Le Web 3 – no Irish need apply!

There were several sms polls at Le Web 3 yesterday but only participants from 8 of the 38 countries represented at the conference could participate (see below).

Ireland was not one of the chosen countries.

I’d love to know on what basis the 8 countries were chosen.

No Irish need apply

10 thoughts on “Le Web 3 – no Irish need apply!”

  1. And all that we did to help the French in ’98! Ungrateful frogs! That would be 1798, of course, a time when Ireland was a hotbed of startup activity. And then there was the time we prayed for the success of Napolean, and he within a a puck of the ball from routing the hated English who subjected the European home of Google and Microsoft to rapine and pillage. And what about all the Wild Geese we sent to fight in the wars of France? All we get now from them is the back of the hand and Bordeaux at inflated prices. Bygob, we’re better treated today by them Vikings, who once defaced our round towers, and they the 11th wonder of the civilized world. No, Tom, you’re right. This is one more example of the EU bullying the weak and the small. But, come to think of it, we did get billions and billions from them during the last 30 ood years.

  2. Good point. I think the selection has got something to do with the number of people from each country, looking at the graph http://www.loiclemeur.com/france/ExcelCapture001.jpg that seems to be correct for at least the first 5 countries on the list (apart from the US) but after that … still it shouldn’t have been a voting for just 8 countries, when you are proud to have 36 countries present.

  3. Come on guys. Don’t start a war with France because Ireland was not one of the listed countries for SMS votes.

    There’s probably some technical reasons for this.

    And Eamonn, please explain me in what EU, Napoleon and the vickings are related with SMSConnect which is a Swiss based company ?!

    Btw, the good news is that you saved 0.5€ / vote 😉

  4. Fabrice,

    it didn’t have anything to do with France. It was the conference organisers.

    Loic proudly boasted of the number of countries attending the event (36) and yet put in place a voting system which only catered to 8 of them – guaranteeing to piss off 28 other countries.

    I would have suggested an online poll but the wifi didn’t work either so that would have pissed off 36 of 36 countries!

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