The sad demise of Bifsniff cartoons – sniff!

I was very sad to read that Bifsniff will no longer be releasing their weekly cartoons – at least not for the foreseeable future:

This does mean that the cartoons are now officially on hold for the time being – possibly forever.

I regularly use their cartoons in my presentations and I have had their widget brightening up my sidebar for quite a while now so I am sorry to see it go.

I have replaced the Bifsniff cartoons with a widget which displays Hugh MacLeod’s brilliant cartoons.

If you are still seeing the Bifsniff cartoons in the sidebar, that’s caching, they’ll be gone as soon as the cache updates.

2 thoughts on “The sad demise of Bifsniff cartoons – sniff!”

  1. Actually the cartoons are finished permanently, unless Frank decides to carry on without me.

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