Any questions for Eddie Hobbs?

Eddie Hobbs is an Irish television presenter and financial adviser. He is also a speaker at the 2006 it@cork annual conference where he’ll be speaking about advantages of investing in IT as opposed to property.

I will be interviewing him tomorrow (Tuesday November 7th) as part of the pre-conference podcasts.

If you have any questions you’d like me to put to him, feel free to leave them in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Any questions for Eddie Hobbs?”

  1. Will you tone down the Cork accent, and stop making us all sound like boggers?

    Ok, I’ll behave, serious question: Does he consider himself an activist on financial issues, and if so what’s to come? Or was it just about the tv fees? (Not being smart, it’s a legitimate interest, I’d just like to be clear on Eddie’s intentions.)

    Tom, do you do transcripts of the podcasts? I hate listening to the things, but I’m often fascinated by the content.

  2. — what really happened with the court case over the Village magazine story that he was restricted from being a company director after the Taylor Investment company went bust.

    — will he now allow Village to print the article?

  3. Hi Tom;

    Although I don’t know Eddie, I am looking forward to listening to the podcast.

    Best regards to you for an awesome week!

  4. dahamsta, I don’t do transcripts of my podcasts (it would take faaaaar too much time) but I do publish show notes with time stamps on questions so you can skip to particular questions if they are of interest.

  5. Hi Tom I hear Irish Nationwide is going to be sold this year. I have four thousand euro sitting in an account there as shares. what can I expect to recieve when its sold ? thanks very much.

  6. Frank, apologies but the interview was last November. Thanks for taking the time to read the post and comment though.


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