Flash-based laptops coming soon?

I wrote a speculative post last September saying that laptops with flash drives instead of hard disk would ship in 2006.

According to an article in Gearlog, Asus has just started shipping a flash based laptop!

It is still very expensive

The disk alone is being sold at DVnation for a painful $1199, which is half the value of the notebook(ouch)

and only has one 16gb flash disk, but it is the beginning. My first computer had a 40mb hard drive and 1mb of ram – who measures in megabytes these days?

Advances in flash storage are happening fast – expect flash based laptops to be a viable alternative in under five years.

5 thoughts on “Flash-based laptops coming soon?”

  1. I wonder how a Flash laptop will handle dirty power aboard public transport. It’s one thing burning up a power supply through irregular current but another frying data storage at the same time.

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