WIT Workshop

The business blogging workshop I held in Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) yesterday seemed to go very well. The online feedback was very positive as were a lot of the comments during the course of the day.

The workshop itself was quite challenging to pitch because the attendees spanned communications, marketing, business development and deep tech. Some had been blogging for years, some never read blogs and a couple were in-between!

What I decided to do was let the attendees tell me their reasons for attending the course, and I then structured the workshop on the fly to try to address those needs. This approach, although more difficult than working through a prepared presentation, worked quite well – particularly because I made it a very interactive day for the attendees. We had some great discussions and addressed issues directly relevant to those who were present.

2 thoughts on “WIT Workshop”

  1. I didn’t attend the talk Tom but I had a couple of those who did come up to me the next day and tell me how good it was. Good job, it isn’t easy explaining blogging even to techies 🙂

  2. Hi Tom

    I’m only just getting around to sorting out my new blog life but I wanted to thank you for a great workshop. It was fascinating and opened up a whole new world of marketing opportunities. I was at a workshop about driving traffic to your site, which was basically about search engine optimisation. It was useful but they didn’t mention blogs at all.

    Anyway, thanks again

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