Roam4free goes live

Finally after months and months of long hours and lots of hard work Pat Phelan’s site went live this evening.

Roam4free is a site where you can buy a SIM card online for your mobile phone to use if you are traveling abroad. If you use the Roam4free SIM card in your phone, you can receive calls free of charge (as opposed to the extortionate roaming charges the mobile operators charge) and you can make calls for a fraction of the normal cost.

Roam4free SIM cards are €20 each and include €5 call credit.

Well worth it if you are a frequent traveler.

Well done Pat. A couple of quick questions for you though which are not obvious to me from the FAQ:
1. Can I get an Irish Roam4free number (or do people who want to call me have to call a non-Irish number)?
2. Can I get access to 3G/GPRS services abroad with the Roam4free card? and
3. Can I keep my old number of have my calls forwarded from my regular number to my Roam4free number?

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  1. Hi Tom
    will update asap
    thanks for the link, just FYI
    1. The number that comes standard with the sim is a European mobile number. 21c per minute to user on jajah
    2. Sim is 2.5G so no data plan yet,hoping to upgrade to 3g within 6 months
    3.forwarding is done from your handset, so up to yourself.

    We will be offering premium accounts in phase two, users will be able to pick a USA/UK fixed number and we will port it to the sim.

  2. Tom,

    Did it ever occur to you to ask Pat directly about the three questions that you raised, rather than bring them up publicly on a Blog? Why make someone look bad in public when you can ask Pat privately and get the improvements made to the FAQ. Stroking you own ego in public doesn’t suit you.

    Pat: Brilliant service, and I can promise you that I’ll be using it before long.


  3. FAQ updated thanks,if anyone thinks of anything else maybe they might add it here,it would be great to get some new perspectives.
    thanks Tom

  4. Sean,

    I don’t believe asking him questions makes him look bad. Rather, I think, it gives Pat a chance to answer the questions which occurred to me, quickly (before he gets a chance to update the faq), and in a way which gives everyone access to the questions.

    Pat, do you feel I made you look bad? If so, I apologise unreservedly.

  5. I should also add Sean, that the nature of blogs is to have open, transparent conversations.

    That it what I do on my blog. I am not interested in stroking my ego (doesn’t that make you go blind? 😉 )

  6. Hi Pat,

    I don’t to make anyone look bad, blind, or have their hands where they shouldn’t be! 🙂

    It sounds like a great service Pat, and hopefully will give those operators *still* charging for roaming a good kick!

    3.forwarding is done from your handset, so up to yourself.

    Is there a charge for this? If you forwarded calls from a cellphone, there is usually a call charge for this outgoing call.

    I hope to get a chance to try out your service at some point.


    And Tom – for the love of God-put your ego away! 😛


  7. Sean I’ve no idea who you are (since you left no link) but I’d recommend you follow Robert Scoble’s blog for a few months to get an understanding of how open transparent blogging works before jumping on Tom.

    I myself am far from an A-list blogger so I feel very free to offer my opinions (good and bad) on products and services from companies big and small. Whether it’s eircom or a web 2.0 startup I’ll say what’s on my mind. Why should it be any different for Tom? Why should he be restricted in what he says by his A-list status? Not that this A-list, B-list stuff really matters but I’ve no intention of changing my own blogging style regardless of what ‘division’ I’m in. Blogging is all about the un-edited human voice. And if you don’t like that voice…. unsubscribe!

    Sorry Tom for going off-topic but I’m fed up with the Tall Poppy Syndrome.

  8. And Tom – for the love of God-put your ego away!

    LOL Bernard

    Sorry Tom for going off-topic but I’m fed up with the Tall Poppy Syndrome.

    No worries James – thanks a million for calling me an A-Lister. Personally, I’d subscribe to your blog long before I’d subscribe to mine!!!

    After reading your post and seeing how positive your comments were we have decided to give away a windows mobile device for any helpful comments and feedback on roam4free site.
    I have entered you in competition

    Fantastic Pat – better yet, skip the competition and simply sent me the phone 😉

  9. Pat,

    I have some question about services.

    How much is a international SMS message from roam4free?
    within the Countries with free incoming calls I suppose incoming SMS messages to the SIM is free, and incoming SMS messages to the SIM bieng outside free incoming countries, are they charged or free? how much?

    The SIM number is an Irish mobile number? or Liechcehstien mobile number? can u provide me the SIM’s belonging country code?

    thank you for your attention,

    Good luck for your good product, I wish sucess for all you bloggers/owners/posters


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