Java Experts to speak in Cork

Catherine Wall of IT@Cork asked me to mention IT@Cork’s upcoming Java event.

Simon Ritter of Sun Microsystems and Adrian Colyer from Interface21 will address developers in the Radisson Hotel, Cork on October 3rd. Simon is a Java Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems. He specialises in looking at emerging technologies including grid computing, Auto-ID, robotics and wearable computing. Adrian is the leader of the AspectJ open source project and a well-known industry expert on the topic of aspect-oriented programming (AOP).

The it@cork member rate is €30 per person and the non member rate is €75 per person. For group bookings and discounts, please email or call 021 2307011.

[Disclosure – I am on the steering committee of IT@Cork]

One thought on “Java Experts to speak in Cork”

  1. I used to work with Simon Ritter in Novell many moons ago after they bought USL. I still have the SVR4.2 manuals on my desk in work with “Please return to Simon R” written on a white label on the front.

    I can’t make it, I’m afraid, but tell him ‘butthead’ Connolly from Novell is asking after him. Clever bloke and a very nice guy. (Him, not me!), he’s a good guy to listen to…

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