Can anyone get Jajah working on mobiles?

I have been using Jajah‘s service to make cheap calls from my landline (15c per minute from Ireland to Spanish mobiles) but I have failed to get it working on my mobile.

I have a Nokia N70 and I downloaded the software for Jajah onto my mobile. The Jajah software is supposed to detect when a call is being made from your mobile to an international number and take over the call transparently to you, saving you a fortune in mobile call costs.

However, on my N70, anytime I tried to make an international call, they never connected. This caused me considerable hassle recently when I was in the UK and couldn’t make any calls to people I was supposed to be meeting in London as they were on “international” numbers.

I had to figure out how to disable Jajah to get any work done.

The service sounds promising, but if it causes a technophile this amount of hassle, how will non tech people get it working?

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  1. I had the same problem Tom and I gave up in frustration. I uninstalled it. Don’t know if it has anything to do with my phone now randomly trying to connect to Vodafone ISP.

  2. There could be a number of reasons why you could not place a call through JAJAH on the n70.

    Your best bet is to contact JAJAH support and tell them what kind of error message/behaviour you are getting.

    Their usual response time is under 15 hours.

  3. jajist – as a result of this post, Jajah contacted me and the issue is now resolved (by downloading a newer version of the software!).

  4. I am getting sick and tired that not only the phone calls do not go
    through, but my telephones are getting blocked (this morning so far for 30 minutes), because jajah is too busy.
    Jajah has to have a disconnection system or will start losing customers.

  5. Did anyone figure out how to disable Jajah on your computer? I can’t click numerical links because they always launch Jajah!! That means I can’t track packages, order numbers, etc. It always launches the damn Jajah!! Looking on the Jajah site for help is a joke.

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