Problems receiving calls with Truphone

I set up a Truphone account to try out with the Nokia E61 I have been using the last few days.

Truphone gives you a US landline number when you sign up for an account with them (mine is 14259053151). Calls to this number are supposed to be routed to my mobile whenever I am logged into a wifi hotspot on the phone’s wifi.

Unfortunately, although this worked fine yesterday, it has stopped working today for some reason. Calls to my US number now go straight to voice mail.

I can call out no problem using Truphone and I can collect my voicemails so there is nothing wrong with the account or the wifi, just there seems to be an issue with incoming calls. 🙁

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  1. Hey Tim,

    thanks for the suggestion. I raised a support ticket with Truphone last week before posting this (ticket #2007042010000129).

    Still awaiting a resolution

  2. Hi Tom,

    Truphone customer services are available to offer support and assistance with any issues like this that any Truphone customer may be receiving. It’s best to submit a support request from your Truphone ‘My Account’ page or email This way we can check your details and track the request from start to finish.

    In our experience Tom the problem you’ve described here is a handset issue. Try turning the phone off/on and receiving calls again. If this doesn’t work then a soft-reset of the handset should.

    Please note that you will NOT loose any of your information as this resets the phones ‘ini’ files only. Although no data is lost, you may loose personalised settings such as profiles, ring tones and shortcuts etc.

    To complete a soft-reset:
    Navigate to the main screen of your handset
    Enter *#7780#
    When asked for a password enter 12345

    Once you have completed a soft reset you will need to ensure that your call settings are correctly configured:
    Navigate to Menu->Tools->Settings->Call
    Ensure ‘Default call type’ is set to ‘Internet’
    Ensure ‘Internet call alert’ is ‘On’

    Please let us know how you get on. 🙂

    Kind regards,

    Truphone Support Team

  3. Anthony,

    I did submit a support request through my account – see ticket number above.

    Thanks for the suggestion (any reason why the suggestion isn’t in the FAQ?).

    Unfortunately the suggestion didn’t work. I can make outgoing calls, no problem using Truphone but the incoming calls are all routed directly to voicemail.

  4. Hi Tom,

    We will continue to offer support via ticket #2007042010000129

    We’ll then post the resolution on your blog for anyone else who might be experiencing the same issue.


    Truphone Support Team

  5. Dear Tom,

    It appears that the problem is handset related.

    This is confirmed by the behaviour of the E65, as that is working correctly with the same Truphone settings that were on your E61.

    It’s unfortunate that we were unable to resolve this issue on your E61 but we assure you that every step was necessary in confirming the diagnosis.

    We will continue to investigate the issue with your E61 if you feel it necessary and if anyone else experiences this issue please submit a support request from your ‘My Account’ page on the Truphone website.

    We look forward to hearing your feedback on using Truphone with your E65.


    Truphone Support Team

  6. @Anthony – I agree that the issue appears to be handset model related. It is obviously not specifically related to my handset as wel set that back to factory defaults and still couldn’t get it working.

    It is a shame, because there are many other E61 users out there who are potential Truphone customers. Still, I’m sure you will get it sorted in time.

    @Antoin – Good question but I don’t think it was NAT related. The E65 works fine behind the same router!

  7. I’m not using truephone b’coz users r facing 2 much of problems in receiving the calls.I have been using skype.
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  8. Hi Tom,

    Just to clarify, this appears to be a handset comms error which we have seen occasionally on different handsets. Depending on the severity the fix usually lies within: a.Rebooting b.soft reset (retains data) c.hard reset (loses data).

    It is quite rare (which is no comfort, I know) and we do have many E61 users who have a fully working service.

    I’ll make sure your specific case is reviewed and give you the detailed fixes via your support ticket.


  9. Gavin,

    thanks for the clarification.

    Having tried a, b, and c to no avail I have to suspect that there is no way to get it working on that E61.

    In any case I have given the E61 away now (I’m using Truphone on my E65) so you can close the ticket.

  10. Well I am having problems with a Nokia N80I. Have updated the firmware on the phone, the Linksys WRT54G V5 router, turned off security on the router, disabled all firewalls, update the Truphone software to the latest 4.x version and still can’t get Truphone to work.

    Tried all of the suggested fixes, ports, transport, soft reset, and still nothing. I can browse the web and IM no problem, but forget Truphone.

    It is a shame, because I read such great reviews on the service 🙁

    Oh well, guess I will try another service, BTW there wasa nice post at this link reviewing seven different VOIP for mobile services.

    Slantie, from an Irish American with family in Drogheda. 🙂

  11. I’m having the same problem on a n82. I sent you guys an email about it. Hopefully I can get it resolved because truphone has been nothing but positive so far,


  12. Hi Nevis1,

    Please can you email detailing the problem.

    Was your handset originally an N80 and you have attempted to upgrade it to an N80ie? It’s possible that although you upgraded the firmware to 4.x it’s still only an N80 and doesn’t feature the Internet tel. folder needed to make internet calls. FYI Truphone supports the following N80ie firmware versions:

    @ Faryan – please email and we will assist you further.


  13. WEll dears, it’s been the third day that am ingnoring my kids in finding out a solution to this connectivity problems with truphone and Gizmo5 service. Both seemed quite a treat for someone who bought a new e51 mobile. HOwever either the registration fails or cant hear callers voice. Definitely this is a problem with NAT but what can any one do if your phone has to get connected via WLAN.
    Nokia guys, wake up… you need to find a solution to this matter. Yeah STUN is your solution but is it available to E51 handsets. I just updated my firmware but all in vain.

    can any one suggest a solution or Fring and Skype are the only solutions???

  14. My E61 was updated 12/28 firmware 3.0633.09.04
    I dont get voicemail or anything else “incoming”
    SOMEBODY ELSE answers my number!!!
    I called from a different phone to test incoming (very carefully checking the dialed number each time) and managed to really annoy some fellow who wonders why I keep calling him!!
    the outgoing is fine on wifi and 3g (tmobile in new york)

    somehow my number seems cross linked ????


  15. 1. The TruPhone user account page is defective. I paid for unlimited free calls. Don’t get it. User support is unwilling to help.
    2. As not everybody reads terms and conditions: they don’t refund the credit on your account if you are not happy with the product.
    3. Sound quality is reasonable, but often people claim to hear themselves. Quality on cheap satellite call providers is way better.
    4. The android app confused an android phone of us, wifi internet stopped working after installing truphone.

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