Sam Sethi's personal blog disabled by Loic?

Ben Metcalf is reporting that Sam Sethi’s Typepad personal blog has been disabled.

Typepad is the company Loic Le Meur works for and Sam recently wrote a post on Techcrunch UK critical of the Le Web conference organised by Loic.

This definitely sounds too incredible to be true – it will be interesting to see how this one is explained.

Sam says his account has been deleted on Twitter.

via Ewan

[UPDATE] – Ben left a comment below to say they haven’t disabled Sam’s account.

10 thoughts on “Sam Sethi's personal blog disabled by Loic?”

  1. Even worse. Truth is : Sam Sethi has been FIRED from Techcrunch UK for criticizing le Web 3 conference on its poste. LLM called him an “asshole” too…then apologized later (just check tag “leweb3” or “sarkzy lemeur” on Technorati for full coverage)

  2. Tom, isn’t it a coincidence that we discussed the ethics of deleting comments with Sam only last week when we unanimously voted against it.

    When it comes to enabling trust on the Web using codes of conduct, some people will naturally make the wrong assumption that it’s about ‘policing’. However, if there was a code of conduct for say, blogging, wouldn’t it be beneficial to know that respected bloggers didn’t join the dark side by acting in unethical and untrustworthy ways – or.

    Ok, some people won’t care, but some might…

  3. Yes Pierre,

    I think what Sam was saying was not that his site had been deleted but that his access to it has been disabled so he is unable to add new posts to it.

  4. Just wanted to update you with the news that SixApart are saying that they haven’t done anything to Sam’s account. I updated my blog with this news this morning, but wanted to make sure that was reflected in this story.

  5. ooop’s looks like someone is heading for the doll que lol

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