Slow news day at Valleywag

It really must have been a slow day at Valleywag yesterday for them to put up a clip of Bill Gates leaving the stage after his interview with Jon Stewart’s Today Show.

The title of the Valleywag post was “Bill Gates walks out of Daily Show” – implying that he walked out in the middle of the interview after taking umbrage at some of Jon Stewart’s comments.

The truth of the matter is that he exchanged pleasant goodbyes at the end of the interview, got up and left.

Judge for yourself

EDIT: – D’oh! Post updated to correct an error made when embedding the video.

3 thoughts on “Slow news day at Valleywag”

  1. I completely agree Tom, must have been a really slow day and I think the headline sensationalism is pretty childish for such a high profile site.
    Others thought so too according to the commeents!

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