Any questions for Kim Cameron?

Kim Cameron is Microsoft’s Identity Chief and as such is responsible for developing InfoCard – Microsoft’s successor to the much reviled Passport. Kim elucidated the Seven Laws of Identity and is developing InfoCard to conform to those laws. If he manages this, he will have changed fundamentally how Microsoft deals with people.

Kim is also responsible for Microsoft recently releasing 35 pieces of IP and promising to never charge for them.

I will be interviewing Kim this coming Tuesday (Oct 24th) for a PodLeaders podcast – if you have any questions you’d like me to ask Kim, feel free to leave them in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Any questions for Kim Cameron?”

  1. What’s cooking on the identity managemnt front at MSFT? We’ve been hearing about this on and off for a while – we need progress if we’re not to be weighed down byt having to remember so many usernames and passwords for the servics we consume.

  2. Enabling the authentication of ID in a meaningful way that is, for lack of a better expression “out of band” seems critical. For example the success of a token generator card. While the its effective, it doesnt reach the masses sitting in front of a PC involved in social networking situations or on line transactions such as a fidelity account mgmt where someone certainly could steal enough information concerning pw and login access. Where could you see this going with cellular devices that are registered to user?

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