4 thoughts on “Geo tagging blog posts”

  1. I can understand why someone would want to geotag their photos for instance, but why bother with blogs? “Oh look, here’s where my desk is” or “Here’s where my home office is” or “Here’s another shaggin’ Starbucks”.

    But on flickr, there’s a burgeoning geotagging pool which I’m finding interesting. There’s also a facility called flickfly, whereby you can automagically fly to the tagged place using Google Earth. Of course, you need to have Google Earth installed, but which geek doesnt?

  2. Excellent Hugh,

    The question for me had been what tool to use to geo tag my Flickr photos. If I had images I wanted to geo tag I used Zooomr which has an onscreen tool for quickly and easily geotagging your photos.

    Now I can use the bookmarklet you pointed out for Flickr – cool!

  3. Hugh – say you’re blogging about a restaurant you really liked – why not share its location with your readers and anyone browsing the region? Or – perhaps you’re recording stops you’ve made on a trip; or perhaps writing about something going on in the world (the location of a protest, for example). Location is of limited utility for many blog posts, but adds great value for some.

    There’s a lot of geotagged info around Cork, for example – its an intersting way to learn about the people, places, and stories that populate a map (web 2.0 conf, for instance!); geotagging lets you contribute to that dialog.

    Tim: here you are:



  4. Never looked at it that way Rod, I suppose I was being a bit too literal. I do enjoy the geotagging on flickr though, I suppose because it’s an inherently visual medium, and allies itself easily with maps and Google Earth for instance.

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