There goes that business model

After the US and UK authorities foiled an alleged terrorist plot to blow up planes, the British Aviation Authority’s website has the following warning:

Hand baggage restrictions are in place; Passengers will be handsearched; Footwear and all items (including pushchairs and walking aids) must be x-ray screened; Liquids will be removed from the passenger.

Liquids will be removed from the passenger?

I, for one, am happy not to be in the duty-free alcohol sales business right about now!

9 thoughts on “There goes that business model”

  1. And people aren’t allowed to carry electrical equipment on board, including Mobile Phones.

    There goes Ryanair’s next money grabbing scheme to allow people to text and phone from the plane for a premium as of July ’07 (or was it June?)

  2. “Liquids will be removed from the passenger” Great another icky liposuction station. Do the re-hydrate the passengers when they land? Could be a great saving in fuel, dehydrated would save a lot of weight like that.

  3. Ah, but where one business model ends a new one is born.

    How long until someone starts up an AJAXy-Web 2.0 based site called “”. Input your flight information and connect with other travellers so they can hand off the toiletries to you as you arrive and before they go through security….

  4. I think once you get through security you can buy duty free as these are ” security cleared liquids ” . I believe its more that you can bring your own into the aiport and onto the plane.

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