Off to HostelWorld

HostelWorld is one of the world’s larger travel companies and their annual conference is a big affair.

This year the Hostelworld conference is on in Dublin on Jan 29th and 30th.

They have asked me to give a talk on the opening morning to the conference delegates about Web 2.0 and its affects on their industry. I’ll also be participating in a workshop in the afternoon.

It promises to be an interesting event.

Now I better go and do up a presentation!!!

6 thoughts on “Off to HostelWorld”

  1. Nice gig Tom – enjoy. Will be interesting to see if their audience are more receptive to Web2.0 stuff than the trade attendees at the Failte Ireland conference I attended last Autumn.


  2. Web 2.0 would be to allow me to a) select all kind of rooms I really want (no, I am not interested in dorms, don’t show them to me) and b) only show the ones I could get because they are free (do not show me the ones I actually can never book because there is a day missing) and provide me with the information I need (Wireless? Costs? Next metro station? Map location?)

    Just to name a few. 😉
    Have fun.

  3. “enjoy. Will be interesting to see if their audience are more receptive to Web2.0 stuff than the trade attendees”

    Too right. I chaired a conference full of people that manage trade associations and professional bodies in the UK. I had to quickly changed my opening presentation from Web 2.0 to why you should have a Web site!

  4. Hiya Tom,

    I was at the Hostelworld conference and just wanted to say thanks.
    Opened my eyes in a whole new light… Off to read some blogs 🙂


  5. Hi Tom,

    I attended the conference and I was F… amazed by the stuff you showed us. Thanks!


  6. Man, I didn’t even know about this conference until I just found this (now old) blog post. I totally would have loved to see what web 2.0 stuff was presented, as opposed to some of the more generic travel conferences I have attended. We’ve done some ourselves (but I’ll refrain from splattering a link in here) so I think we’re on the right track but something this focused would be a very worthy resource to attend, me thinks.

    Their conference site still shows 2007 dates. Any ideas when the 2008 conference will be?

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