WordPress 2.1 due out later today

The next version of WordPress – version 2.1 is to be released later today and Aaron Brazell has a good post outlining 10 features of WordPress 2.1 you should be aware of.

One that I love is the AutoSave feature. I have lost several posts during writing which I wouldn’t have lost if I had this feature. Another is the upgrade tool – that’s right, WordPress 2.1 on installation will automatically upgrade your previous installation making the whole installation process that much easier, it seems.

Looking forward to giving 2.1 a whirl!

3 thoughts on “WordPress 2.1 due out later today”

  1. Thanks for the heads up and the link. I hope my critical plugins (Spam Karma, for instance) don’t suffer from this transition.

  2. It looks like one feature, which a few people I know were looking for, is coming too. That is the ability to export from wordpress.com and import to a wordpress.org installation for those who are ready to make the transition to managing their own WordPress.

    It sounds like the Rich Text Editor is improved too. I had the old one turned off by default due to it mangling much of my hand-entered markup.

  3. No problem Milan – I hope so to although it looks like the WP team have done a lot to ease the transition.

    Conor, I saw the rich text editor was improved – I’ll reserve judgement on that until I see it. Like you I turn it off on my blogs too.

    I wasn’t aware of the WordPress.com import tool though. Great idea. WordPress just gets better and better.

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