The real reason why Vista isn't selling?

Wow! Avowed Microsoft fanboy, Chris Pirillo, is dumping Windows Vista and reverting to Windows XP!

I’m “upgrading” from Windows Vista to Windows XP.

I stand by my original assertion that the shipping version of this OS is late beta, at best.

This is a serious blow for Microsoft – the fact that someone so publicly aligned to them would rubbish their latest OS cannot be good. I wonder does this mean Chris is withdrawing his offer to market Vista for Microsoft for $1m!!!

It looks like Steve Ballmer’s assertions that Vista’s poor sales were due to excessive piracy were a bit off the mark. No-one is going to want to pirate a duff OS.

A more likely explanation now (given Chris’ recent experiences with Vista) is that Vista’s poor sales are due to it being a lame duck operating system.

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  1. Once you upgrade memory just to stay at the same place as you are with XP, why not keep using XP and get a boost in system performance.

  2. My newish laptop came with Vista (I was expecting XP) and I’ve been playing with it a bit this morning. I like it and in flicking between it and my main machine, I’m more comfortable with Vista.

    But like a fool I took MS up on their discount offer for OneCare Beta testers (3 machines for €19.99 for a year). My experience with OneCare has been:

    * Final Beta would never install on a clean XP box
    * Released version works very well on XP and I’m a happy user
    * Released version giving stupid “Urgent contact help center” error about missing registration info on Vista. Even worse, depending on which help/info/account page I go to, it refers to my paid account, some 90-day trial I never took part in or or the superceded Beta version. Nowhere does this magical “activation” button appear for OneCare that the help refers to.

    You’d think they’d have done a bit more testing between their two new products. I’ve sent in a support request but my gut is telling me to uninstall and stick with AVG.

    I understand Chris’ frustration but a lot of it seems to be oriented around driver issues which bedevil any new OS. With a supported laptop I should be able to avoid that problem (by and large).

  3. I feel like this “anti-Vista” movement is growing. I saw a clip yesterday of Bill Gates doing some damage-control on CNN. And the interviewer says, flat out, “This looks like OS X.”

    A lot of pundits are chiming in, as to why this is happening. Probably the best I’ve read is on Media 3.0 (“Cracked Windows”
    ). There are just so may more options right now, and the operating system is losing its hold. Network applications are actually a possibility now. A new OS doesn’t hold the same cache.

    – Alyssa

  4. If you look back at almost every new release of Windows they got a slating, then users come around to thinking that it is actually not that bad after all. As someone pointed out, driver support seems to be giving the biggest problems.

  5. Well ever since ive switched to Apple OS X Ive been very happy, also all this messing around with Vista can only be a good thing for Steve Jobs when he releases the next version of OS X. Seems He was Smart enough to wait for MS to make a blunder, have upset users looking for a better solution and present them with OS X. perfect!

  6. vista needed to get drivers drivers drivers before its release. good example the probable demise of creative labs sound cards. I went to a local vendor and see they have removed all of creative labs sound cards because of no support of drivers for there cards. shame on bill gates. unhappy user : vista 64 bit ultimate

  7. The drivers is one issue..the real issue is how much more money do we have to issue just to get Vista to accept the issue with our hardware and some software issues? I mean ‘comon now…the hardware and software I have in my PC is not that old and finding updated drivers for hardware for Vista is really a nightmare with it’s “can’t find driver” B.S. pop-ups all the friggin time. It’s all about money to these S.O.B’s. Don’t get me wrong..but I am tired of everytime MickeySoft do a new O.S..they have a compatibilty issue with a vendor or some sort..I’m a working class man that have to work hand in hand with everyone…why can’t MickeySoft?…my two cents for what it’s worth…

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