The IIA Netvisionary awards were held last night in Killiney Castle hotel.

Twenty Major won the best blog category and Brian Greene won the best podcast – both richly deserved.

Twenty contacted me a couple of weeks back and asked me to accept the award on his behalf, on the offchance that he won, as he wasn’t going to be able to make it along.

To the guests on the night though, it must have looked like some kind of bad movie when Twenty’s name was called out and I stood up to accept. “Ah no, quick before he makes an even bigger eejit of himself, someone tell Tom it was Twenty won, not Tom”

A great night was had – thanks to all involved and sincere congrats to all the winners.

6 thoughts on “Netvisionaries”

  1. Tom, sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet up last night. I was there but when I went looking to mingle you had probably left.

    Rumours from our table were that Twenty Major is Batman and you’re essentially Bruce Wayne?

    There’s even talk of language analysis of both blogs to look for patterns 😉

  2. LOL Lar,

    I’d love to be able to claim that I am half as talented as Twenty but alas, it is not so.

    Language analysis aside, just remember, Twenty is based in Dublin (as would be obvious to anyone reading his blog) and I live in Cork.

    In fact, in making my plans to go to the event, I only realised a couple of days before the event just how far Killiney is from the airport!

  3. Thomas – just IM’d Brian and he’s having a prob with his domain just now. It should be sorted shortly.

    Check back in about 30 minutes.

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