Congrats Walter

Congrats to Walter Higgins of sxoop for getting another positive review for his pxn8 (an online photo editing app) on TechCrunch today.

The TechCrunch article is a review of six online photo editors and of pxn8 TechCrunch says:

PXN8 is the best of the Ajax based editors (and the best overall until Picnik launched) and has a great user interface with the main features highlighted on large icons. The basic “enhance” feature does a very good job of fixing the obvious problems with pictures. Edited photos can be transferred to Flickr or Webshots’ AllYouCanUpload service.

I see Conor has written this up too.

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  1. Thanks Tom,

    Load averages are holding up quite well considering I’ve added some new features and am getting techcrunched at the moment.


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