EXCLUSIVE – Evoca launches in Ireland!

Evoca is podcasting made simple. So simple, even my parents could do it!

What is Evoca? Evoca is a site which allows you to record and upload audio to the Internet. Think Flickr for sound.

Recording in Evoca

How do you record and upload the audio? Well, there are several options. You can:

  • Record the audio yourself and have Evoca simply upload your audio file or
  • You can use Evoca’s built-in recorder to record (using your computer’s microphone)
  • With a Pro account you can record from Skype, or even easier still
  • You can ring Evoca’s server “Emily” from your phone and it (she?) will record and upload the phone call for you

This is fantastic – you are out in the car, perhaps listening to a podcast. Something in the show makes you want to respond – you grab your phone, dial the Evoca number and hey presto! your response is out there.

Or you are a journalist and a story/interview opportunity comes up suddenly – no prob, whip out your mobile, dial Evoca and you are away.

And if you want to save your phoned-in recordings as private (think company exec/journalist/legal or medical professional)? That’s as easy as toggling a switch in your account’s settings.

Evoca made this even easier for Irish users today by launching an Irish phone-in number. If you are an Evoca user and you are based in Ireland, simply dial 01-657 5601 to record your sound clip.

How much does it cost? Well, like Flickr, a basic account is free and a Pro account costs ($4.99 per month in this case). A basic account entitles you to upload 60 minutes audio while a Pro account entitles you to 200 minutes and Evoca are open to negotiate if you need more than that.

What else can it do?

  • Do you want to apply a Creative Commons to your recordings? Bing! No problem, you can chose from a range of CC licensing options (including none)
  • Do you want your recordings transcribed or translated? Bing! Evoca have that covered too.
  • Do you want to make money from your recordings? Ka ching! Evoca have an option to allow you charge for your recordings!
  • Do you want to blog/podcast your recordings? Bing! Evoca gives you the html with which to do that (see below).

Evoca is only out of beta a couple of weeks but already has loads of functionality covered. There’s a lot more I’d love to see it do – a blog sidebar plugin with the most recent 5 recordings, for example but for such a new application, I’m well impressed with what they have covered so far and am looking forward to see how Evoca develops.

11 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE – Evoca launches in Ireland!”

  1. I couldn’t find any phone numbers on the website. What’s with that? Also I read in the non-extensive FAQs that the system uses CallerID to identify you, what happens if the line doesn’t do CallerID? I did consult the FAQs but …

  2. Within moments of this post, we have released the phone number in Ireland. You will find it in the upper right-hand corner of every Evoca page. The number is 01-657 5601.

    Yes, we use the caller ID to quickly identify each member when calling in. If, for some reason, the caller ID is blocked, we provide the capability to manually enter the registered phone number and pin on the phone keypad.


  3. i don’t understand, mate. The irish connection? I think Evoca is just trying to hit a global market as they also list some numbers for Canada, Israel, Berlin, and maybe Japan? Have you tried it yet? It’s cool.


  4. Sorry Eoghan for the mis-understanding, my fault entirely.

    The headline I used for this post was ambiguous – I should have titled it “Evoca Launches Irish tel Number” or something like that.

    Andrew is correct, it is not that there is an Irish connection. Merely that they now have an Irish dial-in number.

  5. No, that’s OK Tom. When I took a look at their site I saw four country flags by the “call to record from” element. Canada, US, Germany and Ireland. We look a little out of place there without UK, so I guessed there may have been some link. Add that to the fact you claimed an exclusive on the Irish scoop and I thought maybe you know someone; someone local. Ah well. I put 2 and 2 together and got 5. Duh. Well at least they have an Irish number. I seems to be a very cool service.

  6. Wow – this looks like just what I need! I’ve been thinking of podcasting, but hesitant to get started because it seemed like it could get complicated. If this takes the complications out, then there goes that excuse… (-: Thanks for the tip!

  7. Yes! With Evoca Express you can create a recording using any phone, Skype, or our in-browser Flash recorder (EvocaMic) and then post the recording into your blog or website. It’s a simple copy/paste of the HTML code that we auto-generate for every recording. We also enable you to copy/paste your own EvocaMic into your blog or website to invite comments by your readers. They arrive in your Evoca Express account as private messages that you can screen and make public any time. See: https://www.evoca.com/signup/signup.jsp?slField=1 to sign up. You can start with a FREE member account for 30 days with 15 minutes of recording time, then convert to a PRO account for $29.95/year. The PRO account provides 180 minutes (3 hours) which is likely what a Podcaster would need. You can then add ‘buckets’ of 180 minutes for only $9.95/year. Also with a PRO account you can add a Virtual Voicemail number for your audience to hear your custom welcome voice prompt and record directly into your account by phone. See: http://www.evoca.com/links/virtualvoicemail.jsp. We can provide phone numbers for over 45 countries, including Ireland! Finally, if you want to brand and customize Evoca features for your blog or website, we offer Evoca Media Services. Learn more at: http://www.evoca.com/services/evoca-media-services.php. It’s a robust, scalable media platform delivered through a RESTful HTTP API with integrated VoIP telephone services and self-service configuration, customization (Flash players and recorders; voice prompts), and media management.

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