Aer Lingus and punctuality!

Punctuality and Aer Lingus

This is a photo I took in Zurich airport recently. The tv screen says Boarding at 15:00 while the clock on the right (correctly) shows the time as being 15:15. We didn’t get to board until nearly 15:25.

Even in Switzerland, where everything is supposed to run like clockwork, Aer Lingus manage to be late.

You wouldn’t mind so much if they only told us what was going on and when we were likely to be boarding.


2 thoughts on “Aer Lingus and punctuality!”

  1. Welcome to the exciting world of modern air travel. Any frequent flier will tell you that on that flight you got off extremely lightly. Complaints about not being told what’s going on… well depending on the airport, sometimes the departure screeens and then the gate screens can be widely out of sync, so it’s worth heading over and seeing if both screens are the same. I find it difficult to take when people storm around to any staff they can spot and demand an update on their flight. The plane will get there when it gets there. There’s a lot of narrow AI and hard working individuals at work to get your plane there as quickly as possible, so why get upset?

  2. There are so many variables involved in air travel,
    that it is almost impossible, for a flight to be on time. I would be content to run a little bit late on a flight, knowing that everything is being done to secure my safety.

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