Firefox 2.0 rc2 GB keeps crashing

I downloaded the latest Firefox rc2 this morning. Being based in Ireland I downloaded the English (British) version for my Mac because there is an inbuilt spell checker and I didn’t want all my spelling flagged as incorrect by a US spell checker!

Why is spell checking important in a browser? Well, I write all my blog posts and comments in the browser so having an inbuilt spell checker is, to my mind, invaluable.

However, when I fired it up, it froze on startup! I restarted it and it got going this time. However, it froze twice more, necessitating a force quit and a re-start of the browser. To add insult to injury, the spell checker isn’t available in the English (British) version of Firefox!

I have now downloaded the US version and it appears, so far, to be more stable. Oh, and the spell checker works in this version but it marks colour as a mis-spelling 🙁

Yes, I know I can teach it the spellings but I was hoping to avoid having to do this.

2 thoughts on “Firefox 2.0 rc2 GB keeps crashing”

  1. I had exactly the same issue with an earlier beta. Below is what I posted to another forum to sort it out and I guess it should still work with the RC2 release. As I’ve updated to each version its kept the UK dictionary….

    I downloaded and installed the Firefox 2.0 beta 1 ready to be impressed by the new spell checking feature only to be disappointed when it didn’t work.

    I thought there must be an option to switch it on that I’d missed but couldn’t find it. I discovered that the international versions have had the feature removed because there is a licensing issue described here in the Firefox status meeting 2006-03-07.

    To overcome this problem I downloaded the US version of Fx2.0 and installed it over my copy. This created the [C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 1] \dictionaries folders.

    From this page I downloaded my local dictionary and opened it up in 7-zip. I extracted the two dictionary files (*.aff & *.dic) to the \dictionaries folder and when restarting Fx I was able to right-click on a misspelt word and change the language.

  2. I am running Version 2.0 Firefox Standard US release and it locks up average 2 times a day. 1.x version seemed to work much btter on the same machine. I am praying for an update soon. However it could just be a bad installation on my machine.

    Pehaps the fact that I installed IE7 a few minutes later had something to do with it *insert evil laugh here* perhaps monkey boy wants to burry firefox! Conspiracy theories are so much more fun that reality.

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