Le Web 3 – I want a refund

Here is the text of an email I just sent to Le Web 3 organiser Loic Le Meur:


I am furious at the way you arbitrarily decided to change the Le Web conference schedule without any notification to the people who paid good money and took valuable time out of their schedules to attend.

I decided to attend the conference based on the published schedule. The schedule as published was very different from the conference which actually took place. This is false advertising as far as I am concerned.

I would like a refund of my money because I wasn’t given the conference I paid for.

Yours sincerely,


It will be interesting to see what, if any response there will be. Has anyone else asked for a refund?

13 thoughts on “Le Web 3 – I want a refund”

  1. Mmmmm…. think people might have a case here with regards the conference. Pity to see TechCrunch UK and Ireland “go that way”. I think if everyone should subscribe to Sethi’s
    http://www.vecosys.com/ then “people” who run syndicated business’s like this will think twice before dropping the hatchet like this.

    I don’t have all the news on this, so I will wait until some semblance of “the facts” are in.

  2. It’s fairly standard practice among legally-aware conference organisers to include something like “the organisers reserve the right to rearrange and/or substitute lectures” or something about a provisional schedule etc. If they didn’t, and you paid/entered into a contract on that basis, you might be on to something (even if only for the point of proving the point).

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