Happy whatever!

It used to be so simple. We lived in monocultural, monoethnic, Catholic Ireland. This time of year we simply said “Happy Christmas” to everyone.

Now Ireland has changed (and even if it didn’t, along came the Internet and connected everywhere to everywhere) so I guess I should say Happy Whatever to one and all!

Enjoy the break.

I’m off from the 27th December to the 7th of January on a house swap to Spain. Really looking forward to it. Look after the Tubes while I’m gone!

3 thoughts on “Happy whatever!”

  1. Actually, I think you should just say Happy Christmas. The Web has been made available to us since TimBL wrote the first browser in 1991…

    I know you’re not hinting at anything but I personally feel that too many do-gooders top celebrating (or talking about) Christmas at their place of work based on the stupid assumption that it might offend some people. When in fact, it doesn’t offend anyone.

    So, happy Christmas Tom 🙂

  2. Even “Happy …” will offend some people. I work in a large multi-cultural company and some of my colleagues consider “Happy Chistmas” to be cultural impearlism or religious imperalism. Even just “Seasons Greetings” offends people who celebrate a week or two earlier (amazing how thin-skinned people are). So I now just say “Enjoy the Holidays”. After all, noone can argue that it is a Holiday, even if they don’t celebrate Christmas during it.

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