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I mentioned earlier this week that I have been asked to give a presentation on Microsoft’s relevance in the Web 2.0 arena. What I didn’t mention was that this presentation is to an internal Microsoft conference for the EMEA region managers and the conference is taking place in Switzerland towards the end of September!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to report back what I hear there but it will be a fascinating opportunity to see inside Microsoft and the people who reside therein!

If any of them have horns and/or tails I’ll let you know oh, and if anyone has any great insights into Microsoft and Web 2.0, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Microsoft Web 2.0 presentation”

  1. Tom, would be interested to know what lessons people feel they have learned from the passport and .Net initiatives, and how this will inform their 2.0.

    I must say when I looked into Office Live 2.0 all I saw was a “broadvision-type” story: real office should look to be the “plug in/ widget” capital of the internet, drag and drop any word-type programme, put in what every blog programme/ interface you want, just make MS Live your management and presentation central. Once all the apps are in the one place, then you are in a postion to “make offers” because you can see how people are using the applications. I mean if all your blog stats, phone numbers, and podcasts were managed from MS there is a chance you would retain the position of “Outlook Central”. Google are doing this with their analytics and Adsence integration, and all your account stuff in the one place. Is MS going to follow this line, only later, and older?

    I guess this thinking is informed by mySpace as a giant marketing cluster analysis programme (which is what it will become).

    Without a view on “micro-use” how can they make “micro-offers” for business users etc. Just a thought.

  2. No great insights here.

    I’m watching with great interest the changes that the open web is having on accesibility and availability of some of Microsoft’s greatest office applications –now being offered for free or low cost over browsers.

    I’m curious to see how Microsoft will react, as things decentralize from the desktop to the browser.

  3. Tamiraa,

    Unfortunately I can’t release the presentation. I signed a non-disclosure agreement with Microsoft which doesn’t allow me to release it.


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