Hosting365 back up again?

Irish hosting company Hosting365 went dark this morning at around 10:30am according to reports I am receiving. The last time this occurred was last July when there was a fire in a nearby ESB substation if memory serves.

I contacted Hosting365’s Marketing Director, Ed Byrne, about this incident and Ed informed me that:

We are back now. I need to get a full report but we did have a serious issue while electrical engineers we working on the UPS. Human error, incredibly annoying. Will tell all openly when I know.

As I write this, Hosting365’s main site is still offline and not answering pings.

UPDATE – Ed contacted me again to say that he is updating the blog on with info as he gets it.

[Disclosure – I am a director of CIX – a company building a data centre in Cork]

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  1. Tom,

    They’re not back. Their sites, our sites are all still down.



  2. It certainly is down full time. THeir own site, support lines. Anyone with any further information?

  3. Yeah thats where he says they are back online when they plainly aren’t. I can’t even register and log in to leave a comment on his blog since my email is hosted with them too.

  4. If you are talking to Ed please tell him to keep the chin up, it’s got to be hard on him being sent out to defend the indefensible all the time.

    Their customers are paying relatively high prices, getting bogged down in chasing up over charging of their credit cards and now losing money due to poor service and he is the one getting it in the neck.

    Quote: ” Human error, incredibly annoying. ”

    Ed’s comment suggests that one of their new support technicians pulled the wrong plug πŸ™‚

  5. It’s funny, every time there’s a power problem there is always some coincidence wherein the UPS doesn’t work and the datacenter goes down. (Not saying 365, just in general. Even MT etc.)
    N+1 Power etc. is irrelevant if when push comes to shove it doesn’t hold up.

  6. I wish they’d stop announcing they’re back up when they’re quite clearly not. All of my sites, all of my client’s (using 365) and anyone else I know using 365 are down right now.

  7. How is Ed contacting you because he’s not contacting any of us – who use Hosting365. I’m ok with servers going down and I expect issues with power from time to time – but the length of time to get things back up and running isn’t acceptable.

  8. Previously I used Rackspace in the uk for my managed hosting – they pride themselves on 99.9% uptime, fanatical support – and make a marketing feature of their fault tolerance (multiple power & fiber providers).

    However, I recently switched to Hosting365 – similar level of service for about 1/3 the price.

    But a total outage like this leaves me asking questions – why on earth don’t they have backups – generators / something? Our offices are in a rural location – historically there have been esb issues – so we have a generator – simple.

    I’ve had multiple clients calling me all morning – no email, website down etc. The problem is that as soon as it costs me time it’s costing money.

    I have had only good service so far from 365 but I would say they need to get their act together on fault tolerance.

  9. @Paul Walsh : Paul, Tom has my mobile ! The reason I’ve not been contacting customers is because our mail servers, due to DNS issues, are not functioning, so unfortunately I can only use the site, which not everyone is aware of; and the blogosphere – although I do not want to turn anyones site into a support forum for Hosting365. The site is for that. Apologies Paul, I fully understand your sentiments.

    @Eoghan McCabe : The status blog gets updated asap with info – so when power came back I updated it. The DNS issue is an unexpected result of those servers being powered down.

    @Eoin Costello : I don’t feel that at all, and please lets not use Tom’s forum as a place for in-fighting πŸ™‚

    @Tom : Thanks for using your influence to direct people to the hosting365status page, we appreciate it ! And I hope you don’t feel your blog is being usurped for our issues, that is certainly not the intention.

  10. @Ed, as much as a friend Tom may be and as much as I like his blog, I don’t always have the time to catch up on my feed. Tom doesn’t even use Hosting365. May I ask why you have restricted access to comments? If you enable comments we won’t have to use Tom’s blog to support this conversation. That said, I doubt he’ll complain (right Tom πŸ™‚ )

  11. We’ve been using Rackspace alongside Hosting365 and we’ve never had an issue with uptime. Anything else is dealt with instantly.

  12. This is bullshit at this stage, clients and customers are getting pissed off and money is being lost.

  13. I think this may well be the final straw and I think I’m now ready to start investigating both alternative shared and dedicated hosting. I’m fed up with defending the indefensible to MY customers. What’s worse, as a re-seller I’m powerless to do anything but still have to field calls. Mind you, at least since email is gone too this time I won’t have to deal with everyone till all my mail comes flooding in.

    Anyone can have the odd problem but with H365 it’s just getting ridiculous, if they’re not messing up your domains they’re collapsing in a heap!

    So, can anyone suggest better hosting that is preferably Irish or else UK (I want support during MY office hours not American office hours πŸ™‚ )?


  14. @Ed – don’t worry, I don’t mind my blog being used as a forum, as long as it is helping people get access to info. Paul is correct to say you need to open comments on the blog – then the discussion will naturally migrate there.

    @Jan – None that I have used (having said that, I have only used Blacknight and my opinions of their disregard for customer service are well documented).

  15. Paul … my bad … the intention was just to moderate but I haven’t hadn’t looked at the queue … all done now, and I’ve changed the policy to allow all comments.

  16. Still not back up. No email, no website. Joke.

    This is just another problem with h365. I’ve been a customer since the lads started up, and I’ve been very loyal. I’ve put up with s***e email filtering for ages and a total lack of contact when something like this happens. But this could very well be the straw that broke the camels back.

  17. Actualy, everyone, it’s not Hosting365, the entire Smart network in Park West Pointe office complex was down, not just Hosting365. I know as I work in the same office complex.

  18. @Branedy: Smart do, to the best of my knowledge, have a POP in H365’s Data Center, but they also have one in another Data center in Parkwest. It is very possible that the power outage in H365’s centre bought some of Smart’s infrastructure down for a bit.

  19. @Ed Byrne it’s now 18:18 and still NO email and no access to server – hence no Web sites up and running. I’m assuming Hosting365 staff are not all gone home and are trying to resolve this issue.

    Is it true that our email is *lost*??

    This is serious shit – time to pull the finger out!

  20. Hi Paul, I’ve responded to your same comment on our status site. I’m trying not to make Tom’s blog our support forum! Oh, and no, you shouldn’t have lost any mail.

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