Irish Blog Awards 2007

I went along to the 2007 Irish Blog Awards on Saturday night and had an absolutely fantastic night. I met loads of people whose blogs I had only read before and caught up with lots of old friends. Brilliant. Can we do it again next week Damien?

Loads has already been written about it so I’ll keep this brief – all the awards won were richly deserved by the winners and the standing ovation for Damien shows how high a regard he is held in, and rightly so.

It was my first night out in quite a while (having very young kids will do that to you!) so despite having lined my stomach I was a little the worse for wear after the second sup!

Thanks to Damien for organising it, and to the sponsors and everyone else involved for making it a spectacular success.

11 thoughts on “Irish Blog Awards 2007”

  1. I did – the reference to my mother was a little insensitive seeing as she died in January. I assume the guys were unaware of that.

  2. Seriously insensitive.. Surely they were unaware of that.

    Fantastic photo though! 😉

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