8 thoughts on “More lies from Bill Gates about Vista”

  1. Tom,

    I hate to tell you this, but if Bill Gates ever catches up with you he is going to give you an unmerciful beating.

  2. Tom,

    I hate to tell you this, but if Bill Gates ever catches up with you he is going to give you an unmerciful beating. That’s twice you have called him a liar.

  3. To be honest, it was such a blatant piece of lying, it was almost funny. I don’t know how clued in Bill Gates is to the tech world at the moment – it’s fully possible he believes the hype.

  4. Paul – in that case he will have a lot of beating to do – I’m far from being alone in calling him that!

    Jan, it is possible, but I think it is more likely he is saying these things in mainstream media, secure in the knowledge that the interviewer won’t question the veracity of what he is saying. A couple of tech publications will pick up on it but 99% of those who saw the original interview will never be aware of the inaccuracy.

    Gerry, fabulous! You gotta love the JoT!

  5. David Maynor, one of the guys behind the Apple Wi-Fi driver hacks which were swept under the carpet by Apple PR a few months has an interesting take on it, most of his recent posts have been about it actually, but this one in particular is interesting:


    Take a seat, hold your hats because I am about to make a declaration: Windows Vista is more secure than OSX 10.4.8. Anybody that tells you anything different should immediately be treated with the same disdain as finding a parking ticket on your car.

    Whilst what Bill Gates said is definitely not true, projects like the month of apple bugs show just how much attention OSX is starting to get.

    Looking at simple charts like this one from the interesting Matsano Chargen blog show that Vista has a pretty in depth multi layered well thought out security model.

    How it holds up in practice will be interesting to see.

    Based on what I’ve read about Vista, Bill Gates has every reason to be bullish.

  6. Michael

    Apple didn’t need to sweep anything under the carpet about the alleged “Apple Wi-Fi driver hacks”, because it was bullshit from start to finish. See John Gruber’s thorough filleting of the whole thing:

    The Curious Case of the Supposed MacBook Wi-Fi Hack

    A Bit More Regarding the MacBook Wireless Security Saga

    An Open Challenge to David Maynor and Jon Ellch

    Update on the MacBook Wi-Fi Exploit Challenge

    Lies, Damned Lies, and MacBook Wi-Fi Hacks

    (Sorry Tom, that lot will definitely end up in the moderation queue.)

    Any thoughtful Mac commentator will not jump up and down and stamp their feet if Bill Gates claims that Vista’s security is rock-solid, or even if he argues that it is better than OS X. The jury is still out on that one, and he may well be right. But he doesn’t need to tell lies about the competition in order to promote his own product.

    By the way, The Macalope takes Maynor’s post apart here

  7. Gerry,

    I had rather a long reply to you almost ready to go. Unfortunately I closed the tab by accident. In retrospect that’s probably for the best 🙂

    I’ll leave the Apple vs MS arguing to Charlie Brooker who said it far better than I ever could in yesterdays guardian,
    I hate Macs

    * I don’t actually hate Macs, I have one, my wife has one, we both have iPods etc. In fact if there was a sub notebook sized MacBook Pro I would probably buy one.

    I will however contend that despite Grubers “filleting” the Apple WiFi bugs were a real and exploitable issue and that the particular class of bugs they uncovered will continue to be on OSX, Linux, *BSD and even Windows.

    If you want to waste a Saturday actually exploring the issue and trying to verify it for yourself then download Metasploit, browse the month of kernel bugs, tinker with LorCon and read Exploiting 802.11 Wireless Driver Vulnerabilities on Windows.

    Personally, I would rather take my Son to the park 🙂

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