover any of the American 2008 presidential race you should at least speak about Ron Paul,
    He is the only honest person running in the election and has had a clear stance in politics since he’s been voted into congress, i think hes been there 10 terms now!…

    Theres heaps of articles on him…. but hes little know over here!

  2. Robert,

    thanks for the recommendation.

    I’m primarily a tech blogger and I was posting the link to Confabb more because Salim is a friend and I thought it was neat that his app was exclusively broadcasting the video live rather than any interest in American politics, tbh.

    Living, as I do, in Ireland I can safely say that the only interest we have in American politics is we want to see how soon George Bush is out of office and who can undo the damage he has wrought on America’s reputation internationally.

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