How to annoy people when you launch

Via Bernie and Robert Scoble I heard about Sharpcast.

Sharpcast has one product, called Sharpcast Photos which does:

Automatic backup, effortless sharing and anywhere-access for your photo collection. Your PC, the web and optionally your mobile phone working as one.

It sounded like a cool idea until I saw the requirements to get it to work – “Windows XP only”

Wtf? As a Mac user, I’m used to being disenfranchised but not even Vista or Windows 2000?

Now that’s how to annoy people when you launch!

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  1. well, it has just been launched, maybe they will support different OS systems in time, as a mac user, i’ve become used to this feature is not available for apple pcs 🙁

  2. Sheesh, get a *real* operating system

    OS X is a real OS and a dman good one at that, I find it hard to believe that someone can stand up for Windows. What with all the security problems and not to mention stealing the “Gadgets” idea from Mac’s “Widgets”.

    and if you push me on it Apple were the first to include the File ,Edit View etc. bars on the interface.

  3. They are working on a Mac version. Coming soon

    Thanks Robert – what about versions to run on Vista or Windows 2000? Any idea if they intend to support those OSes?

    JW, Bernard was only trolling above. I have used Bernard’s PowerMac. He is a Mac user.

  4. JW


    That only took 3 hours for someone to bite the bait!

    I use a Mac. Jeez, can’t you take a joke?!

    not to mention stealing the “Gadgets” idea from Mac’s “Widgets”.

    Mac’s “widgets” are actually from Konfabulator firstly.

  5. JW, Bernard was only trolling above. I have used Bernard’s PowerMac. He is a Mac user.

    Thanks Tom! Had a slow moment today in the office…

  6. Sharpcast Photos will work on Vista. We just haven’t finished the QA on Vista yet and have a few kinks to worok out before we name it as a fully supported platform on our website.

    – Allen @ Sharpcast

  7. Mac’s “widgets” are actually from Konfabulator firstly.

    I stand corrected and that’s probably enough quoting for one day.

  8. Tom,

    This is Gibu Thomas, CEO of Sharpcast.

    We will have a native Mac client for Hummingbird. Hummingbird will extend the current Sharpcast experience beyond Photos to any other file type. Currently, you can experience Sharpcast Photos on the Mac via a web browser or thru the iPhoto uploader. We are also working on a Vista build.

    We initially decided against building a native Mac Photos application, because iPhoto is so dominant (and good). So, we are working on making Hummingbird be that bridge between a Mac and a PC. Of course, it is unfortunate that you can’t sync real-time (or at all) into iPhoto, so if people get excited about Sharpcast and there is a clear market opportunity for a native Sharpcast Photos app on the Mac where we can add value with some of our unique real-time sync/collaboration capabilities, we will revisit our decision.

    The hardest decision as a startup is to pick the right things to work on — you make hard choices every day to make sure you do a few things right, have a few wins and live to fight another day. Sometimes, it ends up disappointing some people in the short run, such as the Mac user in this case (although you have to concede that the iPhoto uploader and the browser interface are a small step in the right direction).

    I hope you can appreciate our logic, whether you agree with it or not. Meanwhile, I would encourage everyone to check out the power of the hybrid Sharpcast rich-client/thin-client experience that offers the best of both worlds and some really awesome collaboration abilities. And stay tuned for Hummingbird. I think you will be pleased.



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