Speeding up Mail.app

108,741 emails!

I read a posting on how to speed up Mail.app (my email client) which involved deleting the Envelope file and allowing Mail.app to re-import all emails and rebuild the file.

On doing this I got the dialog box above – 108,741 emails? Wow! I know I have around 10 years email stored but I never realised it would come to over 100,000 emails!

I’ll update this post with the results of the rebuild (in about an hour!).

One thought on “Speeding up Mail.app”

  1. I use Mail.app as well, now although i certainly dont have as many years worth of mails as you do im starting to wonder if its time to to move to the whole online storage of email , aka Web2.0.
    Currently I use mail.app for my mail , but is it really worth holding say 2 or 3 or 6 years worth of mail??
    This is why i like Gmail , for me in my own view it does a much better job of storeing and sorting your mails ( Labels, filters etc..etc..) and although harddrives are coming down in price i like the no hassle way that my mail is always online for me to look up when ever , where ever i need to.
    Also im waiting seeing what the next version will be like when OSx is updated in late March.

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