Microsoft Vista Service Pack 2?

Microsoft’s Windows Vista is a buggy product. Heck, even I found an unreported bug in it after playing with it for less than ten minutes!

I was talking to Microsoft folk in Madrid last week and I said to them that I couldn’t wait for Service Pack 2 for Vista to be released. Their response was – “You mean Service Pack 1?”

Nope, I meant Service Pack 2. Vista is so buggy that I don’t think Microsoft will address all the problems in their first Service Pack release. Like Windows XP, Vista will not be reliable until SP2.

The Microsoft guys weren’t impressed with my opinions of Vista!

It looks like SP1 is getting closer though. According to the Microsoft Downloads site had links to documentation for SP1 for OEMs – as of this writing the docs are still available.

Vista SP1 docs

Cool, now has anyone seen any sign of Vista Service Pack 2?

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  1. Haven’t seen it, nor do I want to see it. Tried vista out in the early testing days, was very glad to see the back of it. Very happy with my Debian/Solaris systems right now.

    Not surprised that the Microsoft guys were not impressed, no person likes hearing their companies flagship product being bashed. It’s going to be quite a while before SP2 comes out anyhow…users should be prepared for a good few months of bugs and exploits.

  2. It’s such a shame though that it’s got to this point where by people know, not think, that when a Windows Product launches it’s going to be full of bugs.

    It’s such a shame really, and although I’m a very happy Mac User I do use Windows Vista as I think they have done a lot of good things.

    But the Bugs present in it are frustrating and that’s probably explains why I’ve relegated it to strictly play Games only which to be honest it doesn’t do well.

    All the games require twice the previous power to run and that’s simply down to such a heavy hogging OS.

  3. I’ve used Windows machines since I can remember and truth be told none of this is a surprise anymore. Microsoft has always made the worst software products in the world. The Microsoft tax screwed the world and has most definitely, even to this day, retarded the growth of the digital world. I can only imagine that the same trait that has allowed so many people to care so little about the fate of the planet for so long is the same gene responsible for so many dispassionate idiots continually dishing out dollars for binary swill.

  4. I have just got a new Dell desktop, nice dual-core 2, 2 gigs ram, Vista home.
    Oh it runs slower than my Xp with 512ram and getting it to talk to old software and hardware is an absolute nightmare! It thought my printer was a USB hub!
    Not happy with it at all. Its got to the point where im going to wipe the hard disk and install Xp again.
    Basically, microsoft new the bugs where there, yet they released it full of them anyway because it had to meet deadlines. These sort of things get sorted out with the Mac OS X software beeing updated every few weeks and a microsoft Service pack takes an age to come out!
    I leave you with this my freinds…
    Get a mac.

  5. I would love to abandon Microsoft, but I cannot because it would cost a fortune to buy all the programs that I need for my work in Mac format. Also I cannot find an alternative to Access.
    Double boot for me is totally out of the question.
    Perhaps Bill Gates should pay me for my time in using his really bad programs.

  6. I’ve just bought vista and already im trying to get rid of it. Nearly every game i download doesn’t work and many of the ones such as battlefield 2 rarely work either. If anyone knows where i can find a good guide to swap to XP on a compaq presario 5065 could you please let me know as im sick of all the bugs and would like at least one game i try to work.

    P.s. the main bugs i have found are in Norton (which doesnt work anymore on my computer) and in windows firewall (which i had to turn off).

  7. people, every single microsoft release entails upgrading hardware to essentially top of the line… because everyone makes money when microsoft releases bloatware.

    im camping XP until my computer wont boot anymore.

  8. Vista is a disappointment to me! On the other hand you can get many games to work by a simple step. Right click on the game icon and choose properties. Then go to the compatibility tab. Check the boxes Run as admin. and run program in XP mode! This works for some games. Also there are patches out there! Yes, a pain, I agree. It is the only way that I know of for now….


  9. I find the comments on this site boringly predictable by people who want to bash Microsoft for no reason other than they are the most successful software vendor in the world.

    I have used Vista in both personal and business capacities for the last 6 months and I find both uses to be very reliable. Setup is a breeze, adding new devices simple etc.
    On the personal side Vista MCE is by far the best Home Theatre GUI ever developed, vastly superior to Apple’s somewhat pathetic offering – just got TV have we – wow !

    40 Million plus copies of Vista have now been sold (how does that compare to the “cool”, ultra reliable “better” offerings of Linux for the desktop (people are not serious about this are they ?) or Apple’s “make it a piece of furniture” approach.

    You all go on about using Apple and Linux kit as if it is very cool and reliable and that Windows is just “too bad to use”. Well what about the new iPhone (even I liked that initially as I must admnit it looks fab). However when researched, it doesn’t do all the things you’d expect any decent phone to do (and what incidently all MS based Pocket PC phones do) like :

    Bluetooth (so with Apple you have the coolest phone on the planet connected to a wire based headset – cool !!????)

    Synchonization – Many Apple users have complained that they can’t synch an Apple phone to an Apple workstation for contacts (cool ???!!!)

    Sound. My windows phone sounds great on headset or speakerphone, the iPhone sounds **it.

    But do you criticise Mr Jobs (of course not). iPhone is a state of the art product, so you must expect these things ?

    Well, Vista is a state of the art OS and will continue to kick Apple and the Unix communities arse. Sure it has issues, but put these in perspective and embrace it (you will have to !).

  10. My name Himanshu,working as GPRS data support executive for Mobile Service provider,basically mobile handset settings and PC connectivity(internet).
    But after launching of Vista its a very complecated for us to install any kind of mobile Software.No body can gives a proper information to the customer those people who are purchase Windows Vista.Every time its gives a different kind of error,installing any kind of software.

    So please I requested to you(Microsoft) before you launch any O/S veryfy software compatability.

  11. I don’t think the Microsoft guys should get bent out of shape about someone bashing there product, they know they released half an OS, they don’t expect people to not find bugs and dislike them?

    I’m not gettin rid of my XP, i use my computer for gaming, and with XP i can get around 80 FPS continous, With plenty of ram and cpu freed up for the game, but vista is such a resource hungy OS its not the greatest choice of OS for gaming, or anything else. The fact that vista needs atleast 1g of ram for itself you have to have at least 2g for your computer to work well, and for games…3g, on another not the FPS on the same game, same hardware just using vista was degraded to about 40-60 FPS.

    Not something you can get bent out of shape about.

  12. Well i been running vista Home Premium for about 2 months now and to be honest i havent had many problems with it , at least none that i havent been able to resolve myself with a bit of patience . Of course ya have to figure out where everything is agsin but didnt take me long and it was quite fun discovering new things while doing just that. I was astonished at the vast difference between Vista and XP ,looking back to XP theres no comparison between that and Vista.Just my opinion mind ya 🙂

  13. I don’t know why everyone else is having so many issues. I’m using Vista, and yes, I’ve had few problems, but they certainly weren’t bugs in Vista – they were compatibility issues caused by the fact that Vista has had to change in order to move forwards. All of them have now been fixed by either Googling for the solution or simply downloading a patch. If you’re not happy with progression, stick with Windows 95. In terms of programs and games not working, the vast majority of programs work perfectly OK OR have had updates released by the manufacturer. I suspect the people above haven’t looked for the updates. Do not confuse the incompatibly of your software with bugs in Vista. Just because your program does not work in Vista – it does not mean that there is a bug in Vista.

  14. Yeh i have Windows Vista aswell, for people that talk about bugs i have everything a coomputer nightmare begins with for new stuff, Intel Quad Core Extreme, Sli 8800GTX’s 4GB XMS2 RAM, and Two Hard drives, yet if i can overcome half these bugs i think many others can, its the fact that something new has come out and people are too lazy to buy and learn about it that they wish to bad mouth it. Yes Microsoft brings out products that arnt perfect, but they cover you through the long run, SP3 still comming out for XP just to proove thats the case. If your into shiny bells and whistles try Linux Ubunto or any of the Linux line OS’s at the end of the day most of these people only have issues cause their computers arnt up to scratch period.

  15. I testing right now the SP1 , 0 toruble, cpu run now with lower temperature, and Hard Disk too : )
    All sistem its absolutly more reponsive.

    hey lazy guys stops say vista is crap its aamazing product specially now after SP1 : ) and this sp its only a beta !!

    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 x86 Build 6001.16659 Beta 1

    : )

  16. Have had to go back to using XP in the office for my new job. I’m hating every second of it. Constant freezes, unexplainable crashes and lots of rebooting are now a fixture in my daily routine.

  17. I’m going to be straight forward on this one. I have NEVER added a reply to ANY forum of this nature from the beginning of the Internet up until now.

    I have read years and years of posts on a variety of topics and have AlWAYS just kept my opinions to myself.

    I’m giving this lil’ disclaimer because if I’m replying, you know something’s screwed up.

    Vista has to be one of Microsoft’s worst Operating Systems. I am extremely disappointed with it. And all the while I’m blaming HP for a crappy computer. I’ve even gone to the point of blaming someone for hacking into my computer…Ha!

    So it IS Vista? I didn’t want to believe it.

    I have to admit, Vista really sucks. I’ll have to try SP1 for Vista and see if I have any success.


  18. Hey guys, i am currently running windows vista ultimate, it is the best thing since sliced bread, i have had absolutley no problem what so ever, accept the very first time i ran it, i didnt have a clue what to do but now i am so fluent in using this fantastic microsoft product, i look back at xp and think DAMMMMMMMMMN that OS was no where near as good as this one!!!!!!!, nice work guys at microsoft 🙂

  19. hey i dont care what anyones said i HATE APPLE .. windows vista is the best os that i have used so far never cared for 95 98 me 2000. xp and vista i like. yes i can wait for sp2 to come out. i am very picky when i comes to my computers and they all have vista and working great

  20. It would be nice to get a definition of good from someone that thinks Vista is not just another pile from MS. The last time MS wrote an OS from scratch it was the short lived junk yard ME. Why should I have to spend anytime at all getting basic things to work after paying up to $350 for an OS. At least with GNU/Linux only have to spend time troubleshooting the unusual or complex setups that one would normally see in Academic R&D and Enterprise environments. I, like many others, bought a PC with Visa on it and downgraded to XP because of not only the buggy nature of it but the fact that a 2ghz 2gig (RAM) Dual core was running like a sub Gigahertz P3. Binary swill for sure.

    To the author: Such a shame you didn’t have a pic to post of the look on the MS guys faces.

  21. hey,
    like everybody else, i’m having windows vista problems. the mouse on my laptop stopped working and now I can only use an external mouse. anybody have any suggestions? I’m 99 percent sure this is a vista problem though I had the computer for 3 months before it happened. another thing, i loaded on office 2002 onto my vista machine an word crashes an awful lot, suppose that’s cause they want you to buy office 2007? anybody had similar experiences? thanks

  22. What Vista boils down to is a resource hog. I could give a s**t less about a flashy looking desktop, I want an OS that performs. So far Vista has only proved to be a disappointment and the worst OS I’ve ever used.

  23. vista will eventually come up to par macs are to expensive thats why they price os so cheaply . i will wait for windows 7 codename vienna


  25. Vista is such a bad OS. I bought a laptop with it and couldn’t run any software that was a year old practily. I ended up bringing it back after I had it a week and couldn’t get the system to shut down! Buy XP again until they get it right. DUH! we put out a product that doesn’t work!

  26. Vista sucks balls!!!!!! well it sucked on my pc anyways, but my pc is good as and had all of the right drivers etc. It just didn’t run me games properly. I wonder why WCG world cyber games even bothers with using windows vista ultimate to run their games on. Bloody useless, i might consider getting vista around……say…..SP 100

  27. I have been using Windows Vista home premium, since I bought my hp Quad Core processor desktop,aqbout 4 months ago. I have not had 1 problem yet, I think its fantastic, what I think most the problem is, is with manufacturers not keeping up and making the drivers and whatnot for vista. That is the only problem I have found. Windows Vista is a decent product, and has alot to offer. Everything else just needs to catch up to it. Thanks for letting me express my opinion.

  28. I made a snap purchase of a new budget PC in a hurry as my old, cutom built XP SP2 system suffeed a hard disk failure.The new system came with Vista Home Basic installed.

    I am now trying to ressurect my old PC and am willing to PAY for a genuine copy of XP to install.

    I detest Vista.

    I have had to unplug the graphics tablet as the whole system kept freezing for up to 40 seconds at a time every 5 minutes or so until I removed all peripherals other than the mouse and keyboard.

    This is a 1GB RAM pc but it there is still time to make a cup of tea and read the papers each time I apply a change to any graphic over 500k in size. Its not the PC or the software – its the OS hogging all the resources and tying the graphic card RAM up with its fancy, but useless pretty buttons.

    Vista looks great, and your Auntie will probably love using it for web surfing and email as its so pretty – but as a serious tool its a complete waste of time so far.
    I’m hoping the service Pack will address the ridiculous resource consumption, cos if not, I’d rather spend my money on XP than buying more RAM and better graphics card just to allow Vista to look pretty….without any return for me.

  29. I have an HP pavillion dv6000, 2 GB ram, dual intel core, Vista Home premium. The OS is heavy, uses about 1GB of ram, but is very stable and responsive, not perfect, but overall I’m very happy with it.

  30. Bought new Dell Vostro 1500 with Vista Home Basic. Ran ever so slow, so I added 2 GB RAM. Worked better, but is incompatible with everything. Spent three hors last night with a Microsquish person in India trying to fix my problems after trying to install Office 2007. No luck. even Microsquish can’t fix Vista trying to run their own software! The dealer offered to let me swap for a machine with XP. I’m doing it ASAP.

  31. I hate Vista with a vengence!! I can’t even download itunes 7.5 because of a scripe error 2738 – but when I try to install the script it won’t do that either. I can’t syncronise my PDA because the device driver won’t install. I am seriously thinking about stripping it out and putting in XP. I would be embarrassed to have released this Operating System.

  32. SP1 is a let down…
    I have been running SP1 RC1 from MSDN for a week now. The performance improvements were minor at best. Working with moderately large files in Vista is still a tedious experience. The networked share and ‘over the wire’ file performance is still slower than XP.

    Mabey SP2 will _actually_ start to improve things?

    I feel sorry for the actual Vista developers… it must be a cluster Fu%K behind the scenes at Redmond.

  33. hey, I have vista it works for me. so for those gys that thingk that vista is crap. they have not gave it a long to be out. or to use it in games or in work aps.if your moues is dead. you need to replace is not the os fallt.oh ah for gys who like bitch about windos or any thing at has to do with computers. need to be pashint with it.

  34. this is for the stuped people. if you be pashint with the new os .then lets talk about me. that was crap. all the prolems that you could go wrong did go wrong. so if you compear me and vista. there is no compearason with vista. so if people are going to pash ms. then they are all asstalkers.I’m sure that sp1 is going fix the most comein prolmes. but it ms about 5to6 years fix the prolmes with xp. it still has prolmes.

  35. People I have been using vista ultimate for about 6 months now.. and frankly its the best os ever made.The only os which keeps speeding up as you use it. It is reverse for other os including xp.

    Areo is fantastic.People are having problems cause their configuration does not stand up to vista. You would not be happy running xp with pentium1 and 128mb RAM would you?? So how can you expect performance from vista with p4 and 512 ram?? Its a new os with newer hardware requirements…

    So all you cheapsters dont blame vista, instead blame your hardware…

    If you have all the updates installed there is no chance in hell you would face any problems..

  36. Hey Guys,
    You know whats wrong with your Vista its YOU being stuck with the XP problems that were fixed.

    1. First of all activate automatic updates unlike XP the software is perfect and doesnt ever hog the machine.
    2.Look for updates/solution for your software. I’m using Win 95/98/XP software DAILY without any prob to say the truth Vista made software give me more trouble than XP ones.
    3.If theres a nonresolvable problem send an email to the software publisher.
    4.If that doesnt work look for other software that does the same thing.
    5.ULTIMATELY don’t be lazy in 1 month i got a rhythm and i made everything work perfectly much better than i ever managed in XP after 2 years.

    Try these tips they work you have to move on! XP ever sucked it was NEVER near what Vista is after you spend some time with it.

  37. I must be the exception. I have two high end gaming computers and one laptop at home all running Vista connected also by wireless to an XBOX 360 Media Extender. We have a ton of games, all run fine.

  38. Yeah vista for me has been awesome me and my friend always joke i got the broken version no problems or compatibility issues, and upgrade to ultimate fixes a lot of stuff too.

  39. Im not sure what everyone is talking about.. I’ve now used Vista for about 6 months now and besides Internet Explorer restarting once in a while, i haven’t had any problems with it at all! I’m using a Toshiba laptop with 2GB ram, 1.83GHz, with many gadgets, and i still have enough RAM to run music, Java, and many other things at the same time!!

  40. Have been using Vista Business on a Core Duo Dual Core e6700 2.66 Ghz overclocked to 3.13 Ghz with 4 Gig DDr800 Ram and it is outclassed by my backup Pentium 4 Running XP with 1 Gig DDR 400 Ram and 2.4 Gig on a single Core… Now if Vista hasnt got something to do with that then my Fifteen years of PC experience musnt mean much.

    Microsoft needs to spend more time getting their operating systems sorted or people like me who have been loyal for 10 to 15 years will move to Apple or Linux operating systems for peace of mind and the guarantee of a smooth and reliable experience…

    Bill.. Spend a little less time at the foundation and get Microsoft Sorted again…

  41. You guys bashing vista are only doing it because it makes you feel like you know what your talking about. The general consensus around ignorant users is that if vista isn’t working out downgrade or buy a mac….what? are you serious. Did you see the word “downgrade” it really is a downgrade, xp is no where near as good as vista and vista is only in the preliminaries of its service packs. Every new software that comes out now needs to be patched up, games need to be patched up and os’ need to be patched up, when you’re growing up you do something dumb and your mother needs to patch you up. And macs…I hear leopard is having problems, good, people should start pushing mac virus’ I’m so fed up of this pretentious mac and linux user attitude towards windows.

    Vista is not at all buggy, patch it up and turn off all that bs which hogs your resources and you’ll be able to run whatever game you feel willing to run.

    And if you laptop mouse stopped working, instead of blaming vista for something that’s definitely vista’s problem pick up another forum thread and ask for help.

    Buy vista, it’ll be pwning xp very very soon.

  42. In response to Brandon-

    I’d rather keep XP until vista pwns it. No use installing it and wasting money (the price will ultimately fall in a while) if it sucks compared to XP right now.

    I agree, OS’s need to be patched up, and Vista isn’t patched up to my standard, so I’m going to stick with my Linux, Mac, or XP until it does match up to my standards. At least they don’t randomly freeze up when you turn off your computer, shut off your wireless after standby, screw up your built in “fully compatible with windows vista” webcam after standby (forcing a reboot), slow your computer down disproportionately to the new functions it gives.

    Microsoft will eventually patch Vista, but the process is so frickin slow compared to Mac’s constantly flow of updates.

    I’d rather get one bug fixed at a time than have a big bugfix fest after waiting for two years getting tired of the same bug over and over again.

  43. even if it was free it would be a peace of crap, but at least free. It very immoral that ms charges for such basic software, yes definitely ms has delayed and retarded technological development of the human race because of its greedy desires. I would never never never ever buy a ms product, thanks god there is piracy, is the only way to fix this. I don’t care if its illegal, because its moral, logical and human.

    Gates and their capitalist peers have very undeveloped, un-evolutioned, closed minds. By pirating his products I am just fixing things a little.

  44. I’ve just been speaking with a mate in Singapore who has just had his new gift – a laptop from his Dad – fried by Vista. Another mate in Australia IM’d me asking could he help with his Vista infested laptop – I checked up online to find that Vista sound drivers are often trouble with his model of laptop. Every person I know who has installed Vista on their laptop has regretted it.

    Man I think I’ll stick with my lovely, stable, regularly updated, virus free, community supported Linux (Ubuntu 7.10 at the moment). It’s not perfect, but bug fixes are rapid and stable development of the system just as fast.

    I left MS behind and never looked back…

  45. Magu’s has some morality issues to solve, Scott let’s just leave him out of the rational loop and pretend it’s never happened.

    I much rather appreciate answers like Joe, with rational supported arguments.

    Stealing is moral?

    What a champion

  46. Dont know i got vista on my dual core with 4gs of ram and a brand new ati hd 3870 and theres no lag and games well ,all i have to say is WOW!!! and go WINDOWS YAAY

  47. I bought a laptop with out an OS, and installed a clean copy of Vista on it. It’s running fine, even with only 1 gb of RAM. It will slow down if you’re running stuff that’s memory/graphics heavy, but I don’t normally run that kind of stuff, so it doesn’t happen often.

    The issues I had with Vista are when I went to upgrade an old Dell. I had to find a zillion driver patches, and it still didn’t work well. I reverted that back to XP, and it was fine.

    I think it’s best to start fresh with Vista, rather than trying to upgrade. (And Dell’s suck, so…*wink*)

  48. It is very slow! Really! I got my 512 computer and it runs much faster than this Vista Laptop with AMD 4ghz i have. That’s not even realistic. When did you see a 512 mb/ 2ghz AMD ( my old computer) beat a 3gb ram/ 4ghz processor ( my new laptop)… ITS NOT EVEN REALISTIC PEOPLE, THE LAPTOP IS TEEN TIMES BETTER THAN THE OLD ONE I HAVE, AND THE LAPTOP IS STILL WORSE THAN THE DESKTOP I HAVE.

    Horrible Windows, horrible.

  49. Btw its so sick to tweak your computer to play a freaking game. i have never tweaked my computer once on my old one and it plays pretty much any game better than the vista… and my old one is even XP HOME EDITION! Damn… total failure

  50. Don’t get a mac, I advise you make your own computer from scratch and use Windows xp Pro (service pack three is coming soon).

    The mac pc’s i have used in the past didn’t give me any bang for my buck, but my old dell running just xp home sp2 that i have had since 2001 is still running and can play almost every game that was released before 2007.

    After looking at Dell, Gateway, Apple, and HP I believe the wisest choice would be to just go and build your own computer.
    (from buying the software and hardware from just and, you can save over 500 bucks with relative ease even without 1337 computer knowledge).

    As for Vista, my college gives out free copies of vista business so i am just going to do that and Xp pro (with linux of course *wink*) but I use vista on my parents computer when I am messing around with linux on mine. They have a dell with 1gig of 667 mghz DDR2 ram and a intel core 2 due 2.133 ghz 2 MB shard catche and a Nvidea 7900 256MD DDR2 and it runs smoothly, but lacks performance in terms of a gaming PC.

    And as for my farewell, Dell does pwn, and as of now is the best pre built pc company that I vouch for and have first hand experience with, but a homemade pc is the best. (and MAC’s suck!!! idc what u say. STFU. LINUX FTW!!!!!!! h4x0r 4 life)

  51. Hi people

    Every where I go people seem to hate Vista, including myself until recently, that is after setting up more than I care to remember I’ve been through all the problems from un supported hardware to software incompatibilities via inherent bugs with Microsoft’s own applications like office 2003 and 2007, yet after all that I’ve grown to like it more than XP, XP SP2 has been the best OS that MS have released, ever, until now, or perhaps it would be better to say until Vista SP1 or 2.
    The things I like most about vista is the flexibility, yes there are a lot of bugs and yes it’s quite an adjustment to get used to the extended and slightly changed GUI, but after a while you grow to love it. For me it’s very much like the transition from 2000 pro to XP SP2, at first your not so sure and you stumble around trying to do things that you could do in seconds on XP, but if you persist you eventually come around.
    Things that spring to mind are the ability to change the volume of any app as opposed to all at once, interconnectivity is made a doddle, digital communications such as online meetings and VoIP are easier with the new interfaces, windows mobile interaction has hugely improved, if you run a domain then you have a further 2000 policies to take even more control of your network.
    That said, yes vista is a pile of bugs but the bugs vs the advantages in my opinion loose, if you configure your vista correctly and set it up to operate as fast as possible which does mean removing the sidebar and streamlining the gui so its not running AERO, remove all the apps you don’t need, you’ll be fine.
    This does however mean obtaining all new software, most firewall and antivirus are not compatible unless you have the latest versions, legacy software even run in compatibility mode isn’t guaranteed to work, but most games I have managed to get working, and for me CS works faster on my vista machine than it did on XP.
    All in all I think Vista has potential to be the next great operating system that the globe will end up adopting. I do agree that it does need more power to operate and perform like your XP machine but if you don’t mind removing the bells and whistles then not everyone will need to upgrade their hardware, The thing I can’t understand is why they didn’t rewrite the kernel to be more efficient, they didn’t even attempt to make it faster, watching a few webcasts about the subject they seem to imply that the next operating system code named “windows 7” is a from the ground up rewrite which they are currently working on but wont be released for another 3 or so years.
    Anyway enough ranting, I’m all for change and keeping ahead and I think MS have slacked a bit in releasing an operating system that clearly wasn’t ready but I can see the improvements and advantages of vista I like and prefer it to XP. I just hope Vista SP 1 does turn out to be what everyone expects, a solution to the bugs !


  52. All software I use in Vista works great. Vista has its annoyances, but I can deal w/ them. I won’t say it’sbad or good, just that I am pretty pleased so far.

  53. Well, I be running a Vostro 1500 (laptop, duel intel, 2gb ram, nVidia GeForce 8400 128mb, 160gb hd, shiny screen), with XP on my internal drive and Ubuntu Gutsy (until upgraded) on my external WD Passport. My friend has an Acer lappy running Vista Home Basic. My youth pastor is a Mac-Man with half a dozen of um. I have used each OS to familiarity, and I can certainly say that Vista wins my limited dollar, despite a few not-so-nice bugs (Ubuntu is free, so I will naturally use it until it’s makers quit). I think that, based on the words of friends running Vista Ultimate, that I will upgrade to this OS a little after SP1 (waiting, of course, until the updates fix lingering bugs in the service pack).

    Now, for certain, each OS has it’s own offerings, and one would be a fool to ignore them. If I was given, even at a good discount, a computer or disk with any one of them, I would gladly use the OS for it’s strengths. Certainly, Video/Sound people have an OS built seemingly custom to their workflow, Gamers have Windows in all it’s shooting-stabbing-flying-awesome splendor, and Average Joes have Linux and Windows (Macs might be pricy for an AJ), to do what they want with.

    (One thing that all computer users must watch out for, no matter which os, is the snob’s attitude many fanboys and discontents seem to develop. I do not think that referring to the largest software company in the world as ‘Micros**t’, ‘Microsquash’, ‘Bloatsoft’, ect helps anyone. It only proves snobbery, and provides a good reason for someone to stay away from what the aggressor uses for fear of becoming a jerk.)

  54. After reading every post on this site (to date obv) for the hope of a unambiguous answer on the topic of whether or not vista is worth the bother, I have come to the conclusion that other than going out there and buying it, there is no way of knowing.

    I am currently on my girlfriend’s laptop; it’s a Compaq with a gig of ram, and a 1.8 processor I believe. Its vista home premium. I was not there when it was first installed but since having used it seems fine. All the aero and sidebar features are turned off and we closely monitor the programs that run at start up (can be done through windows defender if you didn’t know, which you probably did).

    Perhaps it’s the quality of the components used, and the systems that is affecting people experience. I think the key points to remember are:

    • As time progresses so does technology, looking back the power of systems were laughable to what they are now,it’ll be a short time and a quad core processor with 4gb of ram will seem minute, and “windows 7” will be the new thorn in everyone’s side, and how vista runs amazing on such “little ram” and processing power.

    • You’re not “cool” for using l33t

    • Being a fan boy isn’t “cool”

    • And being open minded is important

    Besides if you want to game online it seems your stuffed soon anyway cause of windows live.

    It seems that your willingness to be influenced by the popular trend of hating what is new from ms os wise has got the better of you.

    Just chill.

  55. I’ve spent weeks just trying to get my xp software running on
    vista, the “backwords compatability option” only works about 30%
    of the time; if I wasn’t unemployed at the moment with xtra time
    to play with this I would have returned this laptop as “broken”,
    ( 1 g Ram, dual ahthlon, 1.8 G speed ); I could see it in time
    running on a “maxed out” home desktop uP, but forget about reliability on a laptop or for business.

  56. Just came about this site today, and to be honest I question if some of you really have used Vista?

    I have a Dell Precision 530, from 2002, running Vista Business (1.8 GHz Xeon and 1.0 GB of memory). This was obviously an upgrade from XP SP2, and virutally no issues at all (I have had some video card driver issues, but again, this is an almost 6-year old computer).

    I also have a Dell Precision 390, just over a year old, running Vista Ultimate. Once again, fantastic.

    My work computer is a brand new (in January) Latitude XT, running Vista Ultimate, and it also has been great.

    Three installations of Vista and I would recommend it to anyone. All the “stories” of slow-downs and crashing… I have my doubts…

  57. Honestly i have been using it for a year.It works fine.I also noticed in a post someone said couldnt play BF2 I play that game on my system.I also race online with it and do lots of other stuff.I have many XP and 2000 programs running on it.It took me about one month to figure it out after reading some documentation.It has been good to me.

  58. Don, grand deal with your success! About your comments on the validity of other’s stories, we must remember that while there may be a thousand computer set-ups that are running Vista without a huge hitch, there are thousands of different setups at a minimum running the same OS that will have problems. We must not forget that one user’s experience will vary from another’s. (Your installations probably don’t call the same functions that crash other’s compys, for example). Mind, I am not berating you… I have a feeling that my computer (Vostro 1500, see my above comment) will function the same as yours when I upgrade to Ultimate. I am more or less responding to all who shared your sentiments on various blogs and forums I have read. Peace, dude.

  59. Wow… This whole comment thread seems to be filled more of less with Idiots. I am doubtful most of you have ever tried Vista outside of the leaked Beta’s way back when. Yeah, maybe Vista isn’t the greatest thing ever, but it’s no where near as shit as you all seem to claim it is.

    I have been using it everyday since day one (by choice) and also use a couple Linux Distro’s and Mac’s when at work. Although it is different to them, I wouldn’t for a second claim it is worse.

  60. I tried Vista, i’m trying but it really fails…

    The company i work for bot a lot of laptops and notebooks, diferents hardware, but all came with the same software… the result?

    Lates change the operating system in ALL of them, bugs, bugs, and lots of bugs and some simple can’t work.

  61. As a QA engineer in the hardware world…(thank God I avoided the S/W geeks.. 🙂 )..and with my little experience please allow me to comment the following.

    For all of you that think that problems are not present in the Vista product or any windows product in the past you may want to rethink this twice after a thorough evaluation of the synthesis and development within the actual process and testing of such a monstrous ammount of software code. The fact is that a portion of the time things will work as promised.

    The problem though is that this will not be true all the time. Even if only 1% of the users are facing bugs (minor or major) in a total sales figure of 50.000.000 to 100.000.000 million copies this will still leave a lot of people unsatisfied.

    Try not to think in terms a few people here a few over there..its DEAD WRONG..Instead try to think tens of thousands wrestling with their PCs and multiply it by a 100! 🙂 so now you’ve got the picture. (Hopefully)

    ..but still this product will be presented by the marketing divisions (like they have a choice) as a very succesfull product that works 99% of the least! 🙂 ..the truth has many views..depends from which angle you look at it.

    As for me I think I prefer to read a few books instead..and stay with XP Pro SP2 +150 patches. After all Windows OS is like wine…It gets better with time…!

    (Some more interesting details here)

  62. I never post to discussions but this i can’t pass up. i just bought a new laptop for work, it came with vista, none of my embedded systems dev software will even work on it due to a vista stack overrun bug (still not fixed 4 months later of updates) i even went to the extreme of buying a LEGIT copy of XP only to find out that the motherboard manufacturer didn’t produce any XP drivers for that pc. so now i have a laptop that i haven’t even fired up but twice in the last 4 months thanks to MS crapware!

  63. When you buy a new game for the PC, you don’t expect it to be backward compatible with much older hardware than is at the forefront. The leading gaming titles DO NOT backdate their graphics solutions in most cases. Nobody complains about this. I’m running a DX9 gcard and as such, I can’t play GX10 game. I don’t complain and nor does anyone else.
    When you buy a brand new OS, you expect it to be backward compatible with the most dated of hardware and software. The leading software developers are expected to make older versions of software work with brand new technology. Every complains if these two things don’t happen.

    Get real people. Wake up and smell the bacon. You can’t have it both ways. Microsoft are releasing another SP for XP for those of you sad enough to want to stay on old hardware and for the rest of us, we get Vista that WILL dominate the OS market in a years time.

    Roll back time – you are the guys who said exactly the same thing when XP first came out! You are all just Ludites…

  64. Hi,

    I have to agree in part with the Microsoft bashing, yes its true that Vista is not the shiney star that Microsoft were hoping for simply because it was launched to early and the SDK’s for it were not released to hardware vender so that they could make all the drivers etc for existing hardware on time. Saying that though, after each update (they are pretty much daily at the moment) you do notice performance issues so the updates are clearly doing something. I have Vista on both my desktop and my laptop but to be honest, its runs better on the laptop that it does on the desktop but then again that could be down to my desktop being custom built from scratch and my laptop being a vanilla Fujitsu laptop. I will stress a few things though, Vista is in no way shape of form anywhere near as good as Apple OS X Leopard…Fact! even with the arrival of service pack 1 its still not a completing product. Leopard is faster, better looking, no where near as buggy or even as secure. Apple keep trying to reinvent the wheel with every major OS X update and they do a damn fine job or it – Windows just rehash the kernel from the previous OS and add some spit and polish.

    I dont think that from reading various reports on the net, Vista will be around for very long, it seem like a bit of a stop gap between XP and Windows 7 (when ever that decides to launch) I dont think Microsoft are really hiding that fact either. still, with Windows XP support ending and the software being pulled from Vendors within the next 6 months it looks like Vista is what you are going to have to use like it or lump it. If you want to keep Windows then its Vista, if you a person who enjoys tinkering and seing how things with then its a Linux based system for you or if you are a more creative person who thinks outside the box and like a product to just work then its Apple.

    Thanks for reading.


  65. I like vista, all the unsupported hardware problems have give me an excuse, and a justification to she who must be obayed, to buy new hardware *wink*

  66. first of all.. hello everybody…i will try to state my oppinion on this matter..i am not gonna bash any os because they are all different…first off all i am a windows user just because i had windows 95 on my first computer and i got used to windows products…i do not like ms especially, i also think that linux(ubuntu,xubuntu and kubuntu and other linux os)are great also because first of all they are free and secondly,because they work with old and not very powerfull computers (i recently tried xubuntu on a pentium 3 800 mhz whith 256 of ram and it worked,although the resources where very “consumated” by the os , i liked the interface of the OS(being developed in 2007) and the speed of the OS(for 256 mb ram it was good, although it ate about 220 mb of ram,which was at the limit), i also like the fact that the drivers were also installed automatically,the only things that i don’t like about linux is that it works hard with the programes wich work nativelly under windows, but thats not blame of linux…just that i hope that the guys that are developing linux cuold try to make it more easily tot install common programes, and thats about all that i could come up with now), with apple i had no experience, only because in my country it was not promoted for a long time and only recent it has started to be promoted, but i heard good things about it and mac os x…but all of you should be more objective when you give your oppinions…just think that although in america,canada and other countries where mac computers and OS have been sold for a long time, you find parts and programes quite easily, in other countries finding components and software for macs is almost imposibble, and thats why many people have turned to windows softwares,and thats a shame because windows need good competition to make a good os,and that competition in many parts of the world is very low or could not be at all…and at the last i would like to say my oppinion about windows products..i have tried out all the windows OS exept millenium and the windows servers…i have a pentium 4 dual core 2,66 ghz and 1,25 gb of ram and an ati radeon x850 256 gb of ram running vista ultimate sp1 running on it, and by now i haven’t encountered many problemes with it…the drivers for the audio and network boards came through windows update which i though was very good and the drivers for the video board i hod on the cd that came with it(but i also got an update for the video drivers also through windows update)…the system runs pretty well ,it eates 500-550 mb of ram with winamp playing music, opera with 2-3 tabs oppened, strong dc oppened and deamon tools oppened and kaspersky antivirus on… i am preatty pleased with it and think that it an improvement regardin windows xp.Windows xp is old… and thats why it doesn’t eat a lot of resouces…and you all now what was said about the xp when it was first released…i also have a friend that had windows xp sp1 installed on it…and it was oufull…the whole system survived for about 3 months or so,after wich he installed SP2 fresh on it, and he still runs on it now but he is experiencing problems with it and is thinghing about switching to vista home basic….windows vista will be a top OS in the next 2-3 years(maybe it will have SP3 by then)…and i thing it will be even better if it had more competion from other OS manufacturers like Apple(exept linux because it is free)…

  67. i,ve been using vista home premium now about 1 week had no problems what so ever seem like ppl in hear havn’t got a clue what they are talking about the diffrence between xp and vista is the codes fir xp are part win 98 and part me/nt. vista has all new codes and in a lot bigger xp is only 200mb and xp is like 3gb to rum xp effetivly u need at least 1gb of ram and a up todate mother board and graphic card and where xp is only 2D vista is 3D. yes vista had alot of bugs in it but microsoft have work very quickly to fix those bugs and service pck 1 is due for release on the 18th marth from the download centre

  68. Hi everyone I’m going to take a middle of the road point of veiw because I think it’s only fair

    It looks better than XP (XP looked like it was made by Fisher Price)

    There are alot of new monitering bits and bobs

    You can very easily tweak the performance by disabling flashy bits of the OS (something only people with a decent knowledge of computers could do before)

    Leading on… its user friendly and this is key considering it is used by EVERYONE …pretty much!

    It hogs a heck of alot of resources (but come on its called progress, even new games take more resources too! Its not like you could run XP on a PC built for win98 without it slowing down so if you dont have the hardware dont get Vista, if you want vista… upgrade!)

    Compatibility Issues… so what (again this is stupid because its like wanting an N64 game to run on a SNES! You cant expect MS to build its new OS around old games… besides there ARE patches))

    There are bugs (do a search on XP and look at some of the forums and some of the old posts about how everyone was soooooooo anoyed at how rubbish XP was when it came out! Now most people agree its better than any of the previous OSs)

    So to summarise… yes MS have released a buggy, resource munching OS but it is a step in the right direction and we are getting updates to download all the time to fix the bugs, and hardware is always going to need replacing so just do it! And if you dont like it for whatever reason don’t get it! Or if you buy a new computer with it preinstaled… downgrade, im sure someone will lend you an XP disc or you can even do it through your manufacturer (I know sony do!) or even ask microsoft for your money back and return the disc.

  69. Hello everyone.

    First, a little about myself. I have been a PC Support technician in various capacities for the last 15 years. From desktop support to network and server support, domain admin etc. I’ve been in pretty much all the positions other than as a programmer. I now am self employed and take care of several small-mid size businesses for all of their technical (not just IT) needs. I say this only to suggest that I have actual real world experience to draw an opinion from.

    I generally don’t comment on boards like this because it is usually done only by the extremists in the community. People who’ve had reason to complain will complain – people who don’t have reason to complain generally don’t search out forums to throw out their opinions.

    I’d like to say to all people having problems with their Vista that I’m sorry you are having these issues as Vista can be a great experience when it runs nicely. That being said – I have had my own issues with it as well. It is far from perfect, but it will get better. There were some comments on here that essentially said ‘Give Windows time to mature’ – that each version needs to be released, then mature and finally become that rock of sturdiness we want.

    Microsoft has the challenge of making an OS for everyone – which generally gets overlooked by the vocal minority. It’s easy to say “Mac rules” and is so much more stable. If MS locked down it’s driver database to only specific hardware and just said ‘No’ to supporting XX device you happened to pick up… then it’s development would be cut into fractions of time. The stability would be second to none. But if MS did this, then they’d have FAR MORE people whining because XX device won’t work. Apple has created this myth of stability by supporting a far smaller base.

    If Linux is your kick, then that’s cool. But only begin to complain about MS vrs Linux when Linux approaches reality on the desktop market. I have used Redhat, Debian, Mandrake, Ubuntu, Solaris and more…. just thinking of the list and time spent gives me a headache. Hell, I’ve used BeOS (that one was pretty cool, but short lived) and I’ve had different experiences with all of them. I’m not going to say any was better than Vista or XP – they were different.

    What I’m trying to say is that people underestimate the chore MS has in front of them and they are trying to push technology forward, but for every 10 people that have the perfect experience, there are 10 who don’t and there are 10 who like the bells and whistles and 10 who don’t and 10 who hate change and 10 who don’t…. and the vocal minority always ends up on boards like this one.

    Vista is a decent OS and will mature to be a very good OS. This is going to happen. Complaining on boards and trying to sound like someone who ‘knows’ what’s going on in the world generally only does the opposite.

    Here’s a fun question for you to all ponder: If you were in charge of MS and had to worry about what 100 million people world wide wanted on their computers… what would you do? If you had to make it work with every last piece of hardware and software ever made – what would you do? If you tried your best and invested billions – yes BILLIONS of dollars into creating your products to suit as many people and combinations of hardware and software as are out there… what would YOU do? It’s so easy to throw the blame around without thinking of the nearly impossible challenges they face. Get real folks…

    My $0.02… /rant

  70. RE: (how does that compare to the “cool”, ultra reliable “better” offerings of Linux for the desktop (people are not serious about this are they ?)

    PAULM obviously hasnt tried any other operating system than M$ if he thinks it is state of the art. He’s obviously never heard of the word “compatibility” OR ACID2, W3C, OpenOffice. Not to mention XGL, LookingGlass as the most incredibla eadvancements (and been functioning on Linux for years) in 3D desktops. He obviously is also unaware of GNU or “Community based development” as the ONLY way forward to produce quality work – (Not revenue driven). I think he just looks at the funky icons windows always spend most of their energy trying to get right!

    Mate, if your going to make a comparison against Linux, make sure you know what the above words mean above before posting a comment. Other Vista users had discernable comments to make – quite frankly unlike yours!


  71. Quote :

    Mar 26th, 2008 at 1:23 am

    Nobody is forcing you to buy Vista.

    End of Quote.

    Hahahaha…this is the best joke ever!!!

    You are either MS employed or completely ignorant of business practices. I have no intensions to be mean but if the case is that you are ignorant stop writing now! If you are MS employed then you are trying to fool us because you know the all preinstalled versions are being sent with Vista installed because MS forced the OEMs and cut the distribution of the XP OS.

    The actual sales of the 6 possible choices for the customers are very limited compared to the (forced) OEM’..the versions I have seen around at homebuilt (desktop) PC’s are cracked. (NONE bought*) *(Only perhaps to burnt/melt it with a flamethrougher, or a molotov bomb)

    Both interesting choices! 🙂

    Anyway you are a joke either way and you make a fool of your self, PERIOD


  72. You Know People, i have been using Vista since May 2007, i had home premium, and LOVED IT so much i upgraded to Ultimate. There is absoulutly nothing wrong with it, you just gonna learn to use it, its the greatest OS to date. I mean i have never e ver had any probelems, in fact FAR less then i had with xp, so for you people who think it sucks either get over it or learn to use it moe and see what i mean, its an AWESOME operating system. And i have gotten just about all my old games, and hardware to work with it, so PLEASE give it a chance!!!!

  73. Ok people Here it is!!!! Speed up your Vista Os. I have a Sony PCV-RX670 1.8 Gh P4 512 ram with Vista Home Prem on it (this OS is not recommended by Sony for this computer). This is almost bone stock only upgrades are an InVida 7400 Graphics card and 500 gig hard drive. First install a Graphics accelerator program (I found mine at Freewear). This helps Vista so it does not have to work as hard with graphics. Second thing I did was install Intel media graphics accelerator driver. I am still working on gettin my old games and softwear to work on Vista. Enjoy the new speed of Vista and I will get back to you on the rest soon!!!

  74. You guyz are all wrong. Vista is a much faster system to use with dual cores than xp. If you have 1 core, well its slower. Yes compatibility is behind but who sodding cares. DirectX 10 graphics are amazing and playability on call of duty 4 is very good.

  75. Vista is by far the worst windows package ever. It is slow and undependable. You have to ask, what were they thinking.
    But my bother in law is a developer at Microsoft and everyone outside the Vista team knows it is a total failure.
    It is a sad state of affairs. Microsoft pushed Object Oriented Programming and it is a total failure. I use GIS products and when I have to run something quick and just get it done, I go back and use ArcView 3.3. Geoprocessing tasks are abou 2x faster using older products then the new object based products. Sad. It is just a matter of time before people start writing real application again – appications for the end user rather then the programmers.

  76. hi guys i’m a user of a laptop presario v5000 an its capable with vista an xp, now xp has no problems wat so ever but vista does has its days of problems but yea they can be fixed, but for ppl out ther who dont have the money to get the stuff needed for vista to wrk properly try home basic, it takes up 512ram, but yet thats still posses a problem due to software an programs, i like it the new look etc, but i agree it has problems, an they can be fixed, but the service pack 1 isnt hot/fab to me it strts my laptop so slow,especially for ppl who dnt have product keys an just trying it out with cracks etc, but it makes things easier but it strts up slow, but as i said i like vista but yet it needs to fixed still, so microsoft please do your best at some serious updates

  77. vista isnt appealing to ppl who dnt have high paying jobs, like for example u have to out there an buy parts etc for just to use vista an then to buy parts they are so expensive world wide why bring out a OS an yet have the parts so expensive? i just dnt get vista is yet to be said where i’m from to be a money hungry OS plus a sucker at ram. ppl now have to throw away old stuff now to get new stuff because they cant afford the parts to upgrade, but microsoft thanks alot for the money hungry OS

  78. If you don’t like Vista don’t buy it or get a system with XP on it, they still sell Pro for XP, but the people complaining are losers that have never tried Windows…yes I do have a different OS on each of my CPU’s Apple ,Linux ,XP Pro,and Vista Ultimate
    I am to young to work for MS, Apple or Linux and I do not plan on it.

  79. I just bought a new Dell I1721-P81 with Vista Home Premium. It has 2gigs of ram, a 250gb HD, a decent integrated graphics card, and an AMD Turion64 x2 Processor. I have to say that I loved XP, but compared to Vista, XP is Much buggier, and i am running SP2. I have had no Issues. It took me about 20minuets to set it up. I use my Desktop (xp) to find a good free ware firewall (COMODO) and AVG 7.5 Virus protection. I loaded it up onto this computer, Easy instal, and I had it up and on the internet in about 40 minuets. Since then I installed Office 2007 (which is so diffrent) their has been no bugs at all yet, and I do webdesign and programming on this. Needless to say I love the 3-Flip (I hate the name though).

    To kick it all off, I paid $799 for the laptop, $100 for Office H&S, and a wireless mouse for $20 Botoom line, $920 +tax. Quite a deal for a really reliable computer.

    So stop complaining and just use the software. Don’t complain about change, embrace it. Vista is a new, and it will stay new for about another 6 months. Just be patient and try to fix the problems

  80. Personally I’m still running XP.

    My problem is, I wish programmers would stop trying to show all of us how wonderfully “smart” they are by adding in a lot of bells & whistles that aren’t needed. Programmers ego I guess.

    Just give us poor saps a good operating system we can use & that works with old & new hardware & software. Leave the drivers for old stuff in it. One that doesn’t need a lot of RAM just to operate the OS. Sheesh! All those unnecessary bells & whistles require lots of RAM. Also stop making us have to break our pocketbooks to keep up. A new OS is welcome if it’s a good one that does what you want & doesn’t require that you spend another fortune upgrading hardware & software. That sucks.

    For people who love bells & whistles, let them have that version, but make a strip down version without all those “unnecessary” bells & whistles for those of us who value system stability, workability, & compatibility.

  81. For those who don’t know how to turn off a bunch of services in any Windows OS here is a guy who can tell you how.

    Just choose your operating system on this page & follow the links for what you want to know.

    There are lots of services running in the background on most Microsoft OS’s that can be set to manual or disabled completely. This guy tells you which ones are safe to do.

    Turning them off helps a lot on RAM & CPU usage on XP. I am not sure how much it would help on Vista.

  82. Windows Vista SP1 is good for now but you still can’t trust it’s buggy and incompatible code…

  83. guys do yall have a crack for vista service pack 1? the one without the wrds on stsrt up if yall do send me a download link plz ok thax guys

  84. Guys guys …you are losing the point here..the question is not only if Windows Vista is the slowest and most incompatible OS until now (and since the age of Win 3.11) damn even DOS was faster at printouts etc..but the ammount of info that the system collects to report back to Big Broth..umm sorry Microsoft (and it does send it regardless what you do in 80% of these) ;-/

    Take a look for yourself..some of them surely look harmless..they should be..(not 100% certain though..) and others definetely seem weird and out of place in an OS..

    • Windows Update
    • Web Content
    • Digital Certificates
    • Auto Root Update
    • Windows Media Digital Rights Management
    • Windows Media Player
    • Malicious Software Removal/Clean On Upgrade
    • Network Connectivity Status Icon
    • Windows Time Service
    • IPv6 Network Address Translation (NAT) Traversal service (Teredo)
    • Activation
    • Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP)
    • Device Manager
    • Driver Protection
    • Dynamic Update
    • Event Viewer
    • File Association Web Service
    • Games Folder
    • Error Reporting for Handwriting Recognition
    • Input Method Editor (IME)
    • Installation Improvement Program
    • Internet Printing
    • Internet Protocol version 6 Network Address Translation Traversal
    • Parental Controls
    • Peer Name Resolution Service
    • Plug and Play
    • Plug and Play Extensions
    • Program Compatibility Assistant
    • Program Properties?Compatibility Tab
    • Program Compatibility Wizard
    • Registration
    • Rights Management Services (RMS) Client
    • Update Root Certificates
    • Windows Control Panel
    • Windows Help
    • Windows Problem Reporting

    (sorry if I missed something)

    Also take a look at what Bruce Schneier is talking about..(DRM mostly..) Interesting enough we will become puppets to these companies..(..perhaps we were allready..but we did have a method/way to alter this a bit until now..)


    It’s a humble advice..(and sorry for the CAPS 🙂 )

    Dont be stupid..unless you want to be!

  85. I found something a few days ago on-line (I have to go to work in a few min, so can’t provide the link)… a tool one can use to make a trimmed-down version of the Vista install C/DVD. Now, I know this doesn’t solve the OEM installs, but this CD can at least take some of the ‘nag’ out of the latest MS nag-wear, should you install it yourself.

    Also, according to PC world, there is a chance that MS 7 will be showing itself next year… which means just a year of Vista-only sales for normal computers 😀

    And, in just a few days, Ubuntu 8.04 will be out, which means a still better alternative to those not locked in to MS Windows (Crossover, Support and other bonuses can be bought for the serious user/windows lock-in, and desktop graphical effects second-to-none for those with graphics cards.)

    Now, in MS’s defense… we have a great gamin’ OS now, with the best visual effects on a MS OS. Sure, it’s not much for enterprise stuff, but for fraggin’, nukin’, or pwnage, the sheer number of games ‘just for vista’ make this OS a good buy for that. (The ‘Games’ folder in explorer makes it clear that gamers were on the dev’s minds at write time.) Oh, and it’s good for the casual user that wants to check email, surf the web, or manage photos without the cost of a Mac machine. (I wanted to throw in some positives, as there are at least a few with Vista. 🙂 )

  86. i dont get why everyone hates vista… when xp came everyone said it was crap. now its the be all and end all of windows operating systems…. vista works fine i’m running a low spec laptop 1g ram, and vista runs flawleesly i’ve never had a problem with the system. yeah sure it take time to boot, but it runs all the games i play it works with the sound engineering software i use and is easy to use. so why does it work so well for me??? so i think it wouldn’t matter if it was released with 0 bugs, you’d all be still here saying “i don’t like, it’s too slow, there’s too many bugs.” stop complaining about it and read up on how to use it cause its a good system

  87. Vista to me has worked extremely well. I hear all these complaints about RAM gobbling. So what? go get more RAM. Hell a Gig only costs 40 bucks. If you’re too cheap go back to 3.11!

  88. [This comment has been edited to remove excess profanity]

    f*** you f*** all of you pice of s*** mac users, you guys act so tuff but your all probibly just a couple of geeks playin video games mac sucks vistas big black transparent b**** count the number of apps for windows and then count the number of apps for mac and then get back 2 me

  89. @yourmother – thank you for stopping by and commenting. I don’t appreciate excess swearing on this blog so I edited your comment to reduce the profanities but keep the meaning.

    To your point – Macs have the ability to run Windows natively using either Parallels or VMWare. Therefore the amount of apps a Mac can run = the amount of apps a Windows machine can run + the amount of apps which run under OS X.

  90. I read somewhere that a service pack 2 wouldn’t come out until close to mid 2009. Coincidentally that would be after Windows 7 comes out! Never a good sign when a new O/S is developed and released within a few years of a highly touted Vista? Highly touted by MS. So they knew all along it was crap, but they talked like it was the next new thing. I guess you’d never find any company to come out and say their product sucked.

  91. Well, vista on my three computers works fine, you just need a min. of 2GB ram and at least 60GB hard drive space to fit the LARGE MFING OS onto your computer, other than that, works fine with SP1, without it your in BUG HEAVEN, I had many problems with updating it, called 10 microsoft experts from India to Texas to fis my problems. only souution is SP1! get it as quick as you get visita and you’ll be fine for now.

  92. Right I have heard a lot of crap about Vista on here. But I’ve also had to laugh at the people who honk on about XP being better all around of course it’s bloody better you fools it’s been out since 2001 that’s seven years worth of updates/patches/bug fixes whatever else you can care to mention to me.

    Vista is in it’s infancy still. I held off buying a new machine with it on till a month before Vista SP1 came out. I have only had to reinstall once due to an issue with Malware which was nothing to do with the O.S baulking up. Nearly all my games run completely sound on it and they rarely if ever lock up. Some of you clearly have no love for Microsoft and have used the comments and the posts above to bash them as a firm.

    I don’t like the idea of DRM and a lot of the stuff that Microsoft has been touting in that area but over all my experience of Vista has been damn good. I think XP Pro that I had used for 7 years was by far a lot worse when it came to games till SP2 came along and sorted the issues out for it. I just get sick of people stamping their feet and getting enraged with Microsoft when they all know that XP was just as bad if not worse in it’s infancy. Once Vista has matured it will be just as rock steady as XP is now.

    I also have tried a number of the Linux platforms and for the most part I did not like them and I dislike having to edit various code to achieve small changes on the O.S and for people who are not even able to do that they would be petrified of such an O.S that’s for real PC enthusiasts I am one I’ve given them a shot all of them and not liked any of them so stuck to MS.

    I have one critical comment of MS and that was the major PR cock up they made of saying machines where Vista ready and where subsequently not able to run it that was extremely ill thought out and I think it was appalling that MS who do make a fortune could not have tested the OS prior to ship date on as many machines as they could with as many different configurations as possible that would have sincerely pissed me off having bought a machine to find it could not run the O.S installed on it or constantly crashed that

    I hope MS will not allow a repeat of with Windows Seven. Otherwise they are going to look very stupid indeed. I also hope that Windows Seven is given proper time to be developed and that people can hold off and wait for Microsoft to bring it out when they know it is READY not when the public or the industry demands it. When the time comes for it to be out I will wait a year after it’s out so I can see how well it does but will probably wait 3 yrs till I upgrade so that is some way off. As for Vista Bashers a reminder that XP was not too hot when it came out either initially so get a damn grip.

    My 0.02p on the damn issue!

  93. Vista is alright, these things take time to get use to. Everyone hated XP and said the same thing about that

    You will all be loving Vista soon enough 🙂

  94. The thing that I expect most out of an operating system is Reliability.

    It should work, and not frustrate. I shouldn’t have to spend hours trying to figure out why Vista hangs in the middle of sleep or hibernation.

    Or find out that I can no longer use a printer on the network.

    Or find out that SMTP was removed as a feature (it was useful for web development).

    An other thing is that Vista is expensive, and shelling out 200$+ for an operating system that is a) unreliable, b) incompatible w/your expensive software, c) runs slower than XP. After all that, why? why? why?

    Vista does seem more secure. But the UAC is like a sledgehammer because there is no fine-tuning & customization. You have to keep saying yes to the same program over and over. Why not just let the user check: “Allow this program to run as administrator all the time.” And keep a log of it or something?

    I appreciate all the effort that the MS guys put into it, but the main thing to keep in mind is Reliability! I probably wouldn’t be pissed off about Vista if it weren’t for all the hassle & because I can’t rely on it.

  95. I’m going to switch back to a type-writter after what vista did to me…

  96. yes i upgraded to windows vista home prem. from win xp now it sucks i cant watch movies on my windows media player. i could watch movies all i wanted til i upgrade grrrr.anyopne else having that prob?

  97. Wakeup everybody. Vista doesn’t suck. Vista does have issues, but that is due to the increadible amount of hardware/software variants that it has to run on and the uncharted territory that Microsoft is venturing with the new technology we available to us today. Get off of the bandwagon and make your own opinions based on facts, not rumors. Not everything is going to work the first time. Vista did have alot of issues at it’s initial release, but it has gotten alot better with the release of SP1. Stability, file transfer time, and the OS’s ability to isolate crashed programs (without affecting other programs) has dramtically improved. I’ve followed Vista since it’s Longhorn-based Alpha’s since build 3683 and have to admit Microsoft has gone in circles with what features, enhancements, and code base it wanted to use. Vista has come a long way and even though it still needs improvement, it is by far the most advanced and improved OS in history. And for those Mac OS and Linux fanboys out there, lay off please. Your opinion is not fact. It is an opinion. Just as my opinion is an opinion. Stop bringing up Linux and Macintosh in conversations that have nothing to do with either. You’re not so cool and individual based on the OS you use. If you believe that to be the truth, maybe you should being focusing on more important things in life, such as character.

  98. I agree with what most people are saying here, vista is very fancy but unless you have a computer brought back through time from around 2100 ur gonna get some kind of slow down when you open any resource hungry application. Verdict – pretty but useless

  99. Ive had vista since Aug. 7/07 Vista is ok, until you add in the fact that i have not had internet since Febuary 13th. The only solution ive found for that is buying a new router, and that may not even work. Hopefully SP2 will address issues like these. The inernet was pretty slow anyways (on my XP PC i get 550-750 kbps, on vista its 350-550 kbps). I would of probably cleared vista, if it werent for the fact that i bought Vista exclusive programs.

  100. Ok I’ve had my laptop since late April 2007, it’s been running Vista home Premium since I got it. I’m pretty patient but in the time I’ve had Vista, it’s getting to the point where I want to through my laptop out of a window literally. It’s got all updates and SP1, But it just majorly sucks balls.
    I’ve waited to see if Vista would get better, and does it? NO! It still sucks, so I’ve finally decided to get a copy of Windows XP Pro. And don’t say “you need more RAM”, I’ve got plenty RAM, and what pisses me off the most is that Vista takes up like 15-20GB of HD space alone.

  101. I think Vista is one of the best OS available at the moment. OK, we all know it’s loaded with bugs, but rest of the OS that does work, I think that they outrun XP and Mac. Don’t get me wrong, some of the bugs are blatant, and they should be fixed and some are just lazy, like the Start Button illuminating when User Account Control starts moaning. “It’s a good OS needing perfection, care and time.” – don’t have a clud who said that. Still, I would still buy Vista over XP, but I don’t use most of the stuff, I just want a reliable, secure easy and compatible interface, and I still get this with Vista. Thanks!

  102. I just put Vista Ultimate on my Macbok Pro. Man, I am loving it. It’s fast, it’s pretty, and aero is beautiful to look at. It beats Leopard in the looks and apps department. Sorry, Leopard, looks like I won’t be booting into you too often anymore. Leopard is faster booting up and shutting down and I like it’s built-in dictionary but it doesn’t come close to what Vista Ultimate offers.

  103. Two words, Ubuntu Linux, it has fixed all my problems. I run Ubuntu as my main OS, although I still need windows to run one or two programs. So I have xp install in Virtual box. I Run two OS at the same time and can switch between them by a rotation of the cube and they run much faster then just running vista. Sorry its abit off topic, but I was just have to say Linux is the way to go.

    I used to be an all Microsoft user, starting from windows 3.1 on my first computer, but this consistent building upon broken code just doesn’t work. Like I used to think XP was smooth and stable enough, but then I used Linux on the same machine and ran the OS from a CD!! Linux runs faster from a CD then XP ever has from the hard drive.

    Then Vista came out. Really for me its what made me look for an alternative OS and so I found Linux and the rest is history and never having my computer freeze or blue screen ever again.

  104. I cant believe how badly microsoft has shafted us with vista, the worst aspect of it was the ultimate con, paying an extra £120 for nothing, well saying that i did get a couple of crappy videos for my desktop and texas hold em poker, the fact is i was expecting more, and often. Instead all we get is a buggy OS, a buggy service pack and an uncertain future. If only there were proper grounds for class action

  105. Windows Vista really gets the bashing that it does not deserve. Everyone seems to think its the worst thing since Adolf Hitler.

    Windows Vista makes great strides towards the future of computing. I feel MS put honest effort into improving on the old while keeping a lot of backwards compatibility. Anyone notice that if your video driver crashes instead of a blue screen the driver reloads and a balloon tip appears telling you what happened? That is MUCH better then a BSOD. Keep in mind that the video driver failing is not Vista’s fault but ATI’s in my case.

    It’s impossible for Windows to move forward if it has to carry the past with it forever. Sure Vista was buggy at RTM but so was Windows XP. Windows XP had a lot of MAJOR virus outbreaks to, I have yet to hear of a Major outbreak targeting Vista box’s. Vista is more then a flashy interface, there are major changes under the hood that will not only push Windows forward but keep it on top.

    Microsoft has this weird problem to try and deal with. On one hand people demand new features, snazzier interfaces, and more advanced under-the-hood related things. Then when they do just that and greatly improve the product under the hood (notice that when great changes are made under the hood LOTS of bugs go missed) WHILE adding the snazzier interface and more programs people complain that its bloated and unstable.

    Vista is a fine operating system and has some core changes that will be in Windows versions for years to come.

  106. Another thing I wanted to mention is for people who think Vista is resource hungry. While it does use more then Windows XP it also uses them in a entirely new way. One such technology called Superfetch constantly keeps the RAM loaded with apps you use often or apps you use at that time of day. Let’s say for example you’re a student at a college. During the Day Mozilla and MS Office/Open Office are always being used, those programs will be in memory during the day, automatically. Lets say at night you always are working on the same game… lets say Halo 2. Well at night that game will be pre-loaded into memory, Vista knows you have a good chance to play it and wants it to load as fast as possible for you.

    Vista LEARNS and uses RAM in the most efficient way any MS operating system ever has. Someone with a weak understanding would just go in to task manager and see only a few MB of unused physical memory and freak. However thats not how it works anymore especially with things like Superfetch. Think of memory like a cache. Unused cache is wasted cache and the same goes for memory. Unused RAM is wasted RAM. Vista is the only Windows OS smart enough to know how to efficiently handle th extra.

    Vista and its core and related technologies are the future. Anyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant to the great steps forward in Vista.

  107. To DUB..

    Hey are joking right??? When I am rendering a 500mb file on 3DSMAX or when I want to do serious video editing I do not I repear I DO NOT want the f*%$^$^ OS to have the fucking winamp, office, firefox etc programs prefetched and preserved 1000 times in my 2gb RAM that ends up stack due to the interrupt flags not acknowldging the clear memory signals..are you dumb…or do you want to make us feel dumb??

    I am a hardware engineer all my life and let me tell you this simple truth..whenever software engineers wanted to mess up with the hardware capabilities of the components things go f&*%$^&ed bit time..Effective Memory Management in any situation is to have as memory free as possible you moron so the system can store immediately data onto it at the maximum ammount possible not waiting for an already stored program to clear and the load the next..afterall thats why we have allready certain ammounts of cache memory anyway you stupid lame marketing are so working for Microsoft you little ass licker arent you???

    Damn I am pissed..perhaps you are even paid to copy paste this crap..god damn…next time you want to piss of an Electronics Engineer so badly try to think first open a couple dozen IEEE, EN electrical standards, Technical Component Datasheets and Digital Electronics Books to find out what is EFFECTIVE and how to IMPLEMENT it..!

    ..”’Vista and its core and related technologies are the future……YOU ARE SO DUMB GOD DAMN IT!

    Vista and its core and related technologies are the future. Anyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant to the great steps forward in Vista.

  108. Ugh you obviously have not even looked into Vista and how it works. If you knew anything about Superfetch and Vista other then what was in my comment you would know that when you are doing a memory intensive task such as video editing the memory is cleared and allocated to that task as needed. If that means dropping firefox or office or whatever out of the cache thats what it does. But why was it there in the first place? It’s simple, the operating system keeps track of what apps you launch and when. For example lets say you use Photoshop all the time or maybe everyday at like 5pm (on average! of course) well Windows will pick up on this and keep part of if not all of photoshop in memory at that time. It does this so applications that you frequently use launch faster. You bring up the one theoretical point in the superfetch system and that is how fast can it clear the memory if another application demands it. When a program asks for memory first Windows will give it any unused RAM that you may have, second it will clear apps out of the superfetch cache (either all of it or as needed, not sure 100%), and if it further needs more it will swap out apps into disk, such as some of those apps sitting in your tray and background.

    It’s also worth mentioning the Superfetch is actually directly built up from the Windows XP PreFetch. It just takes it to the next level by predicting what you’re going to need while XP just kept them around in case you launched them again, making the second launch much faster. Superfetch tries to predict what you will use so the first launch is faster. Unused memory is wasted memory!!

    If I was trying to make you or anyone else feel dumb I would write a post like yours. With the excessive swearing and insults.

    If I was working for Microsoft I wouldn’t waste my time posting on any blogs. Look I said is Vista gets a bad rap. Nowhere did I say that its the best thing since sliced bread, nor did I say anyone should ditch Windows XP. Anyone running older hardware should definitely avoid Windows Vista. Vista wants a lot to run when compared to a machine that was purchased in 2002. People who are happy with Windows XP should definitely stay with it.

    Swearing like a drunken pirate doesn’t make anyone look good, and when I say Vista is the future, yes it is, in terms of Operating Systems on a non apple based PC.

    Look some of it up for yourself. That IS how Superfetch and Vista work and it IS more efficient then having all the memory free and unused.

  109. guys are they any services that can be stopped to help the pc to run a lil faster are smoother if so place them here so i can see an stop some services plz thx yall

  110. Unfortunately this is how it works in theory mate. Try to critically analyse the continous loops the software is making to make sure what memory is available, how to allocate it, what hardware registers must be initiate to ‘ you like btw astrology? almost the same concept method techniques are being used here’

    I could carry on by saying that this process alone is a system hog where it continously creates lags on performance rather the other way around..after all its not by chance that this OS suffers at its speed.

    You seem to be simply reading articles than having direct knowledge of how hardware is designed and works..this hardware is not designed for Superslowfetch methods..

    Intel tried and burned its fingers while trying to do completely the same thing in Hardware level..go and read an article about it and you will find out what I mean..

    anyways..sorry for being pissed off about it, but I get very upset when no in depth analysis is made from little parrots that say the same thing without critically analysing the gain and pain from the methods used and then stating that this is the way forward.. It is not.

    It is slower and lacks the accuracy you would have wanted. The model is not accurate enough and it will never be as there will be tens of millions of different computers, systems and software installed to them to make it accurate are naive if you think the other way..

    ahh well..anyway..

  111. try using vLite.. i got my vista trimmed with it and it runs smoothly now. ;-P

  112. I’m seeing some people in here saying that they cannot afford to switch to Mac because they cannot afford to buy programs in Mac format or whatever. Also, I know that many people are afraid to leave Windows cause they are afraid that their programs won’t work or their hardware will be incompatible with a Mac. I myself bought a nice laptop that has high-end hardware in it and came with Vista and I’ve had every issue under the sun with it. Here’s my suggestion to those who want to smack Microsoft in the face and either can’t afford to switch to Mac or just don’t want to buy all new hardware and whatnot. Look into Linux everyone, it DOES run the majority of Windows programs under Wine and most hardware and software and yes even OLD hardware and software is compatible. Especially to John… I read your comment, look into it friend, you’dbe amazed what you’ll find.

  113. I recently had to upgrade my ‘Personal PC’ sooo went ahead and upgraded the operating system. I loved XP but, one of the things I enjoyed about it in the begining was fixing minor issues that pop up from time to time. YES I had to upgrade to a big honkin motherboard and processor. I also packed it full of memory. “8 Gigs”. After installing SP1 onto vista 64bit, it became a much more stable platform. I was around in the begining of this technology building Dos workstations for a Rail Road Company in the early 80’s and have been with Microsoft ever since. As always I will stick it out and when the time comes you will find me moving right along to Windows 7.

  114. I’m happy about Vista now also 😀
    My laptop works fine with a dual core (2GHz) and 2Gb DDR2 Ram!

    I Had some problems but, I think now with SP1 that most of the people are happy with vista now!
    But I think everyone should tweak vista cause it’s a slow starter(at the manufacturer’s settings–> all the standards, nothing else installed), it took me 2 Minutes before Vista was fully loaded after i entered my login!

    Now that’s only 15-20sec’s!
    And Yes, I have an anti-virus: AVG 8.0

  115. Well well lookie here. Everyone on a message board bickering and going everywhich way. I’m not surprized.
    First thing, I was a firm beleiver that Vista was a Joke. I tried it shortly after it came out. ran if for about 3 hours and downgraded to xp.
    I sat with xp for ages it seams untill a friend of mine comments on wanting to get it, and wanting me to try it first(this happens alot cause my friends are not very computer savy)
    So I sucked it up, installed Vista ultimate, set up a dual boot and went to work on it. So here it is from a Vista hater
    1. System resorce hungry pile of trash, 1gb to run, Yes Please, Make me buy more ram, no really I enjoy draining my money.
    2. Games designed for Vista = Good? Nope takes 10 tries to get it to install due to the bloody errors.
    3. You have clicked an Icon, Allow/Disallow. Annoying to say the least.
    4. 3 days to finaly track down the appropriate drivers to get all my Hardware to function properly? I dont have a life or work to do, its ok. Ummm wait, shouldnt I get payed for this?
    5. Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up. No no wait, its going to load now. Nope keep waiting *5 minutes later* Here you go. Oh that was the wrong file? Load times suck.

    1. Faster boot up(not sure how or why this works but it does)
    2. Is that 400kbs download speeds? Xp made me think 190kbs was he max.
    3. Desktop Graphics. O.o Shiny! Look look, it verily glows!
    4. DirectX 10. Enough said on that one
    5. More consistant Fps. Xp liked to lag once and a while.
    6. ReadyBoost. It may not be ram, but it fakes it pretty good.(for us cheep skates)
    7. Easy to manage updates with optional language packs that dont take years to download and install

    Ok so yeah, most of what makes vista bad, is what ends up making the good parts of it work. But hey, I think adding a litle more kick to your computer is good anyway, and if you cant do it today, grab a flash drive to get you by. However you NEED patience, might have to browse around the net to fix a problem(message boards or patchs)
    Sp 1 fixed many of the problems, but its still not user friendly enough to deliver to the masses. People who can work through problems, computer techs, and junkies can work vista all they like, lots of room for customization. Much easier to manage then Xp. But on that same note it means that for once all the lazy Computer techs have to actualy THINK to fix a problem as apposed to throwing program or stick at it.
    Vista needs work, but its usable and getting better.

    Ranting Moron

  116. I am back again and still unimpressed by some of the idiots on here who still seem hell bent on bashing Vista.

    I don’t know what you are running Vista on but I presume it’s a machine that was not either designed for it or it was one of the one’s that came up as a Un Vista-Ready machine when you bought it. You talk about RAM being expensive! What rubbish is that it’s bloody cheap these days unless your going for the really expensive stuff I don’t see how that can be an issue!

    You talk about Vista having problems with games? What problems I’ve got in excess of 30 or over games on my machine and all of them are running fine installed okay and run fine so either you have one’s that are not even compatible or are so old it won’t run them on it in the first place.

    I think your experince or lack of it is pretty much negative and you can’t even see beyond the fact that the O.S is still in it’s infancy and that XP which you seem to think is good and almost saintly in your eyes. Well sorry but it was just as crap when it came out back in 2001 so I don’t think that you or anyone else has any idea of the amount of configurations that are out there that Microsoft has to test an O.S on and even more so the many that they cannot do feasibly either.

    SP 1 is user friendly I’ve installed it. It was like installing any other piece of software in fact it’s almost identical in setup up to the service packs that XP had on it as well so I don’t see why your saying that when it was a doddle for most people to install it’s automated and you do not need to tell it to do anything to install itself on your system.

    I personally don’t think you have used Vista and you like a lot of people here have had it on your system for a brief period of time and not liked it because it had issues and your not prepared to get your arms dirty fixing them and you got out ASAP as soon as it did not work the way it was meant to and then you slate everything that is on it because it was not quite right when it came out. So please don’t slag off the “computer techs” some of us give somthing a decent chance to work as with you it seems your critical of Vista the moment you re-used it!


  117. I think its only fair to add that some people that bash vista might not be “techies” and just got it on the new computer they bought. I bought a Gateway laptop about 1/2 year after Vista was released. The laptop was SLOW, UNRELIABLE, and just generally not in good condition software wise. But was Windows Vista to blame? No. Being a “techie” I did a clean install of the operating system, Vista ultimate x32, and everything was fine for the most part from then on out. It is the OEM’s that REALLY need to step it up a notch!

    OEM’s such as Gateway and MANY others load up so much trialware and bloatware that it really bogs a system down. This is unacceptable, I bet some consumers would be willing to pay a little extra to NOT get all the trial-ware on it. I know at Best Buy they offer a service for 100 dollars to remove all the trial-software. This is where Apple is DOMINATING no bloatware whatsoever other then what Apple has designed and approved to be loaded on their machines. This is one of the main things in my opinion that make people think Vista is horribly slow and resource hungry. Its a brand new higher requirement system and companies are loading as much junk as ever. This makes the OS problematic and a non technical person would instantly blame Microsoft for this problem.

    I think it’s time that OEM’s stop harming the Microsoft name and start making their money by selling awesome products NOT trial software.

  118. It would also help if they made sure the drivers were up to speed before selling their machines, a friend of mine bought a HP two months after Vista’s release and it came with a BETA! nVidia driver… I’m not sure if the OEM or nVidia should be blamed for that one.

  119. people people people if your going to try and use phrehestoric computers and hardware to run a latest release OS is like trying to screw a twin turbo system onto a bloody standard mini cooper, wake up people it just wont work. Sure it might start and look all ok but give it a try and see what happens. Sure the first version of any product will have some flaws but thats part of the learning curb. No ones perfect.

  120. This site must have a bugg or you and me Richard got same ip… weiird, cause in the reply i get “You’re comment is still awaiting moderation.

    … “Welcome back richard (change)” lol

    And you’re right, dont use OS you systems can’t handle.
    I’ve never experienced problems with 95home/98home/XpHome&Pro/VistaUltimate

    Can’t Wait for Windows 7 (or whatever the next is gonna get called) to get out :D… Bet its gonna kick *** (somehitng).

    //Richard number 2 ..xD

  121. well i m completly satishfied with it. most for features & speed.

  122. I’ve been using Windows Vista for quite some time now, and so far I have no problems with this software. I have been using Windows vista business, home basic and home premium and I have not had any major problems. I went back to xp and I was not really feeling the look of xp anymore and I had transfered back to vista and loved it. It’s a baby OS give it time 🙂

  123. I think we need SP 2 until even 3 to sort out this problem. However, while we are near the commencement of windows seven, I wonder if Microsoft really cares about making another SPs.

    They could simply say that all the issues are not found in Windows Seven anymore, bla bla bla. That means guys….yes, BUY another software from microsoft.

  124. I have finally moved to Mac AND LOVE IT!!!! No problems, I just cannot believe it.
    I installed VM Fusion and Windows Vista works BETTER than on its own.

    Bill Gates lower your head and go to the corner.

    Leopard is literally miles ahead of Vista.

  125. I’ve been using Vista since the WEEK it came out and have never had a problem. This is milestones above what Xp was after its sp1 and games run amazing. And guess what I’m running a 3.4Ghz Pentium 4 with 667DDR2 ram! I hate everything apple except for music studios cuz that seems to be the main setup now. I will never use another company’s OS.

  126. I don’t think theres much more need to waste our time talking about how disappointing Vista is. Sure its got potential, but there are others in the market now (and have been for a while) that are quite frankly storming ahead.

    Macs are doing incredibly well, people are adopting the operating system, they are adjusting to their new environment, personally its not the sales that i look at, its the end user feedback… and its very good

    That goes for linux as well, with derivatives such as Ubuntu becoming ever more popular, even Dell are now retailing systems with it pre-installed… its got great prospects

    However as always, it boils down to software, we are still in the era where no one cares for cross platform compatibility, we still cannot get 100% done natively on a Mac or Linux distribution than what we can on a Windows OS

    For those who dislike Vista, i would recommend trying another OS, you never know what you might find 🙂

    (For me, the combination of Ubuntu, Crossover office, and Virtualbox running in seamless mode is OS heaven)

    … And to the majority of those who are defending Vista without sufficient reason, i would invite you to come with me to various companies to see for yourself how troublesome Vista really is when implemented into a business environment, especially with those running beskpoke software

  127. Reading some of these notes and there are quite a few…Makes me realise that Vista has alot of work to be done ..(Though before i say what i want just gonna comment on the person saying that with each new installment of Microsoft operating systems needing hardware upgrades is or well was true with 98 to XP )but i recently bought a new pc to play Age of Conan and i feel that Vista may not be giving me correct info as all my 3rd party programs tell me other wise …eg being the Ram debarkle 4g installed ..System says 4 gig installed (think its just a cover up) but all my 3rd party progs say 3g is being used …Now thats only the ram …Like others have stated and im now a believer of there ways quad core is handy for multitasking …but i dunno a singe freaking program out there that is optimized for a quad core ..So Hardware is well ahead of the software…Drivers are what hold the hardware back (thats just microsoft monoplising again)how freaking hard is it to have old drivers with new OS’s (not at all but less money making) …Also pretty sure MAC is gonna be able to run Microsoft products soon (well then again im sure there will be a law to stop that) other than copyright bullshit …oh LMAO at the person how said there looking forward to service pack 2 before 1 even came out …(so tru about all the bugs wouldnt be surprised if it goes to Sp3)

  128. Well i updated the VISTA OS my laptop with the so mentioned “service pack” and to my bewilderment my Laptop does not start at all now, It goes into the loop It starts checking the registry and just stops at some entry. I restarted it three times but no signs of the laptop been booted sucesfully.The SP after booting strangely ran the check in Commnad line mode, i could not see the GUI version of windows appearing at all. Are you listening Microsoft get us out of this . I agree Vista is CRAP. It hogs so much memeory, XP was 1000 times better. I have had to send my laptop to the dealer, hope i get back the laptop in time for work. Hope Microsoft does some better job with Next OS whichever they are going to come out with.

  129. I am currently waiting for a “File Open” dialog in Vista…

    It just finished now… in that time I:
    a) opened a browser
    b) Googled “vista service pack 2”
    c) selected this link
    d) got about half way through reading the posts

    I guess vista is giving me opportunities to hone my multi-tasking skills

  130. @clayton:

    vista is pretty good at multi-tasking…

    I just guess that your system is a bit old and slow.
    you do need a dualcore and 2Gb’s of Ram you should know to run vista smoothly 😛

    I would also check you system on virusses and spyware if I was you 😉

  131. Just bough 5 amd dual core computers for 700 each for my receptionists. Created Vista user accounts. When I am not around, I guess they go to other places. With XP, I had so much spyware and stuff installed even with user account limitations. With Vista, they can only do basic work stuff and play but within their sandbox. I am happy to have this level of control…although I have to admit they might not like it.
    I was really turned off at first when they sold us the machines with 1gb of ram, the vista was terrible,with 2gb and a cheap graphics card, it works really well. No complaints at this point. I think, to be honest Microsoft should have been more honest about system requirements. The rollout should have been in phases e.g only on new computers with optimum hardware configurations. The rest of the fault lies with developers and hardware guys who had years to get their ducks in order

  132. I’ve been running Vista Ultimate SP1 on a Core 2 Duo 2.4 with 4GB RAM for 4 months now. I love it. No bugs, everything works perfectly, and it’s faster than anything I’ve previously seen.

    I’m all for Vista.

  133. I own many difference OS in my business.
    31 Win XP with 1gb run fine
    6 imac (leopard) 1 gb fine
    22 PC (Unbuntu) 1 gb fine
    44 PC Vista 1gb, absolute rubbish, we are moving back to XP pro.

    Our office favourite is imac with VM fusion (XPpro) and Unbuntu (Cube)

    Windows are still suffering bugs, like most OS’s, Mac I hear are working for next year to improve the entire OS for multicore, so it will be slimmer and faster. Unbuntu are doing a similar thing.

    Windows wont be able to do this at least to SP2.

    I hope Microsoft re write the entire OS with Win 7.

  134. I’ll add that I first installed Vista in March 2007 when it first came out and have not had a single problem. In fact, the advancements in the GUI are fantastic for “power users” like myself, and I find that I can move around Vista much more speedily than was possible with XP due to these advancements. At the expense of better hardware, of course, but what do you expect for a more feature-rich user experience?
    I’ve heard the complaints about Vista but I tend to think most problems are user error, people who don’t know what they’re doing on a computer often blame the computer or in this case, the OS.
    I can tell you from experience that if you build a high quality PC and use some common sense when setting up Vista (installing the latest drivers instead of the ones on a five year old CD, for example), it will be just as stable (if not more so) than Windows XP. In fact, in the last year and a half since I’ve been using Vista, I’ve never seen a blue screen. So if you’re having problems, you’re doing something wrong. Just don’t confuse your incompetence with a problem with Vista.
    I will also say that I view Vista like I view Windows 2000, a huge step forward from everything before it, but not quite as refined as Windows XP. I believe the next version of Windows will be just that, a more refined version of Vista the same way XP is essentially a more refined version of 2000.
    Lastly, I will add that I’ve been using various flavors of Linux and Apple products for years, and the same rule applies – if you know what you’re doing your machine with work great no matter the OS, but if you don’t know what you’re doing ANY machine, linux, osx, windows, WILL have problems, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned during my time on this rock, people tend to blame problems on everything but themselves. This is the only common thread I can find in all the rhetoric about different operating systems…

  135. I have been a vista user for about a year now and I have had only one problem and that was a hardware melfunktion (Joystick) nothing to do with vist so maby you all just have crapy hardware.

    Ethan Lyons

  136. Oh no! Do not you think that MS will do anything better with Windows 7! Their codes are every time bigger and heavier. They write their codes as big as possible. History has already demonstrated it! MS Operative Systems only get to work just after SP2! They need to learn from OSX to keep code as short as possible. They must learn from OSX and Linux to be efficient. A Lot of people have been left with brand new machines that came with vista, are buggy and cannot run with WinXP because there are not XP drivers for these machines, particularly Laptops. Some of my friends prefer to run XP in their laptops even without sound or whatever driver, others are installing Ubuntu.

  137. Well emmerc osx is useless because i have used osx before and i had hardware problems bugs and more in about 2 months so what u say is crap.

    Ethan Lyons

  138. Jeezz James, dont carry on, yeah vista has some flaws,

    slow copying speed
    errors here and there about drivers
    to much system requirements

    but there are a lot of plusses

    ultimate extras (ultimate only)
    brilliant GUI
    improved update
    better tools

    I think the only reason everyones saying its shit, is because they cant be arsed upgrading there computer to vista requirements, XP is in my opinion is brilliant for DX9 games and Office work, but vista is better and will get even better when theres a SP2, just like XP they can sort there bugs out.

  139. Vista isn’t as bad as a lot of people are making out. Here are the reasons why. The masses have a larger voice.

    –Vista needs to be run on new machines—Tools who install new operating systems on old machines are stupid, their comments aren’t worth anything—

    —Office tools get familiar with their environment & are resistant to change. They don’t like to read about new features etc. Change is difficult for them & Vista can be an easy culprit

    —Performance nuts who fail to realise that people use computers for things other than games. I dont play games—If I did want to play games I would get a Wii as it is dedicated & probably cheaper. Eye candy wouldnt be so important for me, so spending $1000 on a video card is a waste. Playability in games is more important than the latest whiz bang grafix. I use my computer for work so protection against malware etc. is very important. In the long run it performs better because it is better protected.

    —Business users complain about Vista because they are too mean to upgrade their computers & peripherals. Hating vista is another excuse for business to keep things cheap. Hating vista is another way they can keep there employees down.

    Every new windows is disliked–I remember the outcry against Windows 95. I think even Windows 98 was worse than Vista. It wasnt until Windows98SE that it became more stable & back then I had to buy $80 for the upgrade.

  140. I agree with Andrew, businesses dislike Vista because of one factor: PRICE. I don’t know why you guys in the USA are complaining about the price, people in the UK pay over double the amount: Home Basic USA – $99. Home Basic UK: £110 – Yes £110! And we are going nuts about it, and there may be a court hearing with Microsoft about this ripping off. Again, I use Vista HP for heavy VB.NET/Silverlight programming, medium web access and casual gaming, and it runs fin with me. As long as you keep it up to date and protect it with DECENT virus/malware protection, there is no reason why Vista should be slow or buggy.

    For your info, my computer does not have a fantactic spec, but is considered Vista Ready, and I get great performance and battery life:

    Dell Inspiron 6400
    Intel Pentium Dual @ 1.86 GHz
    2GB 533MHz DDR2 RAM
    160GB 5400rpm HDD
    128MB Intel 945 Express Chipset Family GPU

    I recommend Vista to everyone, and riddicule anyone who still uses XP. This happens every time a new OS comes out, everyone likes the older one for a strange reason, and again, I agree with Andrew above, nobody likes change.

    Leave Vista alone. Lunix Ubuntu is for ripping, that’s why it’s there.

  141. I prefer XP, I can do whatever I always wanted still and this will not change in the far future.. why change something when it aint broke??? (Users Point of View & not Business Point of View i.e. new version, new profit raised sales etc..) for me my answer is that I dont care for a Vista SP1-2-3-4-5 because I still like my litle (XP PRO SP3) OS for now just fine..oh..and at work (700people are still on no go zone..its not allowed by the IT people 🙂 )

  142. I like Vista. I used to hate it like the rest of the world but I think SP1 made it a lot more stable and more enjoyable to use. I also like most of the new features that have been introduced since XP. On my newest computers Vista actually runs faster than XP does! I disagree with Callum, above though Linux Ubuntu is just as good as Windows if you know how to use it properly.

  143. I am using compaq 900 series notebook with Vista Ultimate. It was a horrible experience using Vista untill SP1 was published.

    James! is true here saying:
    slow copying speed, errors here and there about drivers, to much system requirements and many more…

    Bit of comfort after SP1. Many issues solved… ALso many issues developed .. Again the slow copying speed sucks!! Horrible.

    Wait for SP2.

    Good Luck Microsoft..

  144. Hi guys,

    so i’ve installed the SP1 for Vista on my company pc and what was the result, now i have an evaluation copy and the shit os will be crash every second hour. I can’t believe that there will be so many poeple they must have such a shit os programm and the most of them will only buy it because it is new and pump a lot off money into a company that are since years not able too bring a software on the market that don’t use their customers as beta tester.

  145. Personally ive had far less issues with vista than ive EVER had on any other windows OS and ive been on windows since the good old 3.1
    If your having a performance lag, then your machine obviously isnt quite up to scratch!
    When i first installed Vista Ultimate i had 1GB DDR RAM, and it ran smooth as anything, But it used a massive pagefile. So then i upgraded my RAM for £10 and got abother 2GB. Im now running my homebuilt machine with these stats

    AsRock Mobo
    3GB DDR Corsair RAM
    AMD AthlonXP Overclocked @ 2.2Ghz (originally 1.8Ghz)
    1xSeagate 80GB 5400RPM HDD (Music Drive)
    1xMaxtor 120GB 5400RPM HDD (Video Drive)
    1xHitachi 350GB 7500RPM HDD (Main Drive)
    NVIDIA 6200 (512MB)SLi Ready
    Windows Vista Ultimate Service Pack One
    System Rating 4.9

    Absolutely NO issues, if your experiencing hardware issues,
    Dont be lazy and VISIT the hardware manufacturers website and download the latest vista drivers, it fixed my jumpy audio issues for ma AC/97 Audio.

    I dual boot with XP and ive found XP to seem somewhat a basic OS after being with vista. However if i need to run older software in vista, then just google DEP (Data Execution Prevention) 😉
    The method has fixed every known compatability issue for me.


    Btw disabling Aero or using MSCONFIG actually slows vista down so leave it all enabled, and vista seems to get faster the more you use it 😛

  146. Vista 64bit runs awesome on my 6860FX. What in the world are people bitching about? Man, I HATE that this site comes up 2nd in Google. I swear 90% of you just SUCK at computers. You would probably infect/corrupt/disable whatever OS you had installed.

    People get screwed coming here to look for REAL information on SP2.

  147. Actually Callum, at the place I work I’ve vetoed the move to Vista for the simple reason that it’s not stable enough. Even now, with SP1, I see people having MASSIVE problems with Vista.

    ‘Sides, an OS that eats up ~15 GB HD space? Hello? That’s not normal, that’s perverse. What does it have that justifies such a use of resources? If a game does that, fine. But an OS is really nothing but a platform to run other things on. Somehow Mr Gates forgot about that. Fact is, as a user, I don’t want the OS to come with all the stuff. I chose what kind of software I want to use. That’s free market. Just take IE or Outlook, comes with every Windows. That clearly violates the free market principle. And funny thing is, you can’t even uninstall them without knowing more about computers than the most stupid average user (or DAU as we call them here).

    As for Windows being the most successful… Uhmmm… But that’s not because the product is so great or so superior than the competition.
    The reasons are:
    1) if you buy a new PC, you usually have Windows on it
    2) most people are too lazy or know too little about computers to change their OS or to buy a different one.

    Face it, the average user can’t even format his HD. Not everyone’s a geek.

    Linux is a good platform (yes, PLATFORM, that’s what an OS is supposed to be), I’m very fond of it. All of our development machines run on Linux. We have a couple XP machines, but I’ll be damned if one Vista machine will enter my department. I’ve also managed to get my company to move away from MS Office (the latest version was pure and utter crap). That’s around… well, I don’t have the exact numbers in my head, but it’s a few thousand rigs.

    Face it, MS fanboys, from 100% Macs, how many run Mac OS? Pretty much all of them. From 100% PCs, how many run Vista (or Windows in general)? I’d be surprised if that number would even reach 90% these days. So, Mac OS manages to completely dominate its market, the Apple MacIntosh computers. Windows, on the other hand, isn’t even close to that. If PC manufacturers would add an option for customers to chose their OS, then MS wouldn’t be so high and mighty anymore.

  148. Ive got vista home premium 32bit edition on SP1 its really awsome i’ve only had 2 problems both of which are just icon errors; my recycle bin icon messed up and changed but is easily fixed and is working fine and all my floders have a coputer icon cant work out how to fix it but its only a small problem.
    i would fully reccomend you all get vist but in 32BIT EDITION youy can run all the xp programs perfectly, inb fact i have a game from around 1999 which works perfectly so jet 32 bit srew 64!!

  149. Just few days ago i bought brand new laptop HP Pavilion DV7, packed with newest technology’s. I was bundled with 64 Bit Vista Home Premium SP1. Been messing around with it for 2 days.
    Time to give up.
    With out tweaking Vista is slow as slug. Applications hang up, sometimes i really wonder what it does. My laptop has dual core 2.26 Ghz cpu and bus speed is 1013 Mhz. Not mentioning that laptop has massive 4 Gig RAM. It is mutch slower than my old laptop, Dell Vostro 1000, with win XP (Single core cpu @1,8 Ghz, 2 Gig ram).
    I’m also 3G modem user. Any 64 Bit drivers around for 3G modem? Nope, i had share connection from old laptop, that i could download updates for new laptop. Anyways, those updates didn’t changed nothing at all. Same unstability what was before updating.
    I mean, i bought 1000£ laptop and i have start looking work arounds, to get it working. No kidding.
    Anyways, i found work around. Installed 64 Bit Open Suse Linux, everything works perfectly. Laptop is fast and very stable. So, it is not my laptop’s hardware problem.
    Time give call to HP and ask refund for Microsoft bloat ware.
    Might that change something, if unhappy peoples simply start asking refunds from nonworking software.
    Buy the way why most of PC’s are bundled with Microsoft operating systems? Plenty other OS’es around: MacOS, loads of Linux’es, Free BSD (non commercial Unix).
    Laws have to be changed, computer manufacturers should sell only hardware and customers in shops should decide, witch OS choose.
    Bundling new PC’s with only Microsoft operating systems is against anti monopoly law anyways.
    Not like now, every PC manufacturer is Microsoft’s sells boy. And their customers are free Microsoft’s beta testers.

  150. Notify me when Vista Service Pack 2 comes out! Thank you so much for the comments both good and bad. Everyone has an opinion. Mine is that it is hard to get some programs to work, but you just have to keep learning and trying until you get what you want it to do.

    Thanks again.

  151. ok when they sent vista out they never thout about soft ware but its good if you do discos as its got a dj set up in media player ie go to now playing and you will see cross overs click on and you can set up your dj options i tryed geting rid of it at first but now im happy with it now for a copy of pc dj its 250 pounds to bye its free

  152. and you dont need a disc for a new copy as its in f8 set up to get rid of it you got to get a new hard drive as its a worm in the hard drive even if you reformat it you cant get rid of it iv tryed but they are slowley geting new hard ware for vista

  153. They could seriously make a movie out of this entire thread… and call it ‘The Fanboy Architect’; One OS is never better than another, they’re all just geared differently.

    While IMHO, Vista is an utterance of crap, I still use it from time to time, because it does fulfill a niche, in my daily computing that is. My girlfriend’s Zune device won’t sync with anything but Windows OSes obviously, as MSTP is not fully supported even by the greatest abstraction layers/emulators/etc. I only happen to have a copy of Vista, and that’s why I use it.

    While I would prefer XP, as even Xbench tests can prove it is a more stable and mature beast than Vista, I don’t feel like using a bootleg copy. If you try something for free, and you like it? buy it. Same goes for music.

    See though I escape it, almost. I choose to run Vista as a guest inside of my Linux distribution of choice, through a virtual machine emulation. And I’ll tell you what… it runs a lot damn better in a virtual machine, than it does natively, on any of my well qualified machines.

    Check the codings yourself if you can. Windows XP was released with several several lines of erroneous coding, as was Vista, I don’t give a flying flip if it works great for you, it doesn’t mean, that it does not have bugs you haven’t stumbled upon.

    Drop your pitiful Quick Books from your sight, because for most of you, that’s as intense as it gets.

    Death to the fanboy architect created by Jobs, and Gates, and Torvalds; Unite… sirs and ladies. For the betterment of tomorrows computing, stop technologically retarding our digital growth.

    This message has been brought to you by, a local innocent bystander.

  154. Hi all,

    I’ve noticed a lot of posts start with: I have never posted before…
    Well, same here.

    I’ve read a lot of posts here from people putting a lot of blame on MS for releasing a “bad” OS. Also a lot of complaints about the “big bad MS corp”.
    If you don’t like Vista, don’t buy it.
    If you don’t like MS, don’t buy MS software.
    As many of you have said, there are other options out there. Linux, Mac etc.

    As for the facts:
    Vists does work, runs most programs, works with most hardware, most of the time. No OS is 100%.
    As for people complaining that Vista dosen’t run the lastest game etc….

    Vista’s primary design specs is to run on intel tech, with MS certified hardware, running…..(wait for it) MS Office, and MS Office Suit software. 99% of PC’s are bought to do just that. And Vista works for them 99% of the time.

    Do you really expect MS to design an OS just for the .05% of the market that writes to blogs? If you are so sure that Vista is a terrible OS, please feel free to start your own software company and write your own. According to the posts in this thread, there are plenty of very smart people capable of doing so.

    (It should also be noted that Mac will always have a more stable OS because Mac OS runs on nothing but Mac cartified hardware. MS OS needs to try an run on any hardware, certified or not. If Microsoft sold PC’s, I’m sure Vista would run perfect on them!)

    On a lighter note…. Vista SP1 did make a huge difference. Networking, printing, HDD access speed, USB support, and stability all improved.
    I’m still keen to see SP2, but am quite happy with my current system (Asus laptop 2.2Ghz Dual, 4Gb Ram, 128Mb Nvidia).

    As for old mate above (Iceman – cool name?) If your system now claims to be evaluation, you have installed a pre-release version of SP1. so…. Try installing the real version before you complain about it.
    I know it’s a little hard, but say it with me: “I’m running evaluation software, it may not work because it is only evalution software.”

    Now…. I came to this site after searching google to see if there is a release date for SP2.


  155. I have had no problems with vista, It runs fast on my Quad core machine with 3 GB of ram and a big HDD for storage, I have found one bug, and thats when i open up my videos folder, the explorer crashes for some reason. I am going to Format the HDD and re-install because i might have a virus

  156. Interesting that this page is now the top Google search for “Vista SP2” – I guess there are a lot of us wanting it.

    SP1 did make tons of improvements but there are still things to iron out. I have one machine I still need to run XP on for performance reasons.

  157. Why does everybody just talk abo the same thing over and over in these forums?…

    Instead, please keep it technical, Eg.

    “I have a dual core 1x 1.8GH, 3GB RAM, 160GB SATA drive.

    When running Cakewalk Sonar7 on XP home SP3 (september 08 updated), i experience no dropouts.
    When using the same on vista sp1, i have dropout errors, this is not due to poor software setup, it can only come down to the Op systems.

    Consider this when chosing which you use if you Use Cakewalk sonar 7”

    ..that is how you should make posts, so that people can get information, not oppinion.

    “I love my mac!”… doesnt help people using computers for serious software.

  158. vista accturly quite goodd…even tho i have 3gb of ram so yh. just im not downloading sp1 as it will unable you 2 play music and u will start 2 get error messages…i uninstalled the sp1 package and my music started working again…overall i love vista im juss waiting for sp2…my computers finee without sp1

  159. man, vista sp1 is a great improvement for vista. before SP1 my pc scored 2.0 in vista, and after it scored 3.0 with visible improvement in speed.

  160. Give vista a chance I have used it for 4 months i have a single core Pentium 4 and it has never crashed on me on the other hand i dual boot XP Professional SP3 and I’ve had numerous crashes oh and i only have a gig of memory.

  161. Look. If you really want a stable running vista OS do this.

    Disable indexing on all drives as it slows down the HDD access times.
    You do this on Computer, and clicking each individual HDD and on properties, untick Index This Drive. Then hit apply. It may take a few minutes. There that wasnt so hard!

    Next step.

    Yes believe it or not their are many startup items which run too.
    Disable them by unticking the items in Startup which is in msconfig (Type it into run and hit enter).

    Ive had vista ultimate (32Bit) installed for 6 months. I left it on to see if it would get any better. Guess what? It is actually faster than when i installed it. You just have to have SP1.

    I noticed that windows update hogs system resources so id turn it off and do your updates manually.

    Im sticking to vista. Yeah i will try Windows7 when it comes out.

    All you mac boys can go suck dick.
    At least Microsoft Windows was designed to run on pretty much any system….Is mac? Funny that. You can expect more errors from MSFT because its designed to work with most machines whereas OSX is on specific Mac hardware. Mac needs to come up to scratch and have an Install Disc to work on any machine too. We’ll see who is crying over errors then shall we. And yes i tried linux and its all bollocks ok. You need to spend your first week having it looking for ANY compatible software and codecs. Only decent distro i used was PCLinuxOS. Mac is also crap. I was forced to use it. And hated it.

  162. Hi everyone. I’ve seen hundreds of blogs for ms before and I just can’t Understand…. are you paying for OS and Software in your countries?
    I’m serious … don’t laugh at me because I’ve never given a cent for software.
    So my question is.. You paid for MS VISTA yeah?

  163. I have been running the original release of Vista Home Premium for over 8 months now. I didnt install SP1 and see no reason to. My computer has had no bugs, no problems, no viruses, nothing. Nothing but smooth operating and quick processing. I have it running on an Intel Celeron M 520@1.6GHz with a 1 MB L2 cache and 533MHz FSB, 2gigs of PC5400 DDR2 RAM, and my GPU is an Intel 950GMA with only 224mb VRAM. Very cheap, very outdated hardware, and it runs Vista perfectly. It boots fast, works with all my devices, and it looks so much better than XP and anything Mac. The only anti-virus that I have is Windows Defender which is already small and lightweight, so it doesnt bog down my computer like 3rd party anti-virus will. The only thing that you have to do to get Vista to run fast is run MSCONFIG.exe and make the proper adjustments, and remove the pagefile from the HDD. And boom, Vista is now very speedy, very responsive, and very fun to use. I would also recommend using recovery media to install just Vista and none of that shit-ware that comes with computers now. You wouldnt know it, but it bogs it down so much. When i did that myself, I immediately saw very significant performance boosts. If you know what your doing, Vista is for you. If your mentally retarded, then go Mac. If your cheap, stick with XP. But Vista still offers more, and is over 88% safer than Windows XP or Mac OS X. And just more fun to use and pleasing to look at.

  164. I still think a lot of the problem is with the programs and drivers with vista at lot of the programs will work well with Xp and say they work with Vista but don’t. I agree on both acounts of Vista lovers and haters. But if your old engough to remeber when Xp came out there were a lot of haters of Xp for most of the same reasons people hate Vista today. I chose not to get Xp till service pack 2 had come out and would say the same to any one who wants to get vista not to get it till Service pack 2 is out on vista.

  165. THIS ARTICLE IS OVER A YEAR OLD! STOP POSTING REPLIES LIKE “Oh you guys are wrong it works fine!” They are right because they are talking about before

  166. I’ve noticed many of the people who have “issues” with Vista either have the basic of the basics or home premium. I’m running Vista Ultimate 32-bit on a Dell 2.4ghz with 512mb of ram laced with a 160gb sata drive. Many would think that this setup would bog the system down but it actualy does run faster and is more reliable then XP, and here’s how:

    Up here in Iowa the internet is less then perfect since it seems hackers can run amok with spyware and whatnot. There are 2 machines in the house. The one i’m on now with Vista and the living room pc that has xp on it. I have to reformat/reinstall xp at least 4 times a week and i’ve been up here since November(i’ve yet had to reformat/reinstall vista). Hackers really are finding it hard to get past Defender and Microsoft was smart to release SP1 shortly after Vista was released to get a jump on these folks. I don’t use automatic updates and I use Internet Explorer more and more now since Firefox(yes, these folks) doesn’t always work.

    In closing, Bill Gates and Microsoft have indeed created a powerful piece of equipment to take us into the next stage of software evolution. I will say Vista tends to draw more memory then XP, but that’s because of the way Vista handles and manages memory. I find I have to shut the pc down once a week for a minute(I keep mine running 24/7 when it’s not pouring or snowing), start it back up and i’m back up and running in another minute.

    And for everyone who uses a brand-spankin new Mac – since the very first release of OsX, Apple has built their popular non-gaming software off of Vista. How do I know this? I use to work in tech support for both companies and their subsidiaries.

    Microsoft and Wal-Mart rule the world – don’t believe me? Take a look around.

  167. My newest laptop is an HP dv5-1003nr. I knew previously that I wasn’t fond of vista, but I figured I’d give it a try and see if maybe my first impression wasn’t correct. WRONG. At first things ran great, but now I’m to the point of wanting to pull my hair out. It freezes every few minutes for about 30 seconds until it sorts itself out, and then a few minutes later it does it again. It’s an extreme nuisance when trying to do simple things such as email and IM, however it’s even worse when running my extensive graphic editing and web design programs. I would put XP on my laptop but that would mean losing my quick touch buttons, which I’m rather fond of. Overall, I feel the Vista platform was a good idea. I love some of the ‘frills’ such as the quick touch buttons I mentioned earlier, the search bar in every window, and how customizable everything is. However, I feel this idea was poorly executed.

    On a side note, I don’t think we should bash microsoft quite so heavily for their poor OS design. While Vista really isn’t the best of operating systems around, they have created plenty of software that works properly and is heavily used all over. I don’t hate microsft, I hate Vista, and that’s a completely different issue. Bashing microsoft for vista would be similar to bashing apple for a few bugs in leopard, even though they have produced tons of items (software and tangible things) that are extremely popular and work well.

    I guess to simplify what I’m saying…
    Vista sucks at the moment. I think if they could work out all the bugs, as well as a few logistics, it’d be a fantastic platform to run off of. One piece of software doesn’t create my entire opinion of a company’s work however.

  168. wow….i’m using windows vista ultimate for 6 months and i can’t complain about it.Why are people so angry with the fact that vista needs 1 giga RAM only for running properly? they do ot think,honestly! I mean,come on people,the PC’s hardware has evolved,should we remain with 256 Mb or 512 Mb of RAM or should we evolve to 1,2,3,4….etc giga bytes of RAM.The computers are getting more performant every day,it is NATURALLY that we should have more RAM as technology evolves….so,my conclusion is that the next OS that comes after xp (which is vista) should NATURALLY have more requirements form the hardware configurations,because any OS EVOLVES…..

  169. Vista!!!! Dont Even talk about it! It soo buggy! I bought it of the shelf now i feel its a waste of money … once i tried disk cleanup and my hibernation feature was DISABLED!!!!

    Well Guys my best advice is stick to XP till VISTA SP2 or go for free stuff like LINUX. I would sugest RED HAT.. very secure

  170. I have an older dated PC now but, HP DID release a Bios update for this system about the time of Vista SP1’s release. Before SP1, I couldn’t get Vista to run and neither could MS support. But with SP1, that has REALLY turned around.

    I think the truth of the matter is, alot of people who bash Vista and MS are really upset because they can’t join the bandwagon. They want to run the OS but find it alot easier to just complain like the masses.

  171. Are you all insane? So MAC OS X isn’t buggy? Yeah right, Linux is a pain to use and will never be a main stream OS, so there is really only Windows left. And all you guys who get BSOD and lockup must be using old hardware. Vista is a NEW OS, it really needs NEW hardware, so don;t complain when your 10 year old scanner doesn’t have drivers for Vista! Most of the problems people encounter with it are because third party hardware and software designers can’t be bothered to rewrite drivers to work, so is that Vista or MS’s fault?

    I’ve been running x86 and now x64 for nearly 18 months and it is superb, faster than XP, DOES NOT lock up or crash. Vista is a lot more intolerant of faulty ram etc so its extremely likely that this, or another wonky component is causing lockups and BSOD’s in Vista. I deal with more and more disgruntled MAC users, especially ones who are going from OS 9 to OS X because, oh yes, they will HAVE to update ALL of there hardware and software because 99.9% of it wont function on their new overpriced MAC machine, just because it looks like it was designed by children, have you tried a simple task like updating ram or a hard drive in a mac laptop recently!!!?

  172. I have used both XP and Vista. They both are stable OS’s. I have used XP for ages not and Vista for almost a year.
    I do graphic works on my computer, I have a strategy game of 1.8 gb on it along with Photoshop and tons of pictures and the Vista SP1 never failed me. I also had Corel draw on there but I removed since I do not use much and I needed the space.

    I also run an MS-Dos application on it and guess what? It works.

    I had trouble with finding hardware at first, which is logical since you have a core change. Now everyone is making Vista compatible products. So Problem solved.

    People have no patience to learn new stuff anymore, everyone wants things to just work without any efforts. Well guess what? Nothing comes easy.

    Ever thought it might be a user problem?

  173. I’ve authored 47 books about computers and most of them have been about Windows – starting with 3.0. I write the Mastering Windows series (Sybex) and Using series (Que). I have used Windows since version 1.0. I now have six computers running various versions of Windows. I have had Apples, including ][e, Lisa, Mac, iMac. I think people love to bash Microsoft because it’s really got a monopoly on the business at large. But I’d like to see Apple come up with an OS that ran on thousands of third-party computers and tens of thousands of hardware configurations. Talk about a monopoly. Apple is totalitarian, virtually, on hardware (and high prices). By contrast, I just bought an HP tx2500 convertible tablet PC with Vista Ultimate, for $1047 at Best Buy. 64-bit OS, 64-bit CPU (AMD Turion), 3G RAM, 250 ATA HD, wonderful keyboard, speech recognition as good as Dragon (built in for free in Vista, by the way), touch and pen input. The Tablet features of Vista are waaay better than XP’s/ Seems to run 32-bit software just fine. Vista rocks in some important ways, especially quick ability to find docs and apps, and security features (although they can be annoying). XP is solid and I use it too, but time marches on, folks. Vista’s device driver model is more stable than XP’s too. M$ is going to stop supporting XP soon, so my advice is to start migrating.

    Robert Cowart

  174. i don’t know why everybody is putting windows vista down the plughole like its an unwanted liquid but i have had no trouble what so ever, windows vista ultimate on my bugdet system that iv just custom built no probs what so ever. every game iv got plays well even battlefield 2 as some people said doesnt work. im sorry but i will not let you be like that to microsoft without me saying something.

  175. can someone help i have tried to install office sp1 on my pc using vista of course. sudenly my program crushed….so now i cannot install it on my system what a nightmare….i have tried to uninstall my office and re install it. still is not working…
    Can anyone wh had a similar problem can help…all the office update doesn’t work

  176. I am using Vista SP1 for approximately 6 months and I am not having problems with it.. I think if you have a good machine with good configuration then Vista would be more comfortable than XP..

    I am using Vista Ultimate SP1 on my laptop

    Product Brand – Gateway
    Processor – Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.60 GHz
    Memory – 2GB
    HDD – 160 GB
    AGP – Built-in (Video Memory 128 MB + 230 MB Shared)

  177. After a 3 year long installation of windows XP SP2 the system has not crashed one with a BSOD or froze..this is amazing considering that it has not dropped its performance.

    I simply don’t need another operating system after XP do WHAT!????! I can do everything with what I have and the system is expandable can have things added to it so it will never be problematic for me to have it installed.

    I don’t follow in the trap of changing things when there is no need. oh..and guys common..if windows vista was any good would they have announced the windows 7 release in a couple of years..? I MEAN COME ON!!

  178. Hey guys,
    The only demerit of Vista, according to me, is that it’s a great resource hog. I have been using Vista for more than a year now, and it has been an amazing experience. Perhaps, one of the other problems might be the old hardware and software incompatibility with Vista, but I guess, when you buy a new machine, with all the resources that Vista recommends(minimum configuration), this is probably the best OS ever written.

  179. Linux is the way to go, yep some idiot on here said exactly that! What a tube! Linux is crap, firstly there are god knows how many different versions, no mainstream software written to work with it, and installing hardware is a joke. The same person talked about Linux being easy, errrr, I doubt very much that the average PC user would have a clue how to find anything in Linux. I’ve used it and for want of a better word, its shite!. You lot only use it because its free and you’re too tight to cough up a few bucks for something MS has spent billions on, next you’ll all be wanting a free car. Linux will never be mainstream because there is no continuity, too many individuals poking around with it and making it incomprehensible to the average user.

  180. Well, nothing’s wrong with my vista.
    keep updating & works well.
    as long as you have good ram & processor runs fine

  181. I find this quite amazing, loads of people are just wining about vista all the time but if you actually read their full posts you can see they actually have no idea what the hell they are talking about. Just because something on your crappy machine doesn’t work now that you have installed your downloaded, pirated, cracked version of vista, doesn’t mean that vista doesn’t work or has bugs.Get a Life – Do some research…

  182. In my opinion , after reading all the complaining of how good or bad things are, i dont care what you do – if your system has 2g of ram or less ; dont count on Windows Vista on performing well, since it takes 1g of ram to run. And if you dont wana learn something new – DONT BUY IT!!! retards.

  183. Hello,
    I’m a programmer and I’ve been using Vista SP1 for a month.I’ve got to admin,Vista can NOT run any debuggers sort of olly,neither plugins.Programs written on XP will never run on Vista unless you recompiled them on Vista.
    Afterall,Vista is a lot more stable,at least that’s how I feel it.

  184. Well, well well
    doesnt anyone remember when XP gave you a virus just by connecting to the internet !!
    Now everyone loves XP – pathetic ! Microsoft has done a good job forcing a bit of security on the world – sure there are issues but at least they were not as bad as the first couple of years of XP.
    Hell, they even totally rewrote it – it was THAT bad.
    Give Vista a break – now we are going to get Windows 7 – which is really Vista with some changes that could easily be done in a Vista service pack. All this negativity is simply going to force us all to upgrade again, which will make Microsoft even MORE money.
    Vista requires higher end hardware and software updates that make the environment more secure – this is a good thing. By the time Windows 7 is out – I bet you all will have new more powerful computers !
    The internet is good for passing the word around but its simply stupid to be used for Microsoft haters. Face it, Microsoft on the desktop is simply more trusted and if there are problems, at least you know that Microsoft will endevour to fix them. Otherwise we all would be virus ridden with the first release of XP… and im not even going to touch on the driver issues we all had back then.
    Just my 5c worth but I detect an ounce of jeoulousy here ; )
    And I run 2000, XP , Vista AND ME : )

  185. I was the first one in my Company to use Win Vista SP1 on running all our applications and I can tell you that it is running very smooth better than Win XP, much more powerful, very nice interface, my portable’s hardware (DELL INSPIRON 6400) is not suffering at all (heat wise). For the ones who said that this OS is awful, I will say perhaps it is if you are not using it on a professional level. It needs upgrade so that it’ll meet with all systems, but I am sure that SP2 will be the beginning of the new generation of OSs that are currently under development. Waiting for it.

  186. I use both XP x86/x64 and Vista x86 at the office and at home. Both running on various laptops and workstations. Those are not standard bloated installs, but tweaked and optimized for everyday usage and work. XP runs ok everywhere and it has pretty stable performance. Just like Windows 2000 in time when XP was released. Vista on other hand on good hardware eats XP for breakfast. Superturbo cache works just great, networking works better, gui is nicer etc. But Vista likes to crash, and it’s harder to boot up crashed Vista than crashed XP. Video crash can break Vista in half. Don’t know why, maybe nVidia drivers have something to do with it also.

    The hardest part of my migration to Vista was finding out all the stuff in new control panel.

    Microsoft guys are proud because they finally got plug and play working (they have been trying from ’95).

  187. this is why people take there programs im sick and tired of buying crap. like f?ck i will ever give Microsoft another dime of my cash again

  188. Very nice impression of the Microsoft’s way to respond. To bare, like they’re sold out with SP1.

    I’ll hope Tom read my message because he forget a very important thing which is a very positive point of Vista unheart of.
    WHEA (Windows Hardware Error Architecture/Arbitter). Both of my notebooks has energysaving possibilities, but on both notebooks I see regulairly a WHEA error event in my Eventvwr.msc.
    Tried XP on both laptops and XP has no WHEA and as aspected both won’t work with XP even with the very correct drivers.

    I’m a power user and explorer will crash here also sometimes, but as long it restarts himself is there any real issue? If explorer crashes in XP, most icons are dissapeared after restarting the process.

    Also you should know Microsoft is a commercial corporation and their software never finish. There’s even a new bug discovered in Windows XP, so it is not finished also. Could you blame it on Vista only or the way of developing? Two differend points of view.

    I’ve very less issues with Vista.

  189. you all make me laugh, when XP came out every one moaned about it been crap now Vista is out you dont like it, there is nothing wrong with it imo, it takes up more resources as any new OS will go buy some enw ram maybe a CPU iv used it since the day it was realised and everything works fine, works alot better than it did on XP.

  190. And yet another thing.

    Tom, should you use Vista or stick with XP?
    You’ve a own free will and only you can make the decission.

    But if you say that Vista sucks, I aspect at least 5 pages of understatement. I’m a IT manager and this kind of messages are not complete for me.

    Yes I know, we cheeseheads are very cautious with this kind of bashing Microsoft.

    My very sorry, but it is true, or?

  191. Tom: next time you have a problem with Vista or are willing to give it another shot send me an email. I am very positive about Vista and I am totally sure I can help you around the “problems” you think it has. I don’t really believe it’s actual problems (based on what you said), Vista is just not XP or any previous versions of it, and the features are different and some don’t even work the same way you think they should. I am more than willing to help you through anything.

    I have never had any of the troubles with Vista that you are talking about and I tested it before release and use it and XP both regularly on multiple machines with differing hardware configurations.. The only time I have seen people with problems are when you try to run this on extremely old hardware. As far as speed problems go, just turn off the Microsoft search indexer and User Account Control (UAC) in the control panel.

    Another thing would be just to download the following utilities:

    TweakVI from Total Idea Software which will do all of this for you and even the free version will improve your performance tremendously. I suspect the problem is the hardware configuration of the machine you tried it out on.

    Also, go to find norton labs and download their currently free UAC replacement that remembers what you do when you get a UAC security prompt, so next time it won’t ask you if you told it to remember your settings next time so the prompts only show up once.



    UAC replacement

    Please give it a shot again and email me, and I will be glad to give you some assistance setting up the hardware and making sure it’s what you think it is and we can chat about your configuration..

  192. While I agree Vista COULD have been better I myself have had NO issues with it since I got it (after SP1)

    It was free from work so I installed X64 vista ultimate and thus far I have had NO bugs at all pop up from day 2 day use.

    Gaming I been able to play my emulators for NES and SNES and to Diablo all the way to Crysis etc.

    Few things annoy me like new folders don’t have sort by “type” when I set it as a default option.
    The boot up should be faster with my specs but my PC is not old. Its a new age gaming rig.

    IMO 90% of the people who hate Vista are the ones who don’t know how to tweak and fix it to make it perform faster and work better.

  193. Evan
    22/7/2007 at 10:59 pm

    people, every single microsoft release entails upgrading hardware to essentially top of the line… because everyone makes money when microsoft releases bloatware.

    im camping XP until my computer wont boot anymore.

    this post made me laugh by evan its exactly what i did. ok sure probs a bad idea it took nearly 30 mins for my XP system to get fully up and running 512mb of ram 56mb graphics card like. lowest specs possible for a computer

    UNTIL i went to PC world the other night. to pick up a “package” and theres nothing PC world hate more than a computer nerd. i went in and asked for specific computer specs. he took me to a computer that cost £250 (no joke) i payed in cash ok but then i brought some upgrades an extra 1g stick of ram a new dedicated 756mb Nvidea GT 8500 graphics card and a wad more beautifull updates, i came out of PC world having payed £450 for my new computer its runnning on vista home premium and it works A TREAT! i sorted the stuff out easy as and tbh no bugs with vista SP1 at all. so

    vista home premium is the way to go with 3 gb of ram and a dedicated graphics and sound drivers. and theres a nice computer right there £450 pounds proves microsoft (although shit) isn’t to bad at all

  194. Personally, I don’t think Vista is that bad. I’m running Ultimate (which I really feel is a lot better than home premium) and have not had that many problems with it. In fact, the only major problems I’ve run into have been the result of me installing programs of shady origin. That said, there is definitely one downside to the OS as compared to XP: System stability following a virus. No matter what OS you’re running, there is always the chance that, even if a virus is removed, the damage done to the system is not undone. Vista tends to become very unstable after viruses (in my experience) and tends to crash and burn very quickly (as opposed to XP, which would just sort of limp, run sluggishly, and bombard you with notifications).

  195. Vista ultimate 64bit is the best thing since sliced bread!!! will never dream of using xp ever again!!!!

  196. The last thing i wanted, after upgrading from windows 3.1 to every single os ms put out. I hated xp when it came out, but upgraded anyway and learned to really like it. With vista, i did not upgrade any computer, instead, I purchased new dell xps m1530 with vista ultimate. After 6 months, i did clean install of vista ultimate 64 bit. Now, i would not go back to xp for my computing. I have no issues with vista. I had some issues with hardware drivers, but in the last 2 months, updated drivers have become abundant. I do not have BSOD’s, ever. I also run turbo cache memory, which is only supported by vista, with intel chipset. I also run 8 gb of ram, which is only supported by 64 bit os. It is possible to tweak vista, to where it is not such a ram hog.

  197. i am a user of windows xp, windows vista and also apple osx 10.5
    unfortunately i must say, that vista is the sorriest piece of crap and it does not belong into the 21st century. atleast not without SP4 (my prediction). xp with all of the updates works quite well, but it still has a very serious limitation – 32bits or sould i say max usable ram size 3.x gb. this can be “fixed” with the 64bit version, but this version is limited with its poor driver support and also stability.
    the apple osx 10.5 system is example of what a great operating system should be. of course there are other linux/unix systems that work equally good or better, but there are almost none usable applications (non server stuff) – like adobe – these systems are of no good to me.
    and i use pc’s (windows) since version 3.1 and apple osx for 2 years now.

  198. Hi Guys
    I know Vista is a peice of shizer but you wont have to coap much longer because of the releace of Windows 7 in 2009

  199. For the people who dont like Windows Vista, you have to realize that it is a powerful OS. And in order to run this OS, you need to have a sufficient amount of RAM running on a nice processor. If you dont have that great of specs, then dont expect Vista to run smoothly, and stop complaining.

    Personally, Vista runs really well on my laptop. But its got 4 gigs of RAM pushing it, along with an Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 processor, and 320 gigs of hard drive. More than enough power and uumph to keep it going.

  200. “Well, well well
    doesnt anyone remember when XP gave you a virus just by connecting to the internet !!”-Neil (2 people above me)

    You are the biggest idiot ever. Vista does the same thing now. it automaticly places a tracking cookie on your computer as you connect. i honestly want to destroy my laptop right now. it is a brand new HP laptop with 4 gig ram and vista ultimate home edition and runs slower than my 2004 HP laptop with xp. Vista is a horrible operating system right now. SP1 is still a prototype basicly. i am SOOOOOOOOOOO waiting for SP2 because my computer freezes every 15 minutes. literaly a peice of crap right now but i still have hope.

  201. I have been using Vista almost all this year without a problem. I do not find anything major to get to my roof top. I have heard comments that Vista makes a machine slow and had the good fortune of looking at a complaining machine in a hospice. The problem was not with VISTA but the users. The users wants everything of the new GUI like glass effect et.c, Well I managed to sit with them and tweak it to their satisfaction even giving them most what they wanted. There are couple of problems though which are not significant. Its like the newer automobiles will not start without depressing the clutch. So if you are used to an older one you might go looking every where trying to start it. I think all those who have bad remarks are those who have no patient not willing to spend time to learn. IT is one place you need lots of patients irrespective of what software one uses.

  202. It is the dumbest thing to say that you just got vista when it was first released and say it the worst, when every single operating system has done the exact same thing, unless all you that complain are illiterate with computers and don’t want to admit it.

  203. Hi,
    I am a Sevices Manager for an International IT and Consulting firm, we have been MS Win XP pushers for sometime even when XP SP3 came out……. our thoughts were if we did not take the plunge why risk our customers day to day business?

    End result is I took the (personal) plunge to Vista Ultimate on a a custom built AMD 9950 (Phenom) Processor with 4 GB of RAM….. the only thing i kept from my old P4 Box is the Nvidia 8600GT Vid Card.

    All I can say is “DAMN THIS THING ROCKS!”. The machine is always on (3 Months and counting since the last restart\turn on) stable and reliable as anything that I have ever owned.

    NOW the differences are showing….. my work laptop with 1.5Gb of RAM (HP branded) got loaded with Vista Buisiness and it has had its issues….. lots of issues.

    To be brutally honest…… old PCs or low spec\budget new PCs, get Win XP with it or don’t buy a PC.

    If you have the money… custom built PC (Quad Core) (no screen) (NZ$ = $1500+)and do not scimp on RAM (get 4GB) and purchase\load Ultimate…… you will NEVER be happier.

    We are now recommending Vista to all on NEW Mid to High spec PCs.

    My 2 cents worth…….

    PS: The only pain in the arse with XP\Microsft is that they are shoving MS Desktop Search (4.0) down our throats….. probably for another thread…. but that pile of s**t (self edited) should be never have been created…… mind you, I also do not like all of Googles little software “tidbits”….. why would a internet company create a “search engine” for your PC…… hmmmm sounds awfully bloody dodgy to me.

  204. Yeah he’s just tooting his own horn for finding a bug or something…

    Nothing to see.

  205. You guys need to grow a pair, Vista is fine, and as stable as XP. I have been using it for a while and have had no problems with it. Obviously early users had frustrations with it, but those have been fixed for the most part. I think its funny everyone is all excited about windows 7, which appears to be vista rebranded…

  206. what i hate about these vista haters is

    they wont shut up about vista when it first came out

    i love vista & admit it was buggy at first but with SP1 it’s nice & stable

    dont forget XP has the same until SP1a came out or did you get you’re first PC pre installed with XP SP2 & think that is how XP was to start with

    there is a reason why apple made the ipod their loosing the computer based market, i have a zune 80GB because i dont want quicktime on my PC

    vista is a hardware hog on a fresh DVD install, but i Vlited my copy & got rid of things i dont need or want(like IE7, windows defender or media center)

    when you list the pros & cons of XP & vista vista is a little better

    here are some examples

    when copying files in XP one error & it stops the copy making you restart, on vista you get a message then you tell it to skip that file & it continues to copy

    back up

    if you dont use the windows back up tool it can be hard in XP, Application data, local settings, my doc, desktop. in vista its just C:\users\ thats all the info you have(emails, music, videos ect)

    go to a mac where they charge you 3K+ for a laptop when the hardware is worth less than 1.5K & the OS is worth approx $US200 for a 5 user($130 for a single) so you pay over 1K just for the look of mac
    now lets leave apple on the ground near the tree it fell from

    as for Vista SP2 it will be comming out in april 2009

    & sorry for long rant

    i just hate apple

  207. I don’t know what you are talking about SP1. SP1 has been so far the best update for Vista. I haven’t had any problems whatsoever with it. I really recommend Vista after SP1. Plus we have to get ready for Windows 7

  208. I don’t see the point with everyone arguing over this about vista service pack 1 and with number 2 coming out… im already on windows 7 beta and it’s better then vista ‘Fullstop’ even tho it’s only a beta its great… not much resources to be used either.. games run perfect aswell with higher frame rates then on vista and XP.

  209. hi,
    Vista does look nice, but the fact it hogs resources, drive space and that huge every growing winsxs folder, got me to try an older OS.
    i have a Gateway MT3422. ‘zeroed’ the harddrive and then used the vista CD to set up the “new” hard drive and format to NTFS, vista works fast for that! canceled setup and restarted with the windows 2000 pro CD to install, after that install, the service pack 4, the wireless driver, windows upgrade packs through internet, installing XP drivers manually and finding high precision event timer driver for that last unknown device..
    i think windows 2000 Pro is the better !!! and i don’t mind just having IE 6 ether !!! tryed XP, its alright, but it would take alot to get me to keep it.

    Wondering if windows 2000/XP was Microsoft’s sweetspot for windows OS.

  210. for windows 7 beta download look on torrent sites such as mininova or pirate bay… just search those and you’ll find it 🙂

  211. last torrent site to host windows 7 was nothing but a hoax

    file was filled with 0’s or something

  212. I just installed Vista SP2 beta. So far, so good. FYI – The new Windows 7 OS releasing next year is built on the Vista platform.

  213. WoW…
    Everybody is arguing to each other…

    In my opinion, vista sp2 is not bad but xp sp3 is better…
    I heard that the next OS from Micrsoft (that is Windows 7) codenamed Mojave will be the most superb OS that exist in this 4G new revolutionary world…
    We juz need to wait for it, it will be released in 2009…

  214. For the most part I realy like vista, even more so after sp1 came out. It runs a whole lot faster.

    the only thing i dont like about it is the fact that it uses a piece of my system memory for video ram. I wish they would make that an option and not force it on ya. Not like it matters with 4 gigs of memory. But still options are always a plus.

    All my games run great with sp1 and its only going to get better with time. Not too bad MS guys.

    Hmm time for me to get sp2 installed ans see how much better vista performs. Laterz ppl!

  215. I’ve been using Vista x64 since before SP1. I will admit before SP1 it was a bit rocky with playing certain avi files. But since then it’s been fine. All the games i want to play on it work awesome. Such as Far Cry2, Dead space, COD world at war, HL2 series etc. Even my old Nomad Jukebox mp3 player works fine, my old printer a canon i550, and an old scanner an HP scanjet 3670. Either I have rediculous luck or people are dumb and cant get something working by just plugging it in.

  216. Hey i am on Windows Vista Business Edition…..
    It rock and kicks Linux rightin the arse…

    i made a VERY simple diagram here

    Windows Vista


    >,=,< lesser





    Ok let’s make my point WINDOWS is the best of all look at apple adopting microsft word,Firefox and internet… THEY CAN”T DO ANYTHING.

    Windows… Made internet and word and excel and ETC they made the best operating systems XP Ok VISTA WILL UNDERGOE A FRICKEN MANTENIECE JUST LIKE FRICKEN MAC,WINDOWS XP, every stupid OS will go through hard times… have patience asshoes WAIT FOR THE FUCKING Sp2 VISTA ok?? you guys bash to muchhh

  217. Try searching on torrents website(try or i dont remember) i found 1 there


    Have been using Vista 64 Bit since its launch never a problem. No Device / driver problems, no famous blue screen or request to send fault info to Microsoft. Regular updates downloaded and the system just keeps on going! Software companies now catching up with Ms Vista …. With the expected release of Windows 7 the game will begin again, Upgrade and catch up !!!!

    It nice to look back at previous versions of Windows, now all I can remember was previous problems with XP and the famous blue screen crash! Soething I have not suffered with Vista.

  219. You’re a moron. Vista’s the most stable system I’ve had on my computer. And I’ve had a lot of OSes. All the way from Gentoo to Windows 7. (Though, I’ve never been able to install any Mac OS)

  220. Okay, this is in response to all those that say “Buy an Apple”. Let me ask when was the last time someone bought an Apple computer, and then decided they wanted to upgrade the graphics card? How easy was it? oh wait, Apple uses a “closed” system, so upgrading usually means buying a new computer. I agree that Vista isn’t perfect, but neither is OS X, or Linux. The perfect OS would be one that once installed would run everything you wanted it to without any problems, let you upgrade your hardware without having to reinstall drivers, and run games, business, and home apps with no problem. It would also have superior memory management. Nothing out there is that good. As someone said, people b*tched about XP when it first came out. They are now doing the same with Vista and will do the same when Windows 7 comes out. Why is this? Because people like to complain when they can’t have what they want. Microsoft is trying to create an OS that will work for everyone. Unfortunately when they try that, they end up with something that isn’t perfect (or they release a bazillion different versions like they did with Vista). Yes, new OS’s sometimes require more specific specs in the hardware. Has anyone ever heard that your computer is outdated the day you buy it? That’s true, but most systems will function well at least for 5 years. Anything older than that and you should buy a new one or upgrade what you can.

  221. Andrew
    30/11/2008 at 6:37 am
    “it automaticly places a tracking cookie on your computer as you connect”

    Andrew, perhaps you can talk to a grown up about tracking cookies vs viruses – you really look like a fool.
    Oh and for your information, tracking cookies ARE NOT viruses, what a Noobee : )

  222. Neil don’t blame him, i don’t think he has ever been infected with spyware or a virus.

  223. no problems, i got home premium and i can even play Battlefield 1942.
    Altough i still agree XP is better.
    But im happy with it.

  224. “READ THIS” LOL LOL you all make me laugh. I’m referring to the one’s that think they know what there talking about when they bash on a great OS like vista. I’ve read everyone of these posts and most all lead to the same thing. “I hate vista because it’s to slow, or it’s to bloated, blah blah blah. Here’s a simple example for you to maybe understand. Do you even think that a high graphic game like gears of war 2, or halo 3, or left 4 dead, or even crysis would ever play in an old nintendo, atari, or the original playstation? NO! This leads me to believe a couple of things about the doggers. Your pc systems are probably not very good. Grapically, memory, or even hard drive wise. Lastly you have no smarts when it comes to learning new technology and how it works. Anyway I’m rambling. I guess I just really feel bad for you because you’ll never get the full satisfaction of these great new things that are coming out. “AND WE ALL SAY IN HARMONY TO THESE CRAZY FOLK………….NOOBS!”

  225. You know what, the lot of you that says Vista isn’t good go suck a cactus. We have been using Vista since day one and we still like it. We actually know how to work a computer unlike the half you. We have a 2.6 GB RAM with a 2.6 GHertz processor and 80 GB hard drive on the laptop and it runs everything just fine. Our desktop does it better for one reason. Because it has 600 GB (1st HD), 320 GB (2nd) 3.0 GH processor, and 3.6 GB of RAM. So go shove one up your arses through a tube because Microsoft Windows Vista will continue to obliterate any other operating system in until the n ext Windows comes out.

  226. using vista on Dell dimension E521. Works Great! only had one problem with it which was when attempting to download a update. spoke with microsoft and they got me fixed up in 24 hours. it is a bit slower then xp and I wish you could do remote access from and xp to my vista but aside from that I like vista more than XP somethings you have to work around to get the same result but over all I have had less virus’ pop-ups and problems then I had with XP.

  227. Hi I’m a vista user and i had some issues like the computer turned off by itself.
    But when i got vista SP1 all my problems was gone.
    I have also runed a few games and all of the runed fine.
    I uppgraded from XP and have a Dell INSPIRON 6400 and have around 1,5 GB ram and run VISTA Home Premium and it runs better than XP.
    The good thing about VISTA is that it has many off the drivers allredy installed so i did’nt have to use time on finding and install them.
    An issu i found when i was installing XP was that i had lost my driver CD so i haad to find it.
    You cant use internet before you have installed the driver.
    Vista alredy have this driver including many more so i could go online and gett the driver’s i did’nt have.
    So all of you saying VISTA is crap, werent XP buggy and unsecure when it was relesed.
    Microsoft arer making security updates all the time to make VISTA safer and more reliable.
    I can’t wait to the day the VISTA SP2 get relesed.
    I think VISTA will improve whit the time.

  228. Vista service pack 2 is not an improvement but just reverts it to how it was on relase; I had too uninstall it after it crashed my computer!

  229. I love my Vista 64Bit Ultimate. And when Windows 7 comes out, i’ll get it in the form of Vista Service Pack #2… so ya all you Xp users are nubs that can’t get Vista to work.

    So easily tricked that because the names are different, “Windows 7 for dumbass xp users”, and “Vista Ultimate 64Bit”, that they are differant OS’s… lol@U

  230. I was one that bought Vista Ultimate the week it came out.

    It was great and it only gets better.

    I have a AMD 64 Athlon, Gforce 7800gt, 3 hard drives(each from a different Manufact.), 2G of ram, no problems. I have several games and they all run with no problems. I have a blackberry pearl and it syncs great after they got their software up to par.

    Sp1 came out and it ran a little faster. I tweak the interface with wincustomizer program and I love it.

    I am using Sp2 beta and so far after 2 wks, I am impressed.

    I am a PC. Microsoft rules. Like it or not

  231. Give me break, somehow you people don’t remember the relest of windows XP? Windows XP was total crap until SP2, MS is no diff then any other software company out there. besides being the most hated and people like you breed that hate. If you don’t like Vista DON’T buy it. Not the madness.

  232. vista is slow and does not support for many software, but it has very good graphics and better protective system compared to win xp, xp professional and i think they correct their errors

  233. i got the sp2 beta for vista , installation went all good but system crashed after a few reboots , had to use installation vista dvd to repair system . not recommended better wait for final version of sp2

  234. Here is an actual link to the Windows 7 Beta program if someone is interested..

    As for vista, From a technicians standpoint, This os is a nightmare, everything is pointlessly moved around, All simple tasks take anywhere from 4 to 10 more steps to complete in vista.. Not to mention all the bugs that there are no solutions to, and Drivers? What gives, how are so many devices not supported, I have found better driver support in Ubuntu linux. Seriously, whats the deal? The software is far too bloated and you add in the drm and vista is a prime example of what not to do.. Anyone that favors vista either is 1. Not much of a computer user or 2. Doesn’t have any expectations of performance or 3. Likes fatal errors and explorer stopped responding messages..

  235. Almost forgot, Microsoft’s genius idea of the Mojave commercial?? Yeah.. For some that may work, but I get asked all the time when Windows Mojave is coming out and should they wait for it instead of vista, LOL go figure..

    Some are even saying that windows 7 is windows mojave..

    maybe they should call it windows mojave.. at least their advertising would pay off, and confuse the crap out of people..

  236. Honestly I have used Vista Ultimate x64-bit since the release of the 64-bit, I’m running an E8400 and 780i Xfx Motherboard, with 8Gigs of ddr2 pc6400 sli ram, I have the most buggy version of Vista but yet I have had no problems. I admit there has been a few little hickups like I have to turn off DEP to be able to play Fable The Lost Chapters, but besides dipping into the Command bar a few times I have ran into no other problems. I really do not see how you guys are running into so many problems. Maybe more ram. As time progresses the requirement of more hardware is going to happen. My advice for the gamers, Either buck up and buy the equipment that it requires or your going to have to go with console gaming.

  237. The explorer bug is not a but at all if you dig deeper into it some dll that has latched onto explorer causes this

    FDM and google desktop search can both cause this problem

  238. I bought a Dell XPS system and I ordered Windows Vista Ultimate and I have no problems with it. It works just like my Windpws XP Home but better stuff in it. All my Microsoft programs are legal I bought them.

  239. Vista, good job, does excellent on the right hardware. Everyone I know that is technically oriented at all, likes vista. But the techies know up front the hardware requirements. In most cases vista is not a good candidate for upgrading old machines. For those using vista with a quad core processor and 3+ gigs of ram, you will most likely enjoy the ride. Getting used to a few things like UAC is new, but easy once you realize that as an extra layer of security. User access control is just to verify that someone is there at the keyboard, that wants the process to continue, so that no rogue program or process is taking control on its own.

    All the games I have run under vista have performed flawlessly so far. Depending upon the game you want to run, it can add high hardware requirements, notably the GPU and POWER SUPPLY. I have read complaints about vista’s being a bad gaming os, but when these people have revealed there system model number I usually see spec like this: 1 gig ram, 6600 le gpu or worse, low grade cpu, 250 to 300 watt power supply. The rub is, they blame it on vista. Get a clue dude! PC Gaming is a whole new area in the hardware needed. If you are willing to shell out at least 2 large, you can enter the game for real at a low level. The extreme gaming system are running 3 to 4 grand. For those content to stay with 32 bit xp, your good for now, but guess what? 64 bit is here to stay, and the reason is that it’s the only way to move forward. Most significantly in terms of maximum system ram. A 64 bit OS supports up to 128 gigs of ram, and as of yet no motherboards that I’m aware of do, but it’s just a matter of time. Manufacturers and software developers are both taking advantage of this already, I’ve noticed a few systems selling with 16 gigs p reinstalled, and one by TYAN that support 32 gigs ram…wow what a gamer!

    To wrap it up, vista has impressed even more than xp with sp2 integrated as being a solid stable os. Remember, there all a little buggy to start with. To bad vista is only being used as a springboard for windows 7.

  240. I have to use both OS’s and like both of them, so consider this…if you consider Windows to be bug ridden and you claim the alternative is Linux, then perhaps you can explain why Linux distro’s for a standard desktop (i.e. vanilla install) often relaese 10-20 PATCHES a WEEK…Windows has 1 or 2 a week. Also the frequency of Linux version upissuing is typically every 6months…doesn’t seem that stable to me.

  241. Hey guys, it’s been some time since anyone posted, but service pack 2 for vista is out (still in beta period), is takes down the resource usage abit and fixes mostly or even all the bugs. some said they love mac, well all i love about it is the look, thats why my vista (yes, i am an admirer of vista and use it) looks like a mac. i would say that vista is great and that XP had its fair share of problems to, we all remember the issues, now half the world uses it. download the SP2 and see what you think. Windows7 is just a remake of vista (mostly the bugs that are fixed in SP2 are fixed in Windows7)

    But think and use what you want, i prefer o use vista.

  242. I am running Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 on a Gateway Laptop. I have absolutely NO problems with this OS. Sure, some Software is incompatible with it, but you have to look for Other Software that IS. All of the Latest Games that are Certified for Windows works on it, and the old ones? Well, that is really in the past. This is no longer the 90’s or early 2000’s People…

    As for SP2 Beta or Windows 7 Beta, Sure…Still Beta Versions. If you want something more reliable, wait until the full versions come out. I have used 2000, ME, XP Home and Pro, Vista Basic, Home Premium AND Ultimate, and Ultimate is by for the Best OS! It has the most Apps included than any other OS that Microsoft has come out with…The only time I had a Blue Screen of Death was when I tried to Install an AutoCad Program that wasn’t certified for Vista…
    I Also used Apple MAC back in the 80’s when it first came out, back when we had the Original Floppy Disks…

    Just my 2 Cents…:D

  243. I am using Vista Business SP2. I think it is great. It took some registry tweaks to get it to run the way I wanted, but it zooms along with only 2Gigs of RAM and a 2.6 core2 duo processor.

    I did have some driver issues way back when I first installed it, but now those have all been addressed.

    Vista is great.

    I also use OSX Leopard daily, to service Apple telesales. I hate my OSX MAC and luv my Vista PC.

  244. Well there certainly is allot of opinions on this forum.
    I have been using building, modding upgrading and everything you can doable with computers and laptops for as long time. My understanding of them and the millions of different kinds of software’s that are available not to forget the many operating systems that are available.
    Why Microsoft is a success, “In my opinion” from using 3.1 all the way up to vista it is not hard to see where the focus is. They are trying to make using computers as user friendly as possible but also to allow the complexity to do just about everything as well. And by “they” I am referring to Microsoft.
    Now I know all too well that this journey to make the most complex user friendly operating system has not been perfect. But the point is,
    If you put a system that has a KDE or Gnome OS and a Windows XP or Vista system in front of a computer illiterate person, you can almost put your money on the fact that they will go with the Windows machine.
    If you were to match every OS of the same time period to a Windows OS (Putting aside Mac for the moment) you will probably find the same result. Windows Operating systems, as buggy as they are, Are in most cases easier to use which is why the home user market has boomed for Microsoft.
    I am not a Mac user but for as long as I can remember, every time I try to get into a MAC it does not feel right, I instantly feel as if I can do. The one mouse button really put me off Macintosh for a long time, and still when I compare XP to OS x, I Have this feeling that Macintosh is lacking the flexibility that I am looking for.
    My opinion is that Macintosh is only a potential next in line to Windows because they almost always sell cheaper.

    I like good looks and speed. XP is my choice of operating system. Yes it has its problems but if you know what you’re doing, you can slipstream mod and tweak it to be a very efficient super quick operating system. Unfortunately due to Santa Rosa chip architecture, I happen to be in an unusually restricted situation where realistically I have to use vista. So I am using Ultimate. In order for it to run properly and do what I do well. “Software testing, Virtual Computing, Gaming and Graphics related work” I have maxed my laptop out with hardware and cant still really achieve that finger snap result as I used to using half the resources on XP. I have experienced a horrific amount of issues but that is because I push software to see how it handles. I am content but not as impressed as I was with XP.
    I am in the process of building my own version of Vista Ultimate, and will be doing away with the ever so suicidal user account control permissions Windows. Smart idea but there should be an off button that really does turn it off. The control panel option does not do this fully unless you get registry dirty. I feel the indexing service is a waste of resource and over all I feel there is too much rubbish in vista that makes it nice for the noobs but annoying for the geeks.

  245. I have used Windows/Mac/Linux they all have their own little bugs, but to bash Windows vista and suggest windows xp is better just suggest that people are in denial. why not say windows 98se is better than windows xp? At some point in time someone must have said it. Ridiculous right? For all window xp user who did not know this I/You can crash windows xp(Blue screen) with just one program/application. Can you say the same for Vista? I have Vista on my PC for more than one year know and I simply love to install windows xp on my other PC at least every three to six months but guess what I have never reload my Dell PC with Vista which did I mention I have had for over one year. Because I am a technical guy I plan to buy a New much bigger hard drive for my PC so I guess I will finally get to install windows Vista Premium at last.

  246. in XP
    open too many apps on XP you get a blue screen
    driver crash you get blue screen

    in Vista
    open too many apps vista just closes biggest ram hog
    driver crash vista will try to restart driver(i get this when i overclock my GPU)

  247. Seems SP2 is no longer Beta (as of a couple of days ago) – but – I’ve now tried 3 times to install it via WindowsUpdate on my Vista Home Basic laptop, wasted copious hours, and now resorted to lodging an email Support Request with MS.

    Gee, can’t they get ANYTHING right ? :-[[[

  248. are you sure Eagle_Kiwi (N.Z.)?

    i downloaded it 2 days ago it was still a RC from MS download

  249. NO!
    I was WRONG!
    Poor dumb me just assumes that anything that is Beta will cllearly SAY so. And this appeared in my WindowsUpdate simply saying Vista SP2 with some other numbers etc, but no Beta, not even a “b”, and not any “RC”!
    I’ve told Microsoft what I think of them, but yes indeed, apparently it still IS only Beta and or RC.

    (Sorry Tom, I knew this the day after I posted here, but I’d lost your URL so had to wait till someone queried it!)

  250. i had issues installing SP2

    it seems you need a good CMOS battery other wise it will fail

    i wont install SP2 RC because you will need to uninstall it to install the Final of SP2

  251. Is it not amazing, that we always have to wait for SP2 for any MS OS to work properly. Without SP’s were are the alpha testers, SP 1 turns us into beta testers, and finally we probably get a final releasable profuct in SP2. MS have done this now 4 times (Win 3.11, Win 98, XP and now Vista)

    And what do we do, we get the latest OS from a crappy company who does not give a flying f….k for their users. They have enough of our money from the last three OS’s.

    These versions are forced on us by the hardware vendors.

    It is about time we as MS users stop tneir crap.

  252. by stop you mean go to another O/S

    may ppl are not smart with computers

    the typical user cant use linux(if they know what it is)
    some will know how to use a Mac but for those whom used Windows its not that easy

    i will never go to a Mac due to the very little game support & if it does get the game i want i will have to wait 2 years for it to be ported to a max unless you use wine but if you are going to use wine why not just use the O/S that you are running in wine?

    same with linux

  253. M$ has had it’s time and should fall like every other empire has before it if it’s going to make its own consumer’s do the testing for it… m$ had a good 7 years to make a reliable OS (after the release of xp)… AND FAILED!. Now it brings out 7 and expects people to change instantly? im with ianb and anyother user who agree’s that m$ is a pile of *insert [ANIMAL] Here* Crap

  254. Well i have to say…regarding my earlier post from last year..I have decided i like vista…

    BUT… this is for one reason alone.
    I installed it on my Acer Aspire One, and after performing a few little tweaks, clearpagefileatshutdown, turned off indexes, disable system restore on all drives, Defrag every day with Auslogics. And heck it even runs Aero on the Intel GMA 945! I did NOT expect this thing to even run Vista! let alone be able to actually use it. I installed SP2 Beta without a hitch…and if im honest, i haven’t noticed too much difference, except a ridiclous Vista SP2 Beta watermark pasted on my deskop under the sidebar 🙁

    I will install SP2 as soon as it comes out. As for the whole “Get A Mac”, “Get Linux” thing…well i quad boot fella’s so its all cool. I have XP on the same netbook.

    Link to my video:

    Linux is good, but without an Emu, i cant run the software that I like..the alternatives are ok, but they just AREN’T the same. I want the PROPER live messenger…a-patched by me of course…i want webcams over hotmail, i want video conferencing, i want the ability to call another PC within msn… You dont get it on the Mac or Linux.
    I also found a little workaround for vista freezes and slowdowns, in msconfig, make sure your CPU is set to utilize BOTH or all 4 cores! (Why run Vista on a single core if you dont see this option?). And also in task manager, if you see some CPU know such as iTunes, the right click the process, and set the affinity’s on the hogs, so that each core, processes a different hog. I have Media Player 11 being processed by Core 0, whilst Explorer and DWM.exe are being utilized by core 1. Which means that if one of the processes screws up and decides it wants 100% cpu…you will still be able to use your PC at a reasonable speed.

  255. Everywhere on the net people bash vista. They ignore that they buy cheap hardware and load crapware and then blame it on the OS. Every 9th grader has a PC so everyone’s an expert, talking about “bugs” as if half of you knew what a bug was. I see lots of vista bashing, but few examples of what hardware and software are being used. Also, if you say there’s a bug, you should know that the word “bug” is not synonymous for “I can’t get it to work”. “Bug” means that the code isn’t written properly. Most of the time what you noobs think are bugs in the OS are caused by cheap off brand hardware, and consequently, badly written drivers – or software not written for the OS. For example, some software modifies system files on install -most of the time this doesn’t affect the OS, but sometimes it can, and if modifications to system files by previously installed software were overwritten then the previously installed software won’t work properly. These are very basic examples, but the idiotic noob posts that I see all blame the OS for these problems. Good, if y’all are so smart post the decompiled piece of the OS where the “bug” is. Or, you can just listen to the 20 year old at the computer store. I’m sure that they know as much or more then some of you.

    That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  256. well im in my 20s & work as a comp techy

    i see loads of crap every day

    from PCs filled with dust that the PSU blew to PC infected with viruses(most likely to them using limewire & AVG free(which is outdated))

    many users think an anti virus is an anti virus which is wrong AVG free has little or no active protection so if you download a virus you wont know unless you scan the file

    i have tested alot of anti viruses & i see trend micro as the best in terms of RAM use & the threats it finds

    then norton would be in 2nd & kaspersky in 3rd

    for PSP shareing i only would suggest bittorrent or similar as you can see comments before you download the torrnet to download the thing you are after

  257. i was downloading the sp2 for vista the other day and it stoped at 78% when i went back to microsoft to find the url it was gone has anybody heard of what happened to it

  258. I have to agree!!! You are totally correct!!!

    FYI, Service Pack 2 RTM for Vista 32 and 64 bit has been released on usenet and peer 2 peer networks… It’s the Gold version being released to manufacturers.

    If you know where to look, you can find it… so stop bitching everyone!

  259. Hello george and totallyagree:

    I hear the frustration and anger in your messages. And, I am cracking up at some of these comments. The bottom line is this.

    1. Read.

  260. 2. Study.

    3. Learn.

    4. Remember.

    5. Practice.

    6. Consider advanced study in I.T.

    7. Get Direct

    8. Solve and Resolve.

    9. Celebrate.

    10. Get a real life.

    The best of luck to you all.

  261. Vista SP2 is out and I do believe it will make a world of difference, Give it chance !

  262. @rlg: You do realise that windows 7 is coming out earlier due to the failure of Vista in general, right?

  263. Unfortunately, Vista can’t be fixed by a service pack. The problem isn’t just bad code, it’s also bad interface design. I particularly dislike what they’ve done to Windows Explorer. I wish they’d stop trying to dumb it down for the morons who just want to play games with their computer. Computers are tools.

  264. Vista is now stable and works well.
    No complaints from me any more – Vista is the new XP
    Windows 7 is just vista with a service pack – and several features REMOVED !
    What no email client ??
    No internet explorer ?? (in Europe)
    No video editor ??

    Windows 7 is Vista with important features removed.
    Microsoft should have released the Windows 7 ‘features’ as a service pack for Vista and left it alone 🙂

  265. I playing games ising tools and programs, idunno, my bro says that linux ubuntu is good, got 3 os in my comp vista xp and ubuntu,imagine that. Each harddrive got its own os.

    So i chose one of 3 for what i need

  266. im using windows vista premium service pack 1,i download this service pack 2 by windows update and after downloading there is no audio output..anyone knows how to fix this problem???is there a way to fix my audio output after instaling Service pack 2..thanks

  267. This planet has become one in which almost everyone knocks anything and everything. I have used Windows from the old 95 through to Vista Ultimate SP1 – the latter for almost 2 years. It installs fine, works fine…Vista takes a little getting used to in comparison to XP but certainly is a head above that with functionality. I often read blogs on many matters and find that so many of you out there have your head up so far up your own fundamental rectal orifice that you have lost any perspective on life other than your own self importance and intent upon being the knowledgeable guru on computers,and everything else.
    Be a little more gracious about the technology that we have today…everyone has his/her own preferences, but get over knocking any thing that is different to your beliefs…you are the NOT the centre of the Universe. Viva Microsoft.

  268. i am very happy while using my windows vista ultimate x86 sp1. Many ppl would think that im mad to like vista as its crappy and xp is much better … but xp was in a very bad state until 2005. until that time ppl used windows 98 . so just the same thing is happening with xp vs. vista .but i feel vista is excellent from all points of view . it works perfectly with my 1gb ddr2 ram 3.00ghz processor . it has never crashed till date .

  269. I just installed vista sp2 this morning, and my pc no longer works. All i get is corrupted win32 config file warnings. Tried to fix it using the disk, same old story. Tried to reformat & re-boot. No luck. Now Im running xp pro again and my pc is loads faster. Vista is the worst os for reliability I have ever used in my life and I thought win95 was bad. Microsoft should give everyone who bought vista a free copy of windows 7 with a written apology for the mess they made with vista.

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