My move from OS X to Vista – Day 1

This is my first blog post from within Vista – I’ll try to put up a post a day on the move across.

Of course I am also moving from a Mac to a Sony Vaio so I will also be referencing that move in these posts.

The first thing I had to do when moving from my Mac to this Vista machine was to decide on a Windows compatible RSS reader. I use NetNewsWire on the Mac.

I quickly settled on Google Reader because I could quickly export my opml file from NetNewsWire, import it into Google Reader on the Mac, log into Google Reader on the Vaio and all my feeds were there. I realise NewsGator have an online reader which is sunched with my NetNewsWire which I could have used but Google Reader is the better product.

Then, I decided to try Outlook 2007 as my email client. The setup was painless enough (I went with IMAP so the mails will be left on the server and I will be able to retrieve them from the Mac if I revert!).

However I did run into one very annoying issue with Outlook 2007. When I exported my OPML file from NetNewsWire, I asked it to keep the folder structure I had set up. Google recognised this structure no problem at all however Outlook ignored the structure and just brought in the feeds. Worse than that, if you want to delete the feeds from Outlook, you have to select the feeds individually. With several hundred feeds, this took some time. Grrrr.

In fairness to Outlook though, I had exactly the same issues when I imported me feeds into Thunderbird. Annoying.

9 thoughts on “My move from OS X to Vista – Day 1”

  1. Welcome to Vista – I have been using it for about 3 weeks and the only problem has been Internet Explorer crashing every now and again. Oh and my Lexmark Printer has no drivers for Vista. But on the whole Vista is an improvement on XP

  2. OS X to windas is one thing, but from a Mac (Glory be to apple) to Sony … please tell me someone has nicked your Mac 🙂

  3. Try netvibes as an rss feed reader. Its online but it works like an online desktop with storage solutions and really nice flickr integration.

  4. Hi Tom – You should give GreatNews a try ( It’s a great desktop RSS reader that you can sync with Bloglines if you want.

    – Kris

  5. I can only assume that you’re doing this to atone for some sort of sin. The act of punishing yourself for bad deeds done in the past. Otherwise, you have truly gone insane 😉

  6. you have truly gone insane 😉

    lol Jon, a lot of people would tell you I have been quite insane for some time now!

    Having said that, the reason I am doing this is because Microsoft gave me a laptop with Vista installed with no obligations.

    I wanted to give them feedback on it in return and the best way to do that is to use the product.

    I have no doubt that I will revert to OS X very soon!

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