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I’m delighted to see that all my nagging of my old friend John Prendergast has paid off and he has started a blog!

However, I wouldn’t have been more surprised if it was about crochet! I never knew John was a closet golf fan.

John’s is the Ryder Cup blog (the Ryder cup is the biennial golf competition between Europe and the US). The Ryder cup is being held in Ireland this year.

John has all the Ryder Cup info on his blog from the Park and Ride facilities to security arrangements (no mobile phones allowed – security my arse, they just don’t want any camera phones getting news out before Sky do!) to player profiles.

John also makes use of Microsoft’s Live Local mapping to put up maps of the area and he has and a great looking template too.

Good stuff John – as someone who knows nothing about golf, even I found this site interesting!

2 thoughts on “Ryder Cup blog”

  1. Thanks Tom,

    Crochet patterns are in the post!

    You’re right of course – my antipathy to golf is no secret. I started the RyderDiary as a discipline – could I blog about something that I was not passionate about and still create something useful? Well I’ve certainly managed to blog about it (I’m a mine of information on the Ryder Cup and could probably bore for Ireland on the topic) – the jury’s still out on whether it’s useful or not I guess!

    The reason I started the blog was so that I could speak from experience on content generation. I’ve been advocating blogging to clients for quite a while and have been intrigued by the slow rate of blogging. Now I know why – It’s damn hard work!

    The funny thing is that I’m now really hooked (both on bloggin and on the Ryder Cup) god forbid I may yet be found wandering a golf course in plus fours!

  2. Thanks for the blog… Does any one else feel like the announcers suck? I have never seen (or should I say heard) two people so incompetent in all my life. Well okay there was this taxi driver in Singapore… Anyway, these guys can’t even keep the score straight. There are only four teams in play but they can’t seem to figure out who won what hole. Clearly they don’t like each other but instead of making that an interesting side bar we get this awkward first kiss relationship. If only there was a button on the remote that would slap the person talking at that moment…
    Thanks, I needed that venting…

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