My move from OS X to Vista – Day 6

Good news for a change!

I received an email from Miel Van Opstal alerting me to the fact that NVIDIA has updated its video driver for the Vaio (Miel is the guy in charge of the Vaio Influencer program in Microsoft).

Previously SecondLife refused to run on the Vaio because of video driver issues. Steve Clayton had kindly offered to help out at MIX07 but that won’t be necessary now because the new driver which Miel emailed me about, fixed the problem (after I uninstalled and reinstalled SecondLife and restarted the Vaio!).

I have already wasted the morning grappling with Windows Live OneCare, I might as well blow the rest of the day now trying out SecondLife on Vista!

Thanks Miel.

3 thoughts on “My move from OS X to Vista – Day 6”

  1. Hey Tom

    if you can, still bring the machine to Mix as I now have the official CD from Sony with all the drivers (and apps) and there is even a driver and app for the fingerprint reader!

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