6 thoughts on “Confirm your email address – why?”

  1. To the annoyance of whoever is sitting beside me while form filling; it’s a question I’ve been asking for years. Copy and paist is what I end up doing half of the time. Then again I’ve started a bad habit of spelling gmail.com as ‘gamil.com’.

  2. Savvy users generally copy and paste, non-savvy users generally don’t. Guess which ones are more susceptible to typos?

  3. dahamsta summed it up quite nicely. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a new member on your site with an obvious spelling error in their email address and you know they never got their password. Actually, even more frustrating is to have two new members – one with a misspelled email address and another, obviously the same person, with the correct one.

  4. >>No details received? Then you check what email details you entered.

    If the email address is the username, as it is in many systemes, how do you check the details if you’ve no way to recover them?

  5. Yes it really does get annoying having to confirm your e-mail address. Like what if your computer is really really slow and it takes 5 minutes to download something.Maybe it just doesnt send the e-mail confim thingy and you get angry.Seriously i really think its dumb and its annoying.Thats what i truly think of it.

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