3 thoughts on “TechCrunch UK in trouble?”

  1. I left a comment here to explain why the TechCrunch site was down but that seems to have been deleted? We decided last night at 2am to move the site to a faster dedicated site. Apologies to any reader who were inconvenienced.

  2. Sam,

    Unlike TechCrunch UK, legitimate comments are NEVER deleted off this site.

    Having said that some people have had problems leaving comments on this site – are you sure your comment posted successfully?

    If indeed you did leave a comment, give me an indication of the time you left it and I can check the Akismet queue to see if Akismet thought it was spam for any reason.

  3. No, your site’s still (in my experience of the last few days) mostly not bothering to accept comments from the posting form, returning a blank page instead.

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