ATT closing down Iowa call subsidies?

I see Paul Kaputska, writing in GigaOm has reported that ATT are trying to shut down the law which has them subsidising calls made out of Iowa.

The most significant line in the piece was this one:

while the suit’s merit can certainly be contested, what it does immediately is give AT&T a legal reason to stall payments of such monthly bills, which could effectively strong-arm the startups out of business.

So now we see the real thinking – this is just a way for AT&T to get out of paying its bills.

What will this do for the cost of calls out of Iowa (and the ret of the US by extension) now?

3 thoughts on “ATT closing down Iowa call subsidies?”

  1. Jaysus Pat, I’m already heavily subsidising your hosting (esp. your bandwidth consumption!).

    Are you trying to rape me completely?


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